The recent Crash Override Network leaks have certainly provided the GamerGate crowd with a lot of entertainment on this, the week of its 2-year anniversary. It has also resulted in some serious vindication, as major SJW Anti-Gamers are being exposed as abusive frauds. Perhaps more unexpectedly it also caused TotalBiscuit, GamerGate’s most famous e-celeb supporter (except not really), to reveal some really interesting information about the behind-the-scenes events during early GG.

Responding to some false allegations made by Zoe Quinn about TB sending her threatening emails, TB explained that yes, he did email her, but this was done in order to see how he could help the domestic abuser being sent mean messages on the internet. Not coming to Zoe’s aid like this would apparently make him “a dickhead”. That by itself is interesting, but not that damning – sure, even at that point most of the information about Zoe Quinn’s true nature was already public, but I would presume TB is a somewhat busy man, so his ignorance about these matters is understandable (he himself admits to being naive).

No, the big revelation comes in the form of an email sent to Zoe Quinn that he links to in his post. Here he reveals to pushing the Ethics-Only Narrative within GamerGate, trying to restrict the conversation to “ethics in games media” only. In doing so, he was hoping to deescalate the so-called harassment received by SJW Professional Victims, and bring on a resolution to “this horrible situation”. Based on this email, his focus was clearly “dialogue and deescalation”, not imposing accountability on the lying gaming journalists, let alone dealing with the SJW infiltrators within the gaming community that were pushing Censorship and far-left Propaganda.

Basically, TotalBiscuit admits to trying to kill off GamerGate before it had even accomplished anything of note, pretty much confirming what a lot of Anti-SJW Hardliners already suspected: For example, in an impressive GGRevolt post (back when the board was still on 8chan) entitled “A guide on how to win“, the anon responsible had described the role of TB and his fanboys within GamerGate thusly:

…morons all over the twitter sphere and plebbit gradually compromised falling for a trap called “Argument to moderation” and with the help of e-celebs like Total Biscuit gave journalists an out: Play some words about journalistic ethics and we’ll let you off the hook. Essentially, they signed off on surrender terms and allowed the journalists to continue their attack unabated. Furthermore, Total Biscuit was particularly scumming in attempting to contain what he called “extremists” and promote more “neutral” parties, essentially dividing the revolt against itself and containing those who had more vision than weaker willed parties away from those he interacted with.
This interpretation, while uncharitable, certainly doesn’t seem inaccurate given TB’s own words in that email to Zoe Quinn. By the way, that whole GGRevolt post (known as The Titan Post) is well worth a read, despite its massive length. In case you’re too lazy to read that much text, TheQuQu has put up an hour-long video where he reads though the entire post, which I’ve posted below for your viewing pleasure.
(Full Disclosure: TheQuQu is a Degenerate Furry, despite his frequent claims of being “Straight as an arrow”)


Back to TotalBiscuit, there was a reason certain people in GG had long distrusted him – as this excellent takedown of him lays out, TB has long had a soft spot for “Social Justice” ideology, if not the individual SJWs who smeared and attacked him for being neutral on GamerGate. He has also outright attacked people in GamerGate for not going along with his Ethics-Only agenda, the highlight being his massive spergout on the channel of Romanian YouTuber Vee at the end of 2014.

In his hissy fit of a comment (which Vee responded to here), he attacked the poor guy for daring to be critical of TB’s e-celeb buddy Angry Joe (himself sympathetic to SJWs), for not devoting a sufficient proportion of his channel to Ethics-related issues (TB literally went through his recent videos to demonstrate this supposedly damning point) and for expressing opinions that TB did not agree with (yes, really). Criticism of TB’s buddies really does seem to bring out the worst in him – he also called the KotakuInAction community a bunch of idiots for gloating about SJW scumbag Jim Sterling once not getting a free game as a review copy. Apparently ensuring that SJW “critics” get free games is a vital ethical issue – unlike say, YouTubers literally being Paid Shills.

TotalBiscuit proved on many other occasions that he was someone whose advice the GamerGate community should have been vary of: This is a guy who cheered Intel giving Feminist Frequency and other SJW organizations millions of dollars to promote women in tech, inevitably at the expense of more qualified, more motivated men. He has defended Self-Censorship (as if that’s the right that is under threat these days), made entirely spurious accusations of Sexism (the kind of which we’d mock without hesitation if made by our SJW foes), and white knighted SJW transsexual Laura Kate Dale, blasting his own fans for “Transphobia” (a nonsense term few people other than SJWs and SJW Lites ever use unironically) in the process.

The article referred to earlier already does a very thorough job of exposing TotalBiscuit’s hypocrisy and SJW Lite sensibilities, so I won’t devote any more time to listing examples of such behavior. I will however remind people that TB could barely even qualify as a GamerGate supporter/defender in the first place – he basically stumbled onto the scandal, and was immediately swarmed and attacked by SJWs, which resulted in us and him having a common enemy for a while. However, as we now know he was never actually helping us burn down the corrupt gaming sites and get lying game journos fired, but trying to put an end to the consumer revolt and policing behavior within it.

The problem was never TotalBiscuit being solely concerned about Ethics, but him being one of the people trying to co-opt GG as an Ethics-Only movement, and then intending to declare victory and basically disband it after trivial concessions had been made by the journos (like Ethics Policies and Disclosure) – all while keeping keeping GG at an arm’s length to protect his PR (how many times did TB actually tweet the hashtag?). In that sense TB was the worst kind of “ally” – quick to attack and police people associated with GG for not living up to his vision for the consumer revolt, yet slow to actually help promote GG causes and operations (beyond charity fundraisers that had nothing to do with taking down corrupt game journos or SJWs within the industry). And that’s not going into how he blindly sticks up for members of his e-celeb clique..

Look, I can understand why a lot of people with GamerGate like TB – he’s obviously a very intelligent guy, as his superb performance on David Pakman’s show during early GG made clear. He has also laid epic smackdowns of SJW clowns like MovieBob when they tried talking shit about him. And obviously it’s awful how his relatively short life could soon be ended by cancer. However, I’m paying him the courtesy of treating him like a thinking, opinionated person with agency, not as an invalid Victim immune from criticism – and while I may not be all that charitable in my analysis, I hardly consider my criticism of him to be unfair.

There are many people who stuck with GamerGate for so long in order to take down corrupt game journalists and to drive out SJW infiltrators from the gaming industry – they should in the interest of fairness be made aware that TotalBiscuit was not only not their ally, but actively trying to undermine their work and bring about a premature end to the consumer revolt. Our work is far from over and knowing the history of GG, learning from our mistakes, identifying past manipulation/co-option attempts – this will all be vital if we are to continue making headway. After 2 years of GamerGate we should all be a little wiser, and a lot less gullible.