It’s official: we’re living in an era that uses the Salem Witch trials for inspiration. In which no man is safe. Tim Hunt’s “statement” lost the poor man and his wife their livelihood. And now, the once great king of Tumblr has also taken a tumble. Haha word play is always fun. Writer of all things tween John Green (The Fault in Our Stars) was once on top of the SJW world. He respected women, and wrote on the frailty in a girl’s life, among other things. He could do no wrong. Heck, he’d even praise Tumblr to anyone that’d listen, telling them how cool it was and just generally evangelizing for the service.pDhZsHsN8Y7sw7(Read tweets down to up)

Essentially, he was everything the precious Tumblrinas would want. He saw his “privilege” and he understood his standing. That he had to SPEAK for those who couldn’t. Back in late ‘12 early ‘13 There wasn’t a day you couldn’t hear about his books, upcoming movies, and of course the greatest thing of all. His RESPECT for the fairer sex. John Green understood women! He loved them! He’d speak out about slut shaming, about the struggle of teh womenz!pic3

But sadly, all good things end. Sure enough, like XKit guy, and Markiplier before him, John Green was being accused by the same hoard who salivated at the mention of his name a mere two years prior. What was he accused of, you ask? Molestation, of course. After all, writing about young girls must mean he’s a pedo, amiright?pic4pic5


(USA Today link)

He’s careful, though. He knows full well that if he outright defends himself, they’ll find something to damage his lifestyle. He speaks on privilege and how lucky he is. It’s never about his hard work, or his ambition that got him there. It’s about how the great goodness around him ALLOWED him to get where he needed to be. However, he recognizes the toxic environment that is Tumblr. As a prominent and “privileged” male, he’s going to be targeted.

It didn’t matter that he sang the praises of feminism, and social justice. Like those before him, he was thrown to the chopping block on the whim of teen girls and twenty-somethings that never grew up. All for the simple thrill of watching someone struggle against the sea of accusations. And that’s the sad fact of this day and age. It’s not just accused people, either. If you speak on controversial issues, or make a joke about Caitlyn Jenner, you will sooner or later be walking to the gallows on the word of a social media mob. Abigail Williams would be proud that all it took was social media for the same witch hunt of her day to return. After all if you can’t hang ‘em, ruining their lives are just as good right?

  1. > Writes a book that would empower teenage girls and make them feel special.
    > Amazing work! Way to stick up for women and girls!
    > The land whales of tumblr got hungry, and there were not enough male tears to feed them.
    > Roast the kid-diddler!

  2. It’s interesting we’re seeing this sort of thing. It’s not so much that these people are intentionally sending off their previously big leaders to be slaughtered. I find it interesting that the language uses “Tired”. It’s like filling yourself with all kinds of vitrol just burns you out really quickly.

    It seems to happen after several years, these people get worn down from battling, saying the same crap over and over and over. I’m sure we see it in Gamergate, and any sort of activism. At some point, everything collapses in on itself. It’s sort of funny that the new waves keep coming and the old waves even a year or two old retire, not imparting any real knowledge of anything past. I’d be surprised if we questioned any of these people attacking the man if they actually had a clue what He did years ago. Most probably don’t.

    Ultimately what we’re combating can’t actually be truly defeated. It’s ignorance, and it’s combined with a coddled existence where these people are told they’re unique and special for nothing more than existence. You can’t fix it, it’ll always be there, and that mentality makes these people dangerous, at least until they’re capable of coming to. Sadly, most never do, and practically none do it in time to save themselves. By the time the deprogramming’s finished, there’s just 6 more in line waiting for reverse lobotomies. It’s really sad.

    1. You’ve got your finger on the problem.

      Nobody can sustain high levels of outrage for extended periods. It’s like being under severe stress for an extended period. Eventually it starts to damage your health. Normal people learn to put it aside and let other people carry the banner for a while. They go read a book, watch a movie, eat something, walk the dog, etc. But an awful lot of these hard left activist types… they can’t let go, and it burns them out.

      What makes matters worse is the nature of their outrage. You have a group of people out wanting to police popular culture for ‘wrongthink’. And they are just as intent on policing themselves. After all, outing a heretic in the ranks is just as good! So if they have ‘wrong thoughts’, they spend time suppressing and purging those concepts (does this sound familiar?). More stress.

      It’s a wonder these people aren’t suffering massive ulcer attacks or high blood pressure.

  3. if what they say is true, and SJWs are just cultural marxists then the theory of permanent revolution seems to be applicable to this situation. Once any one reaches a level of prominence and influence they’re seen as a part of the system. see China’s Cultural Revolution for an example

    1. SJWs are the Red Guards.

      It’s too bad there’s no actual brutal dictator to turn guns on them once they’ve gotten out of hand. These fools will trample over everything worth living for just to validate their own meaningless existence.

  4. “lets get this enough notes so he has to address it and try to defend himself lmao”

    This is one of the major problems with Tumblr – some dumbass teenage girl wants attention SO BAD, so she decides, “I’ll just accuse someone famous of being a pedo, and this will get me THOUSANDS of reblogs! YAY!”. Because getting a bunch of reblogs is SO IMPORTANT, much more so than someone’s reputation and career. It’s like the fucking Salem Witch Trