TotalBiscuit and the Attempted Ethics-Only Hijacking of GamerGate

TotalBiscuit and the Attempted Ethics-Only Hijacking of GamerGate

The recent Crash Override Network leaks have certainly provided the GamerGate crowd with a lot of entertainment on this, the week of its 2-year anniversary. It has also resulted in some serious vindication, as major SJW Anti-Gamers are being exposed as abusive frauds. Perhaps more unexpectedly it also caused TotalBiscuit, GamerGate’s most famous e-celeb supporter (except not really), to reveal some really interesting information about the behind-the-scenes events during early GG.

Responding to some false allegations made by Zoe Quinn about TB sending her threatening emails, TB explained that yes, he did email her, but this was done in order to see how he could help the domestic abuser being sent mean messages on the internet. Not coming to Zoe’s aid like this would apparently make him “a dickhead”. That by itself is interesting, but not that damning – sure, even at that point most of the information about Zoe Quinn’s true nature was already public, but I would presume TB is a somewhat busy man, so his ignorance about these matters is understandable (he himself admits to being naive).

No, the big revelation comes in the form of an email sent to Zoe Quinn that he links to in his post. Here he reveals to pushing the Ethics-Only Narrative within GamerGate, trying to restrict the conversation to “ethics in games media” only. In doing so, he was hoping to deescalate the so-called harassment received by SJW Professional Victims, and bring on a resolution to “this horrible situation”. Based on this email, his focus was clearly “dialogue and deescalation”, not imposing accountability on the lying gaming journalists, let alone dealing with the SJW infiltrators within the gaming community that were pushing Censorship and far-left Propaganda.

Basically, TotalBiscuit admits to trying to kill off GamerGate before it had even accomplished anything of note, pretty much confirming what a lot of Anti-SJW Hardliners already suspected: For example, in an impressive GGRevolt post (back when the board was still on 8chan) entitled “A guide on how to win“, the anon responsible had described the role of TB and his fanboys within GamerGate thusly:

…morons all over the twitter sphere and plebbit gradually compromised falling for a trap called “Argument to moderation” and with the help of e-celebs like Total Biscuit gave journalists an out: Play some words about journalistic ethics and we’ll let you off the hook. Essentially, they signed off on surrender terms and allowed the journalists to continue their attack unabated. Furthermore, Total Biscuit was particularly scumming in attempting to contain what he called “extremists” and promote more “neutral” parties, essentially dividing the revolt against itself and containing those who had more vision than weaker willed parties away from those he interacted with.
This interpretation, while uncharitable, certainly doesn’t seem inaccurate given TB’s own words in that email to Zoe Quinn. By the way, that whole GGRevolt post (known as The Titan Post) is well worth a read, despite its massive length. In case you’re too lazy to read that much text, TheQuQu has put up an hour-long video where he reads though the entire post, which I’ve posted below for your viewing pleasure.
(Full Disclosure: TheQuQu is a Degenerate Furry, despite his frequent claims of being “Straight as an arrow”)


Back to TotalBiscuit, there was a reason certain people in GG had long distrusted him – as this excellent takedown of him lays out, TB has long had a soft spot for “Social Justice” ideology, if not the individual SJWs who smeared and attacked him for being neutral on GamerGate. He has also outright attacked people in GamerGate for not going along with his Ethics-Only agenda, the highlight being his massive spergout on the channel of Romanian YouTuber Vee at the end of 2014.

In his hissy fit of a comment (which Vee responded to here), he attacked the poor guy for daring to be critical of TB’s e-celeb buddy Angry Joe (himself sympathetic to SJWs), for not devoting a sufficient proportion of his channel to Ethics-related issues (TB literally went through his recent videos to demonstrate this supposedly damning point) and for expressing opinions that TB did not agree with (yes, really). Criticism of TB’s buddies really does seem to bring out the worst in him – he also called the KotakuInAction community a bunch of idiots for gloating about SJW scumbag Jim Sterling once not getting a free game as a review copy. Apparently ensuring that SJW “critics” get free games is a vital ethical issue – unlike say, YouTubers literally being Paid Shills.

TotalBiscuit proved on many other occasions that he was someone whose advice the GamerGate community should have been vary of: This is a guy who cheered Intel giving Feminist Frequency and other SJW organizations millions of dollars to promote women in tech, inevitably at the expense of more qualified, more motivated men. He has defended Self-Censorship (as if that’s the right that is under threat these days), made entirely spurious accusations of Sexism (the kind of which we’d mock without hesitation if made by our SJW foes), and white knighted SJW transsexual Laura Kate Dale, blasting his own fans for “Transphobia” (a nonsense term few people other than SJWs and SJW Lites ever use unironically) in the process.

