Amy Schumer seems to be getting crazier and crazier. Believe it or not, I used to kinda enjoy her stand-up. I didn’t see the one from last year, but her movie Trainwreck wasn’t too bad. I watched it with a lady friend of mine, and to be fair, we laughed. However, she’s very quickly becoming completely unpalatable for me. It doesn’t have much to do with her performances on the stage or silver screen, although those have gotten worse. What’s making her a total turnoff is the way she’s gone full SJW in recent years. Remember what she did to that poor kid who made a joke similar to 1000’s of jokes Ms. Schumer has done herself?

In case you forgot, here’s a reminder

Movie critic Jackson Murphy, who is only 17 years-old, tweeted out an obvious joke Monday morning, and a joke that is very much in keeping with Amy Schumer’s bawdy brand of comedy. Proving that with unearned fame comes a brittle diva attitude, rather than laugh along or ignore it, Schumer chose instead to publicly humiliate the teenager.

“Spent the night with Amy Schumer,” Murphy wrote. “Certainly not the first guy to write that.”

Schumer responded haughtily with, “I get it. Cause I’m a whore? Glad I took a photo with you.”

She also went full nutso when talking about Jerry Seinfeld on Joe Rogan’s show a couple years back. Jack Outis talked about this in-depth a few weeks ago, but it deserves another showing…

The point is, she’s getting goofier by the day. I don’t know if that’s because she wants to get in good with SJWs or what, but it’s a bad trend for her. Remember when she got in hot water over a “racist” joke last year? I defended her on this very site. Hell, I even complemented her on the response. But what did she go and do? She apologized like a coward. I should have known better than to defend this tub of goo. Perhaps her stance was threatening her new social justice look. Whatever the case may be, it was a disgrace.

Last night, she took a shot at Taylor Swift, of all people. Why would she diss Swift, you ask? Because unlike Schumer, who looked like she had gained 30 pounds when I saw her in a Bud Light Super Bowl ad, Ms. Swift recently dazzled at The Grammys. Apparently, her “thigh gap” was offensive to Schumer. I don’t know what the issue is. It actually sounds like a classic case of body shaming to me. Well, it would, if I believed in any of that in the first place. The point is, it’s completely hypocritical for a wannabe SJW to post these sort of things.

From The Daily Mail

Amy, 34, shared a playful beach photo captioned: ‘Taylor that’s not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap,’ as the 25-year-old songstress could be seen at the Grammys wearing a revealing skirt that highlighted her slim pins…

The caption could also have been directed at the star’s performance attire, as a shimmery, skintight bodysuit also put her trim figure on display.

The Inside Amy Schumer star’s caption upset some fans, with them leaving comments on her photo defending Taylor as they criticized Amy for her judgments on body image. ‘[A]n exfan. you should be able to celebrate yourselves and your bodies without putting down those with different body shapes,’ one person wrote. Another commented: ‘[T]hat’s rude. Can’t we get rid of body shaming? You saying that is like a person calling you fat, and I’m sure you wouldn’t like it. It’s people like you and Hollywood standards that keep girls from feeling comfortable in their own skin.’

Oh, so I see I wasn’t the only who who thought of body shaming. Attacking a younger, pretty, and more talented woman just shows how salty you really are, Amy. Maybe you should go back to stealing the jokes of superior comedians and leave the insulting of females to misogynists like GamerGate?

(Yes, that was a joke. It’s not fuck women, it’s I enjoy fucking women.)