Some days, the news just keeps coming. This would be one of those days. Just when I thought I would be getting ready for the PPV, TotalBiscuit goes and drops a bomb on a radical feminist who’s been trying to smear him on Twitter. I was going to cover this later tonight, but now that TB has decided to let loose, I figured we better go ahead and cover it now. Let me go ahead and give you a rundown, in case you don’t know the full story. is an online distribution outlet for video games (similar to Valve’s Steam) owned by CD Projekt Red, creators of The Witcher series. They had a promotion going on where they showed some of TotalBiscuit’s choice picks, and gave you a deal on ’em. Some shit like that. I honestly barely even saw the actual off before SJW-tards were running over with diarrhea of the mouth about it:


The main person TB decided to respond to, was Rowan Kaiser. He writes for The A.V. Club, and other than that, I’ve never heard of the son of a bitch. It seems I’m not alone. TotalBiscuit said something similar on his SoundCloud. I would encourage all of you to go listen to that ASAP:

Here’s some choice quotes coming up. But keep in mind, this person lied about TB spreading the “Five Guys” video, among other things. It’s likely that he got the story from third-hand Twitter groupie, or some shit. Still, this is why you should always qualify shit if you don’t know they whole story. TB said this last year of harassment and torment has caused him to seek out therapy. I gotta say, I could probably use some, but I don’t have health insurance haha.

But the point he’s making is that anyone online with any kind of following faces harassment of some sort. I’ve certainly faced it and I wouldn’t think of myself as a huge personality. I have a nice base here with you all, but when I think about someone like TotalBiscuit it’s on another level. He’s has two million followers on YouTube and almost a half million on Twitter. This guy faces shit on everything, including constant death threats. I’m sure he gets shit on even random tweets about non-controversial topics. Then you have the SJW crew trying to say he’s the leader of a hate mob. Oh yea, the guy has been dealing with cancer as well. It’s a wonder he’s held up as well as he has.

Let’s check out a few quotes from his audio clip and a couple reaction tweets:

(He protected his Twitter account like a bitch.)

I’m going to come back and update this as needed. I think we have a pretty good base here. I’m sure I’ll find more stuff as the evening goes on. Go ahead and sound off with your thoughts. I’ll be back in a few.

  1. I would LOVE to see some evidence from that little cunt about TB’s alleged harassment. Of course what that twat means is “daring to disagree with our beloved feminist superheroes.” What an absolute tosser.

    1. And of course they’ll never produce any, because they’re only claiming this because “GAWKER SAID SO” or one of their SJW palsies tweeted it. Backing up their bullshit with evidence isn’t their strong suit – they usually respond by calling you a shitlord and blocking you.

      1. These little bastards need to start facing legal consequences for slander and libel. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

    2. I think we might now be well past the lines of true believers and shrewd mercenaries, the character of what we’re encountering now feels…different.

      I think we’re now penetrating into the soft gooey land of the truly ignorant, all those blue pilled bastards who are simply clueless and repeating what they’ve been told. If so a change in tactics and well tact may be required.

      1. Yeah, I’m not entirely sure if it’s malice or ignorance when you run into people who repeat the false GamerGate narrative of the “2014 scandal where several women stood up against the cultural of harassment in the industry” … GamerGate is still going on, it’s never been about harassing women, and logically that statement doesn’t make sense to being with since a scandal has to be about salacious or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

        Anyone with a brain knows that gaming and gamers aren’t anti-women or anti-anybody; save for online trolls who are just trying to get reactions. I love dropping the bomb whenever I see that bullshit and reminding them that the scandal in questions revolved around a games journalist having an inappropriate, sexual relationship with someone he was covering and a long, long history of shilling for his friends under the guise of journalistic neutrality.

        Then I link and the screaming declarations of being a misogynist shitlord start, which makes little since because ethical violations in journalism != misogyny. These people are just… wrong. In every way, shape and form. It’s all really a shame because if Zoe Quinn hadn’t been such a repugnant, shitty human being by attacking Wizarcd chan AND abusing Eron, people would have been less incensed by how fucking privileged she is and how toxic and disgusting her hypocrisy is.

        1. “if Zoe Quinn hadn’t been such a repugnant, shitty human being by
          attacking Wizarcd chan AND abusing Eron, people would have been less
          incensed by how fucking privileged she is and how toxic and disgusting
          her hypocrisy is.”

          Fcking Millenials frustrated to have missed 1968 and have seen the Cold War ending for they have been denied forever the opportunity to FIGHT FOR JUSTICE like their grandaddies and parents did in world war 2 and the civil rights movement.

          Is it projection? Well, look at how many of those zeroes are comparing their social justice movement to the Civil Rights movements of the 1960s and how we are EVIL for daring standing against their bullshit and calling it out for what it really is: Marxist fascism with rainbow wigs.

