For months, I have wondered why President Trump continues to allow “verified” leftist trolls to swarm every single tweet he makes. It’s a form of propaganda and he’s under no responsibility to allow it. I’ve long said he should block the most egregious examples. Now, he finally seems to be doing just that.

Take a look at this salt. Some of these people might need to go on suicide watch. What will their life become now that they can no longer respond to every single tweet The Donald makes?

(Lol to the illegal suggestion.)

Hopefully, this trend continues. I’m not sure I’ll be around to bask in it quite as much, as the idiot from my last post has been spending all morning trying to get me banned…but that’s another story. The point is, Trump has no obligation to allow these people to set the tone underneath his every comment. If it was a normal kind of interaction, I could see standing up for their right of reply (even though it isn’t owed on a man’s private Twitter account, even the president’s). But these people are unhinged and should be treated accordingly.