Honestly, she should be very ashamed. She put out a half-assed apology last night, but no one with half a brain is buying that trash.


What kind of lunatic would even think to pull a stunt like this one? I know Griffin is an unfunny hack who relies on cheap heat, but wow. This is taking things to a new low.

Hopefully Barron isn’t too traumatized by this insanely out of bounds behavior.

  1. I usually don’t like the “think of the children” point, but in this case it’s absolutely valid. If you see somebody beheading a family member you’d be disturbed.

    Trump handled this brilliantly – he didn’t show weakness or use this situation to say that she incited violence against the POTUS, but rather humanised himself and his family.

    1. My mother has told me a story from way back…

      Spencer Tracy took his family to see Captains Courageous. The climax comes when Manuel (played by Tracy) is wounded and in a storm where the boat is in danger of going under because of overload, says to the boy that he has to die and pushes away to drown.

      Spencer Tracy’s children started weeping uncontrollably at the sight of daddy dying. Tracy’s protests of “I’m right here. I’m alive!” did not alleviate the sight of father dying.

      I imagine that is Barron’s state of mind.

  2. I’m pretty sure the explanation of “she’s a hack comedian, and I’m the rich president of the United States” would help him get over his hard time he’s having. It’s all about perspective.

  3. It’s also worth mentioning that she didn’t apologise to Trump and his family, but rather to the people who didn’t find this funny. Notice how she started the apology with “I’m a comedian” like this gives her a valid defence to do anything. I bet ISIS are the only ones who are laughing at that joke.

    1. I wonder how much of a shit show these “liberals” stir up had this shit been done about Obama. Bush was fair game to them, Obama was not because black, Hillary was not because womyn, but Trump is fair game.

      1. You must not have been paying attention to the burning effigies and mock lynchings of Obama’s likeness that have been witnessed for the previous 8 years. Confirmation bias in the house fo sho!

  4. At least they’re declaring allegiances openly now. They’re so warped they actually think people will support them.

  5. Good to know that there are secret service members still serious about the job and their oath after the SS agent that said she would refuse to save Trump. THere might have been a man as well.

  6. Everyone trying to out-outrage and out-be offended each other now on both sides. This is what I was trying to end but rather than end it’s only escalated and keeps escalating. I’m fed up and I’m burnt out but it doesn’t matter because it’s clear there’s no escape, the only thing that remains is to just survive it and then to survive the fucked up world it will bring.

    I may have another ponderous essay in the works for you Ralph, no ETA as I’ve learned my lesson in that regard.

  7. One guy on Moonbattery already spotted some parodies of Kathy Griffin’s move.

    Besides some politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, etc… let’s wish for other parodies this time featuring some Hollywood celebrities like Leo DiCaprio, Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, George Clooney, Matt Damon, etc…beheaded by Kathy Griffin just to see the various reactions of trigglypuffs.

  8. Watching alt-right faggots act offended by a vaguely edgy picture is absolutely hilarious.
    What a bunch of clowns. You nerds can’t tell if it’s “all about free speech” or not, huh?
    And absolutely NOTHING is more adorable than Ralph and his virgin edgelords who call people “autists” every single day pretending to be concerned about Trump’s autistic child.
    So hypocritical, so fucking dumb. Keep the comedy coming.

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