          1. It’s funny because it’s a common fallacy to use the past to assert some manner of legitimacy, and it’s ironic because the far left most commonly engages in this practice, without going “too” far back of course. The far right usually just points at the bible or intentional misreads the constitution, so in their case they do, in fact, go too far back. Basically if your shit can’t stand on it’s own, then it’s just that, shit.

  2. TB has been nothing but consistent in regards to GG and the message he sends. People harass him in the hopes that their outrage will ruin him.

    On only a partially related note, Brianna Wu has just admitted to making an error regarding Tim Hunt’s supposed misogynist joke, in light of a video produced. Credit where it’s due.

    How many times do the Perpetually Outraged need to be wrong before they become widely disregarded and swept aside? Outrage from Twitter should carry zero weight.

    1. I’ll have to give her credit if she admitted she was wrong. Sometimes there are flickers of sanity in her, like when she met with Brad Wardell and had a dignified talk with him.

        1. Empirical evidence ftw, this why all convention speeches should be recorded, people are disingenuous idiots.

    2. Did brianna wu say sorry for accusing Totalbiscuit of harassing leigh alexander for no reason ?

      1. No, it’s in reference to Sir Tim Hunt, who was basically bumrushed out of his job for the crime of making remarks about how he didn’t like to work with women in the lab.

        Except that the remarks were part of a long joke, which were blatantly taken out of context.

        But Hunt probably won’t get his job back, and the SJWs have their scalp.

  3. I keep seeing all these SJWs that want to score their 15 minutes of e-fame and SJW brownie points coming after TB, and they all end up running back to their holes in the ground with their anuses torn and bleeding from the verbal ass-ramming TB gives them. Yet somehow, they never learn and keep lining up to get reamed.

    1. I read that as SJW Bioware points and it still made a lot of sense.
      I’ll go die in my hole of irrelevant love/mostly hate relationship with that company now.

  4. The Five Guys shit was InternetAristocrat/MisterMetokur. Who the fuck came to the conclusion that TB was ever talking about that?

    1. I’m fuzzy on that, from his recording it sounds like maybe he retweeted a link to it on request from someone who paid money to charity to have him retweet something? That’s what I’ve gleaned.

      Regardless the fire was already lit before that point.

      1. I’m hard pressed to believe TB has said anything about Five Guys prior to the recording. I’ve listened to it twice and he never said anything about a charity or whatever.

        Edit: Scratch that. It was the charity he got called a harasser for supporting. Nvm.

    2. As far as I recall, TB only mentioned Quinn in the context of The Zoe Post and the 5 Guys hashtag being the catalysts for GamerGate. I’ve never heard of him talk about her since then, and I certainly haven’t heard him telling anyone to harass her or that he condoned it.

      1. If anything, TB has spoken out against the harassment. Only to wind up on the receiving end of that beatstick, with SJWs as the wielders.

        Another thing that bugs me is that he still hasn’t realized that almost a year later…

  5. Rowan Kaiser is a cunt. It’s as simple as that.

    Feel sorry for the neutrals like TB. Same with Boogie and look what they did to him.

  6. SJWs have become so good at twisting the discussion into their victimhood that it is really difficult to counter their narrative that their fucking retarded and unethical goosestepping allies in the media have put out there.

    Fuck, was 2005 so much better than 2015.

  7. Typical SJW making claims with no evidence then cowering in fear. Another day, another shit-for-brains jackass getting BTFO.

  8. I can’t get over how vile and stupid these people are, but they love their autoblocker.

    SJW style: Total Biscuit harassed little girls.
    TB followers: He has harassed no one, and has cancer, you narcissistic, lying, fuck.
    SJW: See, I am harassed.

    Or in other words, they lie, then they get called out, then they accuse the person calling them out of harassment.

    That bitch Steph Guthrie (a more mean spirited piece of shit the world has never known) did THIS EXACT FORMULA and actually got some moron white knight cop to charge the poor guy.

    As an aside, I can assure you that it is in the field of domestic violence where you see the most overt anti-male sexism. A man can literally have bite and scratch marks on his face, and he will still get charged with assault because he grabbed her wrists so she would stop scratching him. And then she will lie about it. Or sometimes she will even calm down and say it was a misunderstanding. Cops will still charge the guy.

    Cops almost never charge the girl.

  9. So Rowan Kaiser is some games critic? Writes for A.V. Club? Sounds like he needs to be investigated, and added to

  10. A complete nobody looking for attention by going after TB. He was already using the blockbot and of course the spineless turd went into hiding soon after.