The article referred to earlier already does a very thorough job of exposing TotalBiscuit’s hypocrisy and SJW Lite sensibilities, so I won’t devote any more time to listing examples of such behavior. I will however remind people that TB could barely even qualify as a GamerGate supporter/defender in the first place – he basically stumbled onto the scandal, and was immediately swarmed and attacked by SJWs, which resulted in us and him having a common enemy for a while. However, as we now know he was never actually helping us burn down the corrupt gaming sites and get lying game journos fired, but trying to put an end to the consumer revolt and policing behavior within it.

The problem was never TotalBiscuit being solely concerned about Ethics, but him being one of the people trying to co-opt GG as an Ethics-Only movement, and then intending to declare victory and basically disband it after trivial concessions had been made by the journos (like Ethics Policies and Disclosure) – all while keeping keeping GG at an arm’s length to protect his PR (how many times did TB actually tweet the hashtag?). In that sense TB was the worst kind of “ally” – quick to attack and police people associated with GG for not living up to his vision for the consumer revolt, yet slow to actually help promote GG causes and operations (beyond charity fundraisers that had nothing to do with taking down corrupt game journos or SJWs within the industry). And that’s not going into how he blindly sticks up for members of his e-celeb clique..

Look, I can understand why a lot of people with GamerGate like TB – he’s obviously a very intelligent guy, as his superb performance on David Pakman’s show during early GG made clear. He has also laid epic smackdowns of SJW clowns like MovieBob when they tried talking shit about him. And obviously it’s awful how his relatively short life could soon be ended by cancer. However, I’m paying him the courtesy of treating him like a thinking, opinionated person with agency, not as an invalid Victim immune from criticism – and while I may not be all that charitable in my analysis, I hardly consider my criticism of him to be unfair.

There are many people who stuck with GamerGate for so long in order to take down corrupt game journalists and to drive out SJW infiltrators from the gaming industry – they should in the interest of fairness be made aware that TotalBiscuit was not only not their ally, but actively trying to undermine their work and bring about a premature end to the consumer revolt. Our work is far from over and knowing the history of GG, learning from our mistakes, identifying past manipulation/co-option attempts – this will all be vital if we are to continue making headway. After 2 years of GamerGate we should all be a little wiser, and a lot less gullible.

Christi Junior

Infamous #GamerGate Hardliner featured in the Washington Post. Nintendo fan. Screw your pronouns.

  • Thies I.

    Right, somebody who didn’t like the idiotic hypocrisy that was some parts of GG tried to narrow it down for himself to the parts he despised, tried to be reasonable and calm about it, and called idiots out.

    And now you take him to trial for taking the risk?

    Spineless, that is what you are.

    • Rayndrops

      Reasonable and calm? The evidence presented in this piece clearly shows otherwise.

    • “tried to be reasonable and calm about it”

      The evidence in this article proves otherwise.

      If a genuine neutral read this article and looked at the citations and evidence it contains, he/she would no doubt come to the conclusion that TotalBiscuit is diplomatic BUT leans very heavily to the SJW/feminist side.

      Obviously that’s completely flew past your head.

      • Interfector

        I stand by the reasonable and calm.

        And everybody becomes a so called “SJW” when you threaten their friends, lol.

        And he is also one of the only people who tried to not take a side, and if you want to call that a bias towards being SJW..

        Did I mention fuck you using feminist as the same as SJW? What the fuck, stupid american dumbfuck definition of feminism, get outta here.

        • “And he is also one of the only people who tried to not take a side, and if you want to call that a bias towards being SJW”

          Like I said before, the article, citations and evidence has obviously completely flew past your head.

          “Did I mention fuck you using feminist as the same as SJW?


          You’re obviously oblivious to the fact that modern feminists make up the vast majority of SJWs, and that the Social Justice movement heavily operates on the feminist ideology.

          I take it you missed the bucket-loads of articles from the mainstream games media crying about “sexism” and “misogyny” in video games and the industry then?

          Wow man, it seems a lot of things fly past your head. May be time to remove your head from your rectum.

          • Interfector

            Stupid spin on feminism, all that it is – in the end, feminism is about equality, not whatever shit narrative some stupid articles try to spin out of it. And yes, that fucking “triggers” me – it’s a misuse of one of the most important changes in human society, towards something dumb. That’s like using a nuclear reactor to power a fucking radioactivity detector.

            >Like I said before, the article, citations and evidence has obviously completely flew past your head.

