Someone posted this story in the comment section of the latest #Killstream, but it was held in “review,” and I accidentally deleted their contribution. In the honor of their shoahed comment, I figured I would do a recap post here on the site.

Imagine going down to your local 7-11, as I just did earlier today to get some gasoline. But instead of being greeted by the usual mundanities, you’re instead welcomed to the store by a tranny who’s wielding an ax. That was the recent reality for some unlucky Australian customers…

A transgender woman who attacked two people with an axe at a 7-Eleven store says she was hearing inaudible whispers before a voice told her to ‘kill and maim’ and ‘start the rise of hell on earth’, a jury has heard…

The 26-year-old, who gave evidence at her own trial in the District Court on Thursday, said: ‘I recall everything going quiet and feeling that voice come inside and I remember that smile … a sinister smile that plastered my face that I couldn’t control and then I black(ed) out.’

Amati also sent a message to a new acquaintance she met on a dating app just hours before the savage attack took place.

The message read: ‘One day I will kill a lot of people and it will be your fault’, a Sydney jury was told…

Video of Amati using an axe to strike two customers to the ground in a 7-Eleven convenience store was played to the jury on Tuesday.

As the CCTV footage showed the attack and blood gushing from one of the victims, Evie Amati put her head in her hands and wiped her eyes as she sat in the dock. 

I know it’s a big surprise that someone from the usually well-adjusted transgendered community would go off and do something like this. I guess we should be thankful that like other trans attackers, they seem to lack the capacity to actually get the job done when it comes to brutal murders.

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