  11. One of the quotes I remember from this gem is this one (of course not totally correct word by word but you get the point) “so you call me a serial Harasser and claim to fight for social justice, equality and the betterment of human kind, I want you to try and recieve death threats for a year, have your wife recieve threats and harassment for a year, your kid to recieve harassment and threats for a year from people who fight for social justice, on the ground that I am a ‘harasser’, try that for a year and tell me with a straight face that I am a serial harasser. Because anytime anyone with any sort of following says this I recieve an increase in this. This is the sort of thing I go to therapy for, when you do this, you’re the harasser and I hope that if you take a good long look at yourself you will come to realize this, otherwise, I could give you the number of my therapist, hell i’ll give you his address because you probably need it”

  12. Fucking hell I am just slowly growing angry as this shit dragged on. This upset me before but now this shit seems to be getting out of control and I pray this bullshit train crashes some time soon. I never want to be a part of politics. I hate discussing politics but these people keep wanting to drag me back in and I am fucking sick of it. I had to have my hobby demonized by them. I’ve had to watch as I read about things I am passionate about get trashed before my eyes because of pointless bullshit. I use to love reading game/film journalism but now I’m ashamed to admit I did because of the cluster fuck it has become and it’s contempt for creators. I want to be a creator so reading these articles how these creators are sexist, racist or whatever because they decided to create hurts me. Because I know that could be me one day getting called those things. These creators deserve so much more respect. I’m suppose to answer for some crime I committed because I am white, straight, male, right leaning views, and Christian. I had to watch my entire region get thrown under the bus because some psychopath decide to tragically take away people’s lives. I’ve had to watch as a tragedy in my own state get swept under the rug by the press because it is inconvient. 5 marines lost their lives on our soil and I’m told to not make a big deal out of it because soldiers die over seas all the time. I have never been ashamed to have supporting gay marriage until these people came along. I have many gay friends that deserve the right to marry the person they love. I have stood by that for years. But when the moment of victory finally came I had to watch as these people managed to take a time of celebration and use it to attack those that disagreed with them. I thought we could set an example and be better than that. But I was wrong and thanks to them our side came out looking worse. I never wanted to admit I supported gay marriage that day. The day that where I should have been proud that I did. Sorry for the rant but I am so close to the breaking point and ready to go insane. These people have ruined so many things that I have stood by and seem to want to ruin my life because of who I was born as. They haven’t attacked me directly but seeing how they interact with others like me I pretty much guarantee they would treat me no differently. This is just bullshit. They have taken what is meant to be a call of diversity and equality and have completely destroyed it.

    1. I thought we could set an example and be better than that. But I was wrong and thanks to them our side came out looking worse. I never wanted to admit I supported gay marriage that day. The day that where I should have been proud that I did. Sorry for the rant but I am so close to the breaking point and ready to go insane.

      My advice?

      Don’t let them win:

      When they turn the love won into an orgy of hate, stand up and tell them to fuck-off, loudly say that what you fought for wasn’t for hatred of Christians but for the rights of those who were hated.

      Because that’s how SJWs function, when something is just about to become mainstream popular they come in and start claiming to speak for all who hold the opinion in question.

      That’s the dirty little secret SJWs don’t want you to know about them.

      They aren’t popular, most people hate them, the only reason they have any power is because they’ve convinced everyone else that they are alone in their unease.

      But as one person stands up and does not fall, another will rise, and another, and another, until their lies are exposed and everyone realizes who is really outnumbered

      The hardest hit will be the first to rise, but rise they must, because otherwise no one will.

      And you’ve noticed how our enemies have started to fall, they can’t last.

      So listen to Cap here:

      And let’s do this.

  13. “Serial harassment” has been used so often that the term has almost no weight behind it.

    The SJW crowd constantly uses it incorrectly, often having ZERO basis in fact.

  14. Whatever the SJWs can not bend to their will they seek to tear down, and will use the most disgusting dogpiling and dirty tactics they can.
    TB has been all about ethics in gaming since he started. The SJWs cant stand that he wont bend. So they burn him.
    The fact they do that knowing what he is going through personally with his sickness, and then go and involve his wife and kid just shows what a plague these fucksters are.

    And that, my fiends, is why this “ethics only GG” attempted schism must end. No. We raise the black banner. No quarter given, none expected. We fight them on every battlefield they show up on and fight till they are gone.

  15. So, the big quesion about Rowan Kaiser… After he slandered Total Biscuit for The Greater Good, was he reward with sex by a rainbow-haired she-twink?

    1. lolnope
      She went on and got fucked by some arse who’s gonna beat her up and eventually make a worn down drug mule outta her.

  16. I just read it on Wikipedia : “TotalBiscuit is a serial harasser leader of a hate group of terrorists. Source : Gawker.”

  17. Rowan Kaiser supports Critical Distance on Patreon? Ohhhh, I get it. He is part of the corrupt cabal that Gamergate helped to expose.

    Nice try, but you’ve been exposed as corrupt. Stop trying to slander innocent gamers and TotalBiscuit.

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