            This here listed article does not constitute proper evidence, I recommend you watch some of their podcasts to get a proper opinion. Spinning the citations to fit your cause is a common thing that happened in all of this mess, and this time the author of this article is trying to tie a nose for TB out of something that can also be interpreted to the completely other end.

          • “Stupid spin on feminism, all that it is – in the end, feminism is about

          • DV

            feminism is cancer…plain and simple. Equality my ass..its to better woman and woman only. Does Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?

          • Silence Dogood

            Lol you are such an obvious troll.

          • Typical

            If you’re so worried about equality, fuck over to saudi arabia and argue for women’s rights to drive there instead of whining about video games here, faggot.

          • Interfector

            Right-o, because I have more leverage on people whose language I can’t speak and that are driven by religious shit? …


          • Typical

            No, sorry, really not. Nice straw man though. Since you don’t speak the language to fight real inequality, like the lazy piece of shit you are, you just invent inequalities to fight then? Nice job Quixote.

      • ty2010

        He gave them opportunity, Zoe proved herself to be what she was, if not there would be a very real accusation of discrimination, well played by TB.

    • Imthegopnow

      No he was spineless. Sold GG short for his own gain. Honestly if he was gonna throw it under the bus I wish he’d never got involved. BTW all involvements were voluntary. No one coerced him to stick his head in there in the first place.

      • Interfector

        “Sold GG short for his own gain”

        .. he didn’t. He even got attacked for being involved in it.

        • Imthegopnow

          The proof is right in front of your face. Yet here you are defending him. If you want senpai to notice you donate to his patreon, not here arguing about whether or not he was right because he wasn’t. As far as him being attacked, if you were vocal you got attacked. Skip over my last sentence all you want but it rings true. He involved himself for his OWN gain. Why else get involved? Oh to mediate GG’s surrender on all of GG’s behalf like he was the head. Fuck him and fuck you.

          • Interfector

            >Oh to mediate GG’s surrender

            Lul, as if you could surrender for a mass movement. Ad absurdum, this is.

            >donate to his patreon,

            Which? Ah WAIT! He is a donator, not somebody who takes donations. Sigh.

            >you want senpai to notice you

            Please god no, I don’t feel the need to argue with him.

            >as far as him being attacked, if you were vocal you got attacked.

            Hence, he went in there with intent of “resolving”, as in turning down the heat, on the situation – the hatred cesspools on both sides didn’t help anybody – and still don’t, by the fucking way.

            >Fuck him and fuck you.

            Right mate, fuck you too.

          • Imthegopnow

            “Hence, he went in there with intent of “resolving”, as in turning down the heat, on the situation – the hatred cesspools on both sides didn’t help anybody – and still don’t, by the fucking way.”

            And by who’s authority did he have that right? Yours? Mine? Or his own?


            Here’s his patreon you dumbfuck.

            But you keep on doing this:

          • Interfector

            You idiot, don’t you see that he is a SUPPORTER, not somebody who you can SUPPORT?

          • Imthegopnow

            Once again a supporter of HIMSELF. Once again I say he sold it short for his interests not GG.

            Done replying to this stupidity

          • ty2010

            “Once again a supporter of HIMSELF” – not a cuck. :^)

          • Interfector

            You are beyond retarded – here’s how Patreon works:

            You open a campaign to be supported, be it a project, regular works or just in general monthly payments (none of these exist for TB).

            Users on Patreon (which TB is) can then support these campaigns (which TB did/does).

            Tha-DA, motherfucker, now you know how that website works.


    • Italy GG

      Spineless is people like you who, in order to not lose “internet reputation”, decided to overlook if not help bury the political takeover of gaming and derail it into “ethics in journalism”. The same people who donated to a radical feminist charity to not look sexist to SJWs. The same people who gave a pass to huge unethics from Pakman and SPJ because “they gave us PR so it’s ok”. You aren’t any better than SJWs, you are the gamer equivalent of cuckservatives.

      • Interfector

        The “political takeover” happened before GG, before all of this narrative spinning by gaming magazines – it had happened when games where blamed for shootings, so that puts it into before 2000.

        >You aren’t any better than SJWs, you are the gamer equivalent of cuckservatives.

        Cuck. You guys are so fascinated with that word – and I refuse to discuss with idiots that use this term, it’s beyond stupid, born out of the incredibly stupid idea that you could use a fetish to insult somebody.

        • Typical

          We all use it here, cuck, so piss off back to Zoe’s twitter feed that you came from.

          • Interfector

            “We” vs “them”, is it at that already?

