Guest Editorial by TMC

Trust me, Trump supporters: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. 

Over the next few weeks (and possibly even months or years) you can expect to see a total liberal meltdown and a veritable tsunami of salt. Accompanying this outrage (and encouraging it of course) will be yet another slew of articles from the progressive media complaining how the electors got it wrong, and what needs to be done to prevent this kind of travesty happening ever again.

To a Brit who voted to leave the European Union, this is pure deja vu.

In the wake of the UK Brexit referendum, excuses and accusations came thick and fast from the likes of the BBC and the Guardian. Hasty assumptions were made about the people that had just defiantly voted to leave the European Union; we were either racist bigots, misled or lied to, uneducated or just too OLD (and sometimes for good measure in my case at least, all of the above).

These accusations came overwhelmingly from journalists and op-ed writers working and living in London. How had this been allowed to happen? London voted to Remain in the EU after all, and the elites who write our newspapers and appear on our television screens just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that they had lost.

You see, London is used to getting her own way, and something had just gone horribly, horribly wrong. Politicians and pundits on the Remain side glowered and muttered at the far-flung, grey towns of the Midlands and the North, those poor areas affected the most by open-door immigration.

Large cities like London couldn’t exist without people willing to do low-paid, low-skilled work. City bankers, hedge-fund managers, TV personalities and the like need people to serve their brunch, to clean their houses. Politicians need a steady influx of foreigners, sympathetic to the great governmental machine that had taken them in. Immigration means cheap workers and fresh voters. How DARE the disaffected English natives who had seen themselves pushed out of the labour market put their utopia at risk?

Something simply had to be done.

A second referendum was called for. Goal-posts were shifted. They claimed that the referendum was purely “advisory” (despite our government stating in the leaflet delivered to every home before the vote that it was binding). There was even a suggestion of London somehow seceding from the UK and becoming her own city-state.

Does this all sound familiar? It should.

It’s been six months since the Leave campaign won, and the media hasn’t let up on the stories of doom and gloom. At this point, they don’t seem to want any good news. They’re just determined to find every single bit of bad news and run with it under the headline “We Told You So”.

Reports of job gains and falls in unemployment figures are immediately disregarded in astounding displays of whataboutery. It’s almost as if there was never any bad news before the referendum.

Trump supporters. If you thought the media was terrible during the election, take it from this Brit. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  1. The Left are too used to throwing themselves on the ground, kicking and screaming until they get their own way to be able to accept defeat and move on.

    Every single thing about the way they conduct themselves is directly relatable to an unruly, bratty child.

    1. And the problem is, it has always worked for them for most part.

      Years of non-stop whining, crying and bitching (I’m looking at you feminists) has made it so that the Left has managed to infiltrate and gain control of the biggest institutions and organisations in the West and Europe.

      It’s simply amazing how fast politicians and law-makers completely bend over and take it up the backside without lube whenever some cunt cries “sexism” or a non-white person cries “racism”.

    2. Progressives in the US have been at it since the early 1900s even though some Progressives have done some good they engaged in shady shit for the most part.

  2. I remember when the results of the Brexit vote was announced the Scottish National Party wanted another independence vote so they could rejoin Europe themselves

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  3. it seems to follow the same pattern coming up to the vote they are sure they will get their way so they say that the results should be followed and you should accept the results, the vote happens they lose they immediately go back on everything that they have said coming up to the vote and try everything to overturn the vote, the results cant be overturned by them so they complain about everything and do everything to be the most unpleasant person around (not a great stretch)

  4. In all honestly, I think at the end of the day, all Trump will do is control immigration and change the economy. Everything else will virtually be the same.

    Same with Brexit in the UK. Even if Brexit goes ahead, it doesn’t change a thing, because the country will still be controlled by the Conservatives (or Labour if elected in the next election), and BOTH these parties have shown to be leftist SJW libtards at the root. Theresa May is nothing more than an SJW in disguise. The same person who proposed the Snooper’s Charter back in 2012.

    In an ideal world, Donald Trump and Brexit would wipe out all the SJWs and feminists and we men can all enjoy the tits everywhere once again. But we all know that’s not going to happen.

    Once Trump becomes part of the establishment (I think he will), it’s once again up the people to stand up and fight against the SJWs.

    I would absolutely love to be proved wrong on this course. Because as a gamer I’m getting extremely tired of being told that I’m a “misogynist” for wanting to see sexy female characters like Cidney Aurum in video games.

    Oh well, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year anyway guys…

    1. “In all honestly, I think at the end of the day, all Trump will do is control immigration and change the economy. Everything else will virtually be the same.”

      All things considered, that’d be enough for me 🙂

        1. The issue of SJW/progthought is not going to be solved in an afternoon, or even in a presidential term. The damage stretches back over sixty years, and the infestation is going to be a stone bitch to carve out, particularly in our educational institutions where it’s sunk in like a Georgia tick.

          Trump is not going to be able to wave his magic wand and make the socjus zealots immolate (although I’d pay good money to see that). This is going to be a long war, with multiple fronts. There will be no miracles, not unless the other side does something drastically stupid (which cannot be ruled out, but it’s idiocy to plan for it).

          Get used to SJW PC-ness, we’re going to be fighting it for a while.

        2. Didn’t Trump once say he’d hold the corrupt, fear-mongering, biased media accountable for all of their bullshit? It’d sure be nice if something could be put into law, considering how outright damaging the media’s been since… well, the days of McCarthyism, if not sooner, but post-McCarthy, I think they’ve really upped the bullshit ever since 9/11. Though, even if the government didn’t seek to punish the liars and panic-spreaders, the American public’s outright contempt for the media (as shown over this past election) may cause the change to occur naturally.

          Personally, though, I’ll just be satisfied if Trump’s not as horrible as Hillary would’ve been. I’m pessimistic enough to not actually hold any politician to their promises, not even a supposed outsider like Trump, but I can probably count on the nominee who wasn’t a hardcore SJW to, at the very least, keep some of our current SJW-related problems from growing worse than they already are: college safe spaces, BLM riots, a refusal to call out Islamic extremists, and all this other crap that’s just been getting out of control since Obama’s second term.

          1. “Didn’t Trump once say he’d hold the corrupt, fear-mongering, biased
            media accountable for all of their bullshit?”

            Yes he did.

            But as always, it’s just talk. I’ll believe it when I see it happen.

  5. “Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” –Bruce Lee

    Oh, and Merry Christmas to all 🙂

  6. That’s the only thing that worries me as an Englishman! (Lol, I’ll be called a racist and sexist and a bigot for declaring to be an Englishman and not UK or European) But I can see that Theresa (Sharia) May doesn’t want Brexit and is only delaying the inevitable until a General Election can be run and this will be a second referendum in short with the other parties, like Labour and LibDems wanting to run on a Pro-Eu / Pro 48% campaign. I do hope we will get it but the Government is a joke and they keep snubbing Nigel Farage and sneering at Trump, so…

  7. This is the fault of a generation who told their kids they were special and gave participation trophies. It conditions idiots to think their opinions are always the correct facts.

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