Tonight has been an incredible time to be alive. Donald J. Trump has now locked up the Republican nomination for president. Ted Cruz dropped out after the humiliating defeat he suffered in Indiana and that handed the nomination to The Donald. But the most amusing part of all this is how so many Cuckservatives and #NeverTrump goons are abandoning the party and throwing a fit on Twitter.

It’s a veritable Trail of Tears.

I’ll be updating this column as the night goes along, but that’s just the short list of formerly Republican pundits who are throwing a fit right now.

Man, this is going to be a really fun week.


UPDATE: From Erick Erickson’s site, The Resurgent…

Ted Cruz is ending his Presidential campaign.

That is a sad way to end the Republican Party, handing it over to a man supported by white supremacists and neo-Nazis.