If you read the headline, which I’m assuming you did, I hope you didn’t take it the wrong way. It’s hard to actually be fearful of a pantywaist like Justin Trudeau, I fully understand that. But we’ve see the results of goofballs in power before. When simpletons and ideologues get put in charge, we should all be fearful. I’m not saying grab your blankie and curl up in the fetal positions. Don’t get me wrong here. We should, however, channel this fear into meaningful electoral coalitions and other obstacles designed to defeat dummies like Trudeau. Because if we don’t, more useful idiots like the Canadian Prime Minister will continue to pop up.

Here’s what he said in a recent speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos. It was filled with good ole fashioned feminist propaganda…

Trudeau explained his intention to raise both his sons and his daughter to treat their peers equally. Everyone, he said, deserves respect and encouragement for their ambitions. To widespread applause, he added:

“And by the way—we shouldn’t be afraid of the word ‘feminist.’ Men and women should use it to describe themselves anytime they want.”…

Right after taking office, Trudeau also set up his cabinet comprising 15 men and 15 women—including journalist and former Reuters managing director Chrystia Freeland and Afghan refugee Maryam Monsef. It was the first time in Canada’s history that the cabinet had been split equally between men and women. 

His now-famous response when asked about the decision: An isn’t-it-obvious shrug, accompanied by the simple words: “Because it’s 2015.”

First off, feminism is not about equality between the sexes, at least here in the West. Instead, it seems to be based on a constant outrage over whatever the issue of the day happens to be. It could be mean tweets. Hell, it could be the bogus “rape epidemic” on college campuses. It could even be about air conditioning. Whatever the garbage rad fem bloggers and activists of the day happen to be talking about, that’s what gets the attention.

In the other parts of the world, women are concerned about making it home in one piece. They may even be preoccupied with, ya know, not getting mutilated at birth. Over here in the West, they complain about all sorts of things that are either:

    1. Completely False or…
    2. Not an Issue of Legitimate Concern

The rest of the time is spent running down the male sex in general. As I’ve said before, I have respect for the legitimate campaigners for women across the world. I can’t respect hustlers and frauds, though, no matter how many times the media tries to pump them up. The fact that we now have the leader of Canada so far in the bag for radical feminism ought to be a cause for concern. Is it the end of the world? No. But as we’ve seen lately with the Gregory Elliott case, these people are not going to be content with merely raising a fuss. They want to put those of us who disagree with them in prision. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to motivate me to turn people like Justin Trudeau into ex-leaders.

  1. The only reason Canadians get to polish their halos all day long and harrumph at the rest of the world’s allegedly inexcusable nastiness is because they’re protected by proximity to the US and a barrier consisting of two oceans and they don’t share any borders with third world shitholes or developing nations.

    Problem is if clowns like this fucker keep holding onto power up there they’ll turn the place into Sweden Jr and pretty soon us Americans will have to worry more about our northern border than our southern one.

    1. Hmm, sort of like how Sweden is protected from the south by mainland Europe and Finland to the east.

      It’s essentially the syndrome of a nation acting like a spoiled child that has never truly known what’s like to deal with the reality everyone else has to deal with.

      “We shouldn’t be afraid of ‘feminism'” is the “let them eat cake” of the current year.

      1. People like to call the Swiss jerks for their no fucks given fortress state approach but anytime someone tries to cry about how mean they are it should be pointed out that they survived WW2 without ever having to fire a shot or take any shit off of anyone. In fact they made money off it. It should also be pointed out they’re not suffering from any problems related to the “migrant” crises because if you try to go into Switzerland uninvited the Swiss will mercilessly kick your ass regardless of what color you are.

    2. Yeah, while Trump is building the wall across the mexico border, I’m gonna hop the fence to get away from the SJWs and feminists here.

    3. exactly…except it’s canadians that are worried about the 60 000 americans that immigrate to canada each year. that’s over double the syrians at only 25,000 and only one time for the syrian refugees.. They are more worried about their southern border then third world shitholes it seems.

        1. no, actually I have a few. Your mother insisted on this one for communication purposes . I mean she’s ugly as fuck and I’d never be seen out in public together with her but even so, she still gives the best $5 blow jobs that I have ever had. Tell her John John says hi sunny and I’ll see her friday night as per norm. Hell, it’s a great way to get rid of my loose pocket change 😉

      1. The first time those Syrian refugees go on an epic molest-a-thon, a la Cologne, Germany, you’ll wish you had some of us gun-happy border crossers to protect your female relatives.

