I know a lot of Donald Trump supporters are hype as of late and I can certainly understand why. Trump is doing better than he has in months if you believe the polls, which I usually do. But I’ve been cautioning many of my friends and associates about getting too cocky. This thing is far from a done deal. In fact, I’d still give Hillary Clinton the slight nod at this point, despite the tightening of the polls. Why? Well, Trump has to pretty much run the table, while Clinton can sit back and pick off a state like Ohio or Florida and take the race. Hell, even if Trump wins both of those those, he still has to win the rest of the battleground states and also pick up one of Clinton’s blue states (Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan, or Virginia). This is a hard, but not impossible, path.

Still, we need to be realistic. The media is going to come out with guns blazing after (and even during) the debate on Monday night. No matter what Trump does, he’s going to be portrayed as a loser…unless Hillary actually spazzes out on stage. While that’s definitely possible, we shouldn’t count on it. I hope and believe that The Donald has been preparing like a madman for this showdown. So I expect him to have some fresh and deadly barbs for Crooked Hillary.

Our role is to magnify those any way we can. 

The Clinton operation has shown their ignorance to the so-called meme magic time and time again. This is a real phenomenon and it can be directly attributed to Trump’s rise. All these funny memes and video clips of Trump demolishing folks like Low Energy Jeb, Lyin’ Ted, and Little Marco had a huge impact on his ability to run the table during the GOP primaries. Those guys had no answer for this and Hillary has so far proved to be just as inept. The only reason I still have her slightly favored to win is because there are millions of low-information Democratic voters ready to pull the lever for her no matter what.

But she’s no Barack Obama. If she gets her ass whipped in this debate on Monday, you’ll quickly see the left become completely dispirited. People will reconsider putting time and money into her candidacy. They might share a little less of her propaganda on social media. To be sure, there will still be a lot of time left in the race, along with two more debates between the candidates (and one vice presidential debate, which is basically just a sideshow). However, if we can get Trump’s messages and memes out there in a big way, we can have an enormous impact on the final stretch.

The beginning of the end of this marathon race for the presidency is Monday night. Donald Trump supporters need to act like it and take nothing for granted. No, this thing is not in the bag by any stretch of the imagination. Put your all into this closing and let’s finish strong. Leave nothing on the table. If we can do that, and Trump shows up himself in a big way, I like our chances come November 8th.