I have no idea if that’s even the technical term for the security problem facing the users of the new Windows version of Microsoft’s Skype app (which is a GamerGate staple). Linux users seems to be unaffected. Basically, what happens is, the default setting is left on auto-file download. So, when someone in a group, or one of your friends send you a file, it automatically downloads whatever it is they sent you. A thinking person is going to see the problems with this right off top. What if your friends are hacked? What if you have some unsavory people on your list, for whatever reason? What if they become enemies with you without you knowing lol? There are all sorts of bad things that could be sent your way. Dumbass Microsoft just say send it right on through by default. Luckily, it’s fixable.

If you visit this link, you can see how to disable this “feature.” Also, another good idea would be to setup 2-factor authentication on your accounts. Follow this link to look at some stuff about that. My friend Troy Rubert has helped me on this, so thank you to him. He’s a futurist. I’m going to do a livestream with him soon, on future tech trends, etc.

As for why Microsoft might do something like this, another friend of mine has some ideas:

“Boy, how fucking convenient. I mean the new update defaults Skype settings on Window users to allow downloads without telling the user. I wonder why. Oh, wait…”

“The nature of the Skype data collection was spelled out in an NSA document dated August 2012 entitled “User’s Guide for PRISM Skype Collection.” The document details how to “task” the capture of voice communications from Skype by NSA’s NUCLEON system, which allows for text searches against captured voice communications. It also discusses how to find text chat and other data sent between clients in NSA’s PINWALE “digital network intelligence” database.

The full capture of voice traffic began in February of 2011 for “Skype in” and “Skype out” calls—calls between a Skype user and a land line or cellphone through a gateway to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), captured through warranted taps into Microsoft’s gateways. But in July of 2011, the NSA added the capability of capturing peer-to-peer Skype communications—meaning that the NSA gained the ability to capture peer-to-peer traffic and decrypt it using keys provided by Microsoft through the PRISM warrant request.”