      2. The worst allegations the Left ever managed to manufacture against Harper is that he allegedly knew about a personal loan for 100G that was improperly used to pay back Canadian taxpayers. Yes, what a tyrant.

        Trudeau has done more despicable shit in his first two weeks in office than Harper did over his entire tenure. And better hope there’s not another global financial crisis to deal with while Prime Minister Zoolander is in charge. You want to see national debt? Watch what happens when this idiot and his caucus of trained seals hits the panic button. Harper never panicked when everyone else was losing their shit. It’s the reason why we were the nation EVERYONE was talking about as an example of how to steer an economy through financial chaos.

        The bad Harper rap is a result of selective memory (what global financial crisis?) and liberal delusion (supporting Israel makes you a nazi, fighting terrorists makes you a nazi, failing to rape your nation’s economy to get a pat on the head from global warning lunatics makes you a nazi), greased along with a generous helping of CBC dezinformatsia (oh fuck, where to start?!). It won’t be long before monkeyboy fucks this country up so irreparably that people will be pining for the good ol’ days of Harper as they see their life savings getting drained away to service the black hole known as Canada’s National Debt.

        As for the NDP, take a peek at what mischief they’ve caused in Alberta to see how lethal their brand of socialism can be to an otherwise healthy economy.

        There’s no comparing Harper’s Conservatives with either the self-serving Libs or the marxist Dippers. None whatsoever.

    4. If they take in enough Muslim refugees, like Germany and Sweden, all that “protection” won’t be worth a hill of beans.

  2. its hilarious, liberals won because they are considered moderate between the more extreme parties, the desperation of progressives during the election was was pleasing, scrambling on social media when they found out they where divided between the greens and the NDP, “its a wasted vote, vote strategically for so and so” all justin has to do is keep lying with his “muh moms was a feminist” lolololol

    1. It must really suck having no options.
      But that’s what many developed nations feel, once the establishment reaches this point where it has become a clusterfuck.

      Maybe next time Canada will be blessed with someone real that can connect with their problems and speak what’s in everyone’s mind and is you know actually a good option, and not another puppet that barely wins the who is the lesser evil contest.

      At least murika is getting Trump so they might have hope.

  3. “Trudeau also set up his cabinet comprising 15 men and 15 women”
    “It was the first time in Canada’s history that the cabinet had been split equally between men and women. ”

    Gee, I wonder why it was the first time. Maybe because previous prime ministers cared more about experience? Or maybe getting their friends in, but whatever. I’d prefer some chucklefuck putting friends in those positions than some “diversity for the sake of diversity” faggot.

    1. Agreed.

      Because you just know that the 15 women will be pushing their feminist personal agenda instead of working to benefit everyone and the country.

      That’s why feminists want more women politicians. So they can use their power to push personal feminist agenda.

      All while hiding behind that false mask of “equality”.

  4. This guy’s the worst kind of stupid: BAD person-stupid. It’s like if George Lucas followed through with his plan on Jar Jar being the ultimate bad guy instead of Palpatine in Star Wars! Or, maybe just Kanye West. Like I said, if I had to rank these people as best to worst: Trump, Hillary, Trudeau.

    Nice to see about 3-4 articles in one day. Guess your site is back to normal. Cheers.

  5. Stupidity + Ignorance + Ideology + Smugness is a deadly combo.
    Specifically all 4 components give someone the ability to not think, not listen, not know and go through with a stupid, evil, destructive and dangerous plan regardless of the consequences.

    This guy is a good example of how that works out.

  6. Let’s split the NBA All-Star team up into a racial demographic. It won’t be a very good team but hey, it’s 2016.

  7. on behalf of the sane canadians sorry. during the election our options were between a douche (harper) and a young moppet (trudeau), we chose the moppet thinking that the moppet wouldn’t be able to do much damage or cause much trouble. (politically and reputationally)
    as far as i know the prefered government here is a minority government where the politicians all have to agree to get things done since the differing party’s dislike each other enough to keep them all in check
    as for the being afraid of the word feminist thing, no ones afraid of the word its that they know the true meaning thats shown by the actions of those who call themselves feminist, not the dictionary definition that feminists trot out time and time again. why do feminists not understand that the word feminism has fallen into disrepute by the blatantly supremacist, and out right horrible actions of feminists if they want people to start calling themselves feminists again maybe feminists should start doing things about the big reds, guthrie’s, sarkiesian’s, harper’s, wu’s, and all the other bigoted assholes in their midst. (using the bible because this bit is rather apt “how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye?” well for feminists all those calling themselves feminists that are according to another feminist are not feminists are the log in the eye of feminism)
    can feminism (and feminists) please just admit that its a cult and elect/anoint/appoint or something a grand popette/matriarch or whatever they want to call the cults leader

    1. maybe feminists should start doing things about the big reds, guthrie’s,
      sarkiesian’s, harper’s, wu’s, and all the other bigoted assholes in
      their midst.

