President Trump has said over and over again that we’re building a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. Every time he’s said it, the pundits and opposition party members have said that it was a fantasy. Half of them don’t even think the wall will be built. Just about none of them think Mexico is going to pay for it. With his executive order yesterday, Trump has moved to quickly build the wall. Now, we’re figuring out some of the ways that Mexico is going to pay for it.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has announced that a 20% tax on all goods imported from Mexico is likely to be a part of a new tax plan being worked on in consultation with Republican members of Congress. This has sent the media and their progressive allies into a tailspin. I guess they thought President Trump has been joking this entire time.

(That’s one of the dumber tweets I’ve seen this year)

In short, people are losing their damn minds over “Trump’s 20%.” Of course, it might not even happen, given that this is how deals are negotiated. But Mexico’s attitude has forced a harsher line and if it comes down to it, then the tax will be put into place. Is it the ideal way to make them pay for the wall? No. However, this is the path Mexico themselves have chosen so far. I didn’t even care about making them pay for the wall myself, until I saw how nasty their politicians have been in the past week.

Now, I say do whatever it takes to extract the funds. Mexico could very well collapse without our support and everyone down there knows it.