            Black & White, no grey left for you?

            congratulations, you suck.

          • Typical

            No, we as in the readers of the site you decided to pop over to troll on with your 16 comment deep history, go fuck yourself, faggot.

  • Imthegopnow

    unreal Diego What misinformation? And what slander? Btw fuck KIA, that was so co-opted long ago. TB is not above criticism, cancer or not.

    • Rayndrops

      If TB is not above criticism, then why did I get banned from r/cynicalbritofficial for posting this article there?

      • Imthegopnow

        Easy question.
        Easy answer
        R/cynicalbritofficial is a circle jerking hugbox. No dissenters allowed plus he’s got cancer, can’t call him out on his BS or he might faint. E-celeb worship was the worst thing GG ever did and is still doing to this day. Fuck all e-celeb. Famous ones like TB and even infamous ones like Ethan

    • C:UsersGGNonManage

      Co-opted by what exactly? KIA is the largest sub for discussion on corruption and collusion and SJW infiltration on the entire fucking site. They allow all political perspectives, they don’t ban any opponents that come to argue in good faith, and the mods of that sub have to constantly juggle the site wide Reddit rules against the purpose of the sub always under threat from corrupt admins.

      So here you are on some random tabloid site cursing KIA when it is the largest hub that is regularly checked by multiple journalists inside and outside the industry. Get some perspective and get a grip.

      • Imthegopnow

        Post this article there. I dare you

        • C:UsersGGNonManage

          This site is tier 3 automod…. for good reason.

  • Rene

    First self censorship is part of freedom, now cuddling with zoe? I won’t shed a tear if he dies of cancer. Rachel Murdock is more respected even in death. At least Rachel Murdock wasnt a cuck like him.

    • Interfector

      “cuck” ..

      And THIS, ladies and gentleman, is why the GG movement is regarded as idiots on many places of the internet.

      • Rene

        And tb should be called tuberculosis idiot. Fuck him. Ethics is just a meme that everyone got suckered in a clusterfuck of kissing his ass.

        • Interfector

          Righto then, Ethics is a meme, because ethics don’t exist and so on.

          You what?

          • Rene

   proof right here.

          • Arf x 3

            Ethics don’t exist to people like Zoe Quinn and to the writers for the various gaming journo sites. You can’t expect ethical behavior from people who have shown themselves to be unapologetically unethical.

          • Interfector

            Oh, fuck Zoe Quinn lul. I agree.

      • Arf x 3

        Shut up cuck. People laugh at GG because of the EFFIX contingent. They were considered idiots (and rightfully so) because too many were hellbent on appeasing openly declared enemies.

        • Interfector

          No, using “cuck” is incredibly dumb.

          For the same reason as insults / ad hominem in general sucks: it shows that you lack in the argument department.

          • Arf x 3

            I like the term because it triggers people (including actual cuckolds). It’s the new “faggot”. Plus, it also seems to offend a lot of people (You not being one of them) but that’s probably because they are cucks. Like all degenerates, cuckolds want their degenerate behavior promoted and celebrated out in the open. I could also really give two shits about online arguments. I call things as I see them and sometimes troll people as an added bonus.

          • Interfector

            >I call things as I see them

            Same here, but I don’t feel the need to use 4chans “hilarious” teenager meme shitstain insult train.

          • Arf x 3

            Suit yourself. I’m using it.

          • “Plus, it also seems to offend a lot of people (You not being one of them)”

            actually judging by the biased misinformed drivel he’s posting here I do believe he is one and is getting offended by it

          • Silence Dogood

            i’m much happier with cuck being the new go to insult over faggot.

          • DisneyVillain

            Considering I’m a nerd and proud of it (James Rolfe is my top ranked hero), the best way to insult me is to call me a jock.

          • ty2010

            A cuck is holding to an ideology over your own self interest, faggot is just being a dumbass, some can do both. The irony is that many using cuck as an insult are cucks themselves :/

          • Typical

            Hey dude, that’s just because you’re gay. Sometimes you gay guys forget people were called faggots before gays were, just like blacks seem to forget other people were slaves once 😛

          • Silence Dogood

            We wuz kangz and sheit tho.

          • Typical

            lol, you’re precious…. I think I have a hetero man crush on you.

          • fnd

            insult is retoric, and it’s not automatically bad… cuck

      • scemar

        you sound exactly like cuck


      • Typical

        And this is why we think you ethic tards are faggots.