      Sorry but I simply do not and will never buy the ‘they are not true/genuine feminists’ or ‘not every feminist is like that’ type arguments.

      The “true feminists” won’t speak out against the Sarkeesian, Harper, etc. because deep down they have the exact same goals as the radical feminists.

      Why would they speak out against RadFems, a group that has given them what they’ve always wanted? You know such as changing and passing laws that completely benefit women and takes away the rights of men? Not to mention influencing and turning society against men?

      The ‘they are not true feminists’ excuse is complete load of fucking shit. Modern/radical feminism IS feminism of today. It’s what it’s evolved into, because the so-called “true feminists” allowed it to. Therefore it should be classified as feminism, no excuses.

      The vast mountain of spoilt little twats on Tumblr and Twitter with their ‘Male Tears’ mugs and the the SJW cunts that has completely infested academia and mainstream media and entertainment media. That’s what feminism has evolved into and is.

      Regardless of 1st wave, 2nd wave, the suffragettes, etc., feminism at the root has always been a movement that is aimed towards screwing men over and taking away their rights.

      Would “true feminists” argue for fairer treatment towards men in the law courts? Like fuck they will. They’re happily sipping away on their tea with their Male Tears mugs whilst watching Anita Sarkeesian on their laptops.

      1. This reminds me about arguments against religions, particularly Islam. Because of course, Feminism is as much religion as it is anything else.

        Every time you get an islamic “extremist” go out an kill a bunch of folks it’s immediately followed by the leftist “Islam is a religion of peace” brigade who say that these people don’t represent what the “true” religion is.

        Except that this is never the case, in either Islam or Feminism. Because the extremists in both cases are BY far the ones who educate themselves THE MOST about their preferred cult, and who are pushing for extreme devotion to it, with their actions – attacking all other forms of thought not pure enough for their own, whether figuratively or literally – proving that this is the case.

        The reality is that most people are secular moderates who even if they were raised in a religion like Islam or feminism, don’t really give too much thought to it because they’ve organized their day to day lives around living – work, school, romance, family, et cetera. They just don’t have the time or the energy to devote to the umbrella label they nominally identify as and think of as “normal”.

        Out of tribal instinct they push back and say that “Not all feminists” and “not all muslims” are like this. And they that this minority is “fringe” and “not representative” of the larger whole. And while that IS true – they aren’t representative of the larger whole because the larger whole are these moderates who don’t care that much – it isn’t because they aren’t advocating the cult properly. They are. It’s the moderate who isn’t.

        Thus, whenever that claim is put forth its tinged in a need to wash away the person saying its guilt for associating with such nutballs that they feel ashamed for sharing an identity with, as well as the knowledge that essentially they’re the ones faking this shit. So their need to defend them is very high as a result, because they don’t want to be seen as the fair weather followers that they are.

        All of this is to say: I agree. The extreme are – as with most religious fundamentalists – the “actual” feminists. And the counter reaction that denies it all but confirms it.

        The ladies doth protest too much.

  8. I knew that pussy Trudeau couldn’t be trusted. When he started rushing the immigrants into Canada, (without asking them to pay their immigration fees to boost our economy) instead of focusing on our ageing infrastructure, our severely declining dollar (Now at 59 cents per US dollar) and the countless homeless and jobless people we have (Because of both Harper and Trudeau’s decisions).

    Because of him poor people cannot afford fresh fruit and vegetables, and fresh meat any more because he keeps making piss poor decisions. I always told people that he was to young to even become prime minister, but nooooo, my idiotic neighbours still voted for a prissy pussy pretty boy who’s only claim to fame is his family name. Canada is fucked.

  9. I say buy out Mexico and build a northern wall. SJWs are more dangerous than migrant workers or drug cartels. Canada is slowly becoming the SJW heartland.

  10. Did you guys hear about the Quebec man the hung up on Trudiot? The Grand PM was calling with some canned message of condolence to the family of the Quebec residents that died in a Terror attack, and the family member kept trying to say something to the PM, and Trudiot kept interrupting and continuing with his script. So he hung up on him. Best laugh I’ve had in years.

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