  • Robot Panda

    I’ll single this out to make a point:
    “This is a guy who cheered Intel giving Feminist Frequency and other SJW organizations millions of dollars to promote women in tech, inevitably at the expense of more qualified, more motivated men.”
    >inevitably at the expense of […] men

    This is the mentality that shuts down men’s shelters and denies men the help they need, except it is gender reversed. “Giving male shelters funding is taking funding away from women”. Intel is a private corporation. With exception to their employees, no man or woman is entitled to their money. They could give their money to walruses for all they care. Yes, them spending $300 million on the initiative is stupid. Yes, it turned out to be a complete failure. Yes, they did *not* make $300 million worth of positive press – which was probably their hope. This was a disaster. Do you think $300 million matters to a corporation that recorded *$55 billion* in revenue in 2014? They did not take money away from men. They have plenty of money to go around. Just like with men’s shelters – there’s plenty of money and goodwill to go around, but if you try to help men, you’re taking valuable resources from women – this is how feminists are shutting down all discussion of helping men.

    • Rayndrops

      How the hell can you compare a men’s domestic abuse shelter with con artists like Anita Sarkeesian?!

      • Because Anita Sarkeesian is Feminist Frequency

      • Robot Panda

        I didn’t do that. I compared the mentality of “if you are helping someone else, you’re taking away help from the people I want helped” which in general is completely stupid and more often than not shows a certain level of entitlement, which there’s no argument feminists have.

      • Italy GG

        Was about to say the same. Comparing men shelters to a lobbyist-for-profit con artist. False Equivalency Fallacy 2016 Award

    • Typical

      Actually, their shareholders are entitled to their money, and since they had to lay off people to the tune of $300 million 5 months after their stupid initiative, cheering that initiative on is something only a pants on head retard would do.

      • Robot Panda

        I didn’t cheer that initiative, I called it completely stupid. What I said is that it did not take money away from “more qualified men”. In the past year it’s been hilarious to me how (progressive) people are losing their jobs to automation. Bitching about a higher wage, then getting replaced by a simple, cheap robot. It’s hilarious. What makes you think this automation of labor won’t affect companies like Intel? Intel employed over 100k people.

        Assuming the 12k people Intel laid off were earning $50k a year, it is to the tune of 600 million. But they laid them off only to replace them with 14,5k H-1B visa immigrant workers. Because those will be willing to work for longer hours for much cheaper. Chances are they will also have a better work ethic. The people I see come out of liberal colleges are the absolute worst workers and I can’t blame Intel for trying to get its workforce from places that refuse to produce this garbage.

        It is the same as those progressives bitching for a living minimum wage. Americans are competing with the rest of the world for jobs, just like McDonalds workers are competing with robots and Intel just reminded them. What Intel did – restructure its hierarchy to rely more on foreign labor is not new – Disney’s been doing the same thing for years.

        • Typical

          I’m not saying you were cheering, I’m saying TB did, and that’s why I think he’s a jackass for having done so, it just goes towards how the criticism of him for holding SJW views is warranted. HE did cheer an initiative that was purely ideology driven that had real world negative consequences on the company’s bottom line.

          • Robot Panda

            At the time, it wasn’t objectively bad. I thought it was stupid, mostly because FemFreq is objectively a rotten organization. Intel’s stated intention wasn’t wrong. However, they didn’t do it in the name of progressivism or helping women. Intel is a corporation, it doesn’t have morals.

            They did it solely to get positive press. Advertisement, sponsored content is expensive. Intel was hoping for mainstream new coverage, every site talking about their new initiative. They were hoping the money they put in the initiative would be paid back by the money they save on advertisement. However, they did not get $300 million’s worth of media coverage, and this is why I consider the initiative to be a failure. Weren’t it for this, this $300 million would’ve gone to marketing. At best TB was a useful idiot, although I don’t remember him covering this beyond a tweet or two. But I may be wrong.

            The idea of a corporation doing something like this for the coverage isn’t new. Hell, Trump knows it and someone wrote an article how he has saved $2 billion in media coverage simply by saying things and planting stories in the media.

          • Typical

            Well, Intel thinking they’d get 300 million in coverage was retarded. It’s just mighty convenient that was the exact amount they needed to make up for with the layoffs, wouldn’t you say though?

  • Nanya

    It really does suck, doesn’t it?
    Still, I hope that TB doesn’t pass away from cancer.
    He deserves better than that at least.

    • Rayndrops

      I want him to get a real job. It’s obvious that he doesn’t enjoy being famous on the internet as someone who plays video games on YouTube. He’d be much happier working someplace else, with paid medical leave.

      • Silence Dogood

        He’s got a law degree and had been doing an online radio show for like 10 years before getting big playing video games. So, his chosen career is essentially being a media personality. That grew into reviewing video games and serving as a consumer advocate. I think he finds any sort of work to be very difficult considering the physical and emotional stress of his disease (that will probably kill him).

  • Italy GG

    Anyone who believes Gamergate was born for “ethics in journalism” clearly hasn’t been around in the birth days of GG.
    Attacking journos was our idea to take down the megaphones of the political clique colluding to force their radical politics on the game industry. This poll was made in the very early days in 2014 when a part of GG (a tiny one at that) started to claim “actually, it’s about only ethics in journalism, we have no problem with SJWs forcing ideology into gaming”.
    The only truth you will find in the AGG camp is that “ethics only” was a smokescreen some used for PR, but most people have always been there for exposing the fact gaming was being invaded by a bunch of ideologues who wanted to convert gaming into their propaganda machine.

  • Moderates should read and weep at what’s in the image. What they advocate for makes them virtually Anti-GamerGate / SJWs.

    • ty2010

      Note the last two, if you bypass ethics you’re acting as judge, jury and executioner. I’m righteous in my action because (insert ideology), that’s the cuck logic they use, don’t be a cuck.

  • Arf x 3

    Good article. I initially gave this guy the benefit of the doubt, but his bitchassness was too much for me to ignore.

  • Silence Dogood

    I can’t fault TB for his goals – he’s an industry insider who had a history with Quinn via Polaris (his network) prior to GamerGate and he definitely didn’t spend the time many did to fully understand how much of an abusive degenerate she was on top of how fucking corrupt the games media was. Granted, TB didn’t car so much about how corrupt the games media was because he was a direct competitor with them and would happily go along with anything that smeared them. I do, however, disagree with the “ethics only” cuckoldry – the SJWs are the source of this disease and must be purged in their entirety.

    • ty2010

      There’s still a wide gulf of action to be taken between “ethics only” and “not doing unethical things” :^)

      • Typical

        Hey remember those axis powers? How ethical was the war to defeat them fought? Remember how we wouldn’t fire bomb cites to reduce casualties, and refuse to nuke the….. OH wait.

        • ty2010

          And that was a war, the talking was done. Also take into consideration that lives were saved overall, Kant and utility give way to pragmatism in war.

          • Typical

            If you think a culture war isn’t just a different kind of war, you’re missing the hole point of why they’ve been winning it though.

          • ty2010

            Which takes place in the media, that they control. Trump is nearly squeaky and see what’s happening there. Change the rules when possible but it’s the system we’re stuck in at the moment. Unless there’s a hack or cheat code, stuck playing the levels.

          • Typical

            Doesn’t matter, you refuse to let them define the rules of the game. Trump will probably lose the election, but he’s still making the media look stupid at every turn, popular opinion isn’t a game like Jeopardy where you have to know all the right answers, it’s more like Family Feud, where you need to know how a moron would think.

          • ty2010

            Nah, rules are good, they can be gamed to make them confront their own hypocrisy. If you notice a lot of the victories are in forcing them to define rules which immediately blows up in their face.

  • scemar

    Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like TB was useful to give GG some momentum and recognition, and he posed a huge threat to its direction, something that might have been very bad but ultimately didn’t happen.

    So overall, it was a risk worth taking right?

    So this turn of events is great.

    It should de-legitimize any ethics only aspect from here onwards and allows TB to still be a useful tool but one that can now be less dangerous, because he has been exposed so his capacity to subvert is reduced.

    The timming is also great because the alt right boom is pretty much a much wider international level political gamergate. Sorta.

    One of the elements is a total disenfranchisement of the mainstream media’s legitimacy, exposing the elite who have been pushing a government backed ideological agenda against the public’s will and so on.

    This really highlights it well, to fight an ideologically motivated corrupt media, you cannot just force ethics, you must also counter that ideology and the people pushing it.

  • Oliver Pine

    Alright I am going to call bullshit on this one. John is a good guy. HIS focus is on games and the ethics in gaming. Naturally he would be talking about that aspect of it. TB is not an SJW. That is just stupid. This accusation makes me very angry. You obviously have a right to say it. But I have right to want to smash your head in.

    • Typical

      I have a right to want to ass fuck your mother 😉

  • Iso

    Whilst it is sad he has cancer and the likes, it is a bit below the belt to be basically siding with Zoe and Jim “Screw My Ethics, I want Patreon Dollars” Sterling and Angry Joe and attack their base fans. I wonder if he is coming out with all this now before he passes away in the attempts of wiping his slate clean? I used to think TB was one of the few good guys but then he’s just a better version of Jim Sterling and better at doing it then Jim.

    • ty2010

      Demonizing and forcing sides is a cuck move, see nevertrump.

  • Toastrider

    Good lord, what a bunch of wannabe edgelords.

    Folks, it may come as a terrible shock, but ethics and integrity are excellent cudgels to use on socjus types, because by their very nature they lack both. The whole bitching about ‘wah ethics’ makes me wonder if certain people are incapable of behaving with integrity, and thus don’t want to pick up those cudgels because they’ll hit themselves in the face with them.

    Now, unless you are clinically retarded, six years old, or have been living on fuckin’ Mars, you should know by now: the media is not your friend. Fuck, I’ve been telling people this for years, I’ve even shouted at the stupid fucking GOP: the media is not gonna be your ally. They are not your friend. They are going to do what they were programmed to do in J-school, and the sooner you start assuming they are lying to you regularly, the better.

    The snivelling about TB ‘selling out’… sigh. Really? Let me give some of you teenage edgelords a clue: we all sell out. Everyone has their price. Even Bernie did, much to my surprise (I honestly didn’t expect him to kneel before the Haggard Queen. Learn something new every day). And TB, bluntly put, is in no condition to lead a fucking crusade, you mouth breathing useless wastes of flesh. He has a family he has to provide for, and a state of health that is not the best in the world. So no, when people bitch about how milquetoast he was, my reaction is ‘well no SHIT, he has way more to lose if the SJW piranha brigade goes after his ass’.

    Grow the fuck up. You want to lead the charge. Fair enough. I’ll be there too. But I have less to lose in this situation than TB, and I’ll bet you’re the same.

    Christ, this is like the same retarded ideological purity demands I used to see in the hardcore social conservative sectors of the GOP. And we all know how THAT turned out in the end.

    • “Folks, it may come as a terrible shock, but ethics and integrity are excellent cudgels to use on socjus types

      The whole bitching about ‘wah ethics’ makes me wonder if certain people
      are incapable of behaving with integrity, and thus don’t want to pick
      upthose cudgels because they’ll hit themselves in the face with them.””

      It may come as a terrible shock to you, but no-one is actually saying that ethics and integrity aren’t excellent weapons to use on SJWs.

      People who criticise the “ethics-only” brigade does NOT mean that they’re against using ethics and integrity themselves, and nor does it mean that they lack ethics and integrity themselves.

      You should realize that the open-minded people who are able to look beyond the ethics aspect have worked out precisely where the corruption in games journalism is coming from. If you don’t know, it’s coming from the regressive leftist SJW politics that has currently infested the entire mainstream media, news media, academia, education, politics, government and all of entertainment media.

      Therefore, the people who have worked out the above simply want to EXTEND the movement to fight against the SJWs/feminists. They have NEVER forgotten nor discarded the ethics aspect of GamerGate. They fight on that front too.

      People are criticising the ‘ethics-only’ group because they constantly put the blinkers on, ignore any facts from other viewpoints, and preach down to people from their moral high-horses implying that anyone who isn’t Ethics-Only is in the wrong.

      “Now, unless you are clinically retarded, six years old, or have been living on fuckin’ Mars, you should know by now: the media is not your friend. and the sooner you start assuming they are lying to you regularly, the better.”

      You should be telling that the “ethics-only” brigade. You know the intolerant ones who stuff their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and keep screaming “IT’S ABOUT ETHICS!” over and over and over like a fucking SJW.

      • ty2010

        If you violate ethics in the name of muh ideology it harms your own position, thereby making yourself a cuck in the name of said ideology. :^(

        • I take it you missed the bit where I say:

          “They have NEVER forgotten nor discarded the ethics aspect of GamerGate. They fight on that front too.”

        • Typical

          Here’s a tip from the adult world for you: You can be as much of an asshole as you want when you’re right. The Ethics Only brigade are a bunch of pussies afraid of hurting some faggot’s feelings.

          • ty2010

            Never said ethics only, only to behave ethically :^)

    • ThatGuy

      Most of this is garbage not worth responding to, but the Bernie comment merits this: Bernie didn’t sell out. The only people who didn’t see what Bernie did coming a mile away are people who didn’t have the slightest idea what the man was actually about.

      Seriously. Sanders has never been loyal to anyone but himself. His whole political career is a series of stating one set of values and then immediately abandoning them when there was a buck or a political point to be gained. The man was surrounded by a myth that was fueled by conservative idiocy and lapped up by liberal sycophancy.

      You only learned what more informed individuals have known for *years.*

      • Typical

        Where’s that Meme about his average donation being $27 and for $27 you learned a valuable lesson, so he did lower the cost of education?

  • EscapeVelocity

    TB is a Left-liberal. I like Totalbiscuit. He actually stuck his neck out some for issues that matter.

    Angry Joe however is a piece of shit. That Anita Sarkeesian video attacking his audience and gamers, wew laddy!

    And Jim Sterling is the biggest peice of shit of them all.

  • G. H.

    The only problem is you site John Kelly. Someone who has time and again tired to rile up #gg supporters for his apparent own ends.

  • ty2010

    Ethics only is BS, opposing SJWs unethically is also BS.

    • “Ethics only is BS”

      Only thing you’ve said in this comments section that is correct, well done

      “opposing SJWs unethically is also BS.”

      Well, GamerGate tried being reasonable, logical and factual at the beginning but the SJWs/feminists would not have any of it, because they don’t operate on reason, logic and facts. Did you even know this before you rode in on your moral high-horse?

      So a different approach was needed, the only difference now is that we are being a bit more aggressive – instead of trying to reasonbly debate them with facts, reason and logic (SJWs won’t) we now have to force facts, reason and logic down their throats, it’s the only way

      Which is technically not unethical because at the end of the day, GG are ones being attacked and slandered 24/7 so GG will need to defend themselves using facts, logic and reason

      • Typical

        I like to just laugh at them and trigger them. Can’t mount an effective defense when you’re huddled in your safe space sobbing.

      • ty2010

        Exactly what I was saying, be aggressive and give no quarter. :^)

  • Typical

    Look, I’ve said this multiple times and you young kids never want to take the advice of this miserable old prick:

    If someone is advocating for any other resolution than killing them all with fire, pissing on their ashes, then spreading them to the four winds, they will fuck you. The SJW plague capitalizes upon any inch given them and turns it into a mile. They have the media, they have the ability to turn any small concession into a major defeat. The only way to end this so that they don’t eventually come back and bite you in the ass is to destroy them so utterly, not even grass will grow on their graves.

    The Ethics only brigade are a bunch of faggot pussies that don’t have the balls to get the job done.

    The “we need a leader to talk to them” side are faggots without the balls to do the job.

    The “we have to remain pure as the driven snow” group are delusional fucking pussies that don’t have the balls…

    See where this is going? When your enemy wants nothing more than to relegate you to history, you DO NO NEGOTIATE, you raise the black flag and give no quarter.

    Personally, I don’t think enough people in GG want to win, those who had the combat mindset to destroy the enemy were turned off by the faggotry of those wanting ethics only, and “opening a dialog” You faggots had them on the ropes, then you offered your hand to help them up to a better position to punch you in the face, I honestly don’t think you deserve to win.

    • “The Ethics only brigade are a bunch of faggot pussies that don’t have the balls to get the job done.”

      “See where this is going? When your enemy wants nothing more than to relegate you to history, you DO NOT NEGOTIATE, you raise the black flag and give no quarter.”

      The Ethics-Only group are also very similar to the GG Moderates as well, but not as bad.

      If you don’t know, the Moderates are another bunch of useless and spineless cucks who claim to be for GamerGate, BUT yet want to reason with and ACCEPT SJW/feminist idealogy. This completely goes against the core principles of GamerGate.

      Here is an improved chart which shows exactly why the Moderates are nothing more than SJW-lites:

  • Jak Constantine

    Hope many people see this. One of the funniest things I saw in this article is “TheQuQu is a Degenerate Furry, despite his frequent claims of being Straight as an arrow” Let’s be honest, QuQu is as straight as Milo Yiannopoulos.

    Now as for this, I can say that this is shady shit. TB not admitting about the email to Zoe until now (Leak or not) is shady. TB knows better and should have said he sent her a email a long time ago, not straight away, but a bit after. As for the Ethics only bull crap, (CultofVivian, Paolo, others) that has to stop. It’s one of the most retarded things I have seen in Gamergate, granted we should have ethics, but not just that, much more than that. Also people are in Gamergate for their own reasons and shouldn’t be force to have this ethics only shit only.

    Good article.

  • Mr0303

    The Intel quote was pretty damning. It’s good to know who we’re dealing with, but in general professional Youtubers can’t be trusted too much – they are businesses that try to take away the power of the media and get it for themselves.

  • Surprised TB’s rant against FrankieIn1080p didn’t make the list above… regardless, can anybody confirm whether or not TB has finally kicked the bucket?

    May bring a tear to TB’s eye, but the internet will tick on (perhaps somewhat celebratory-like) after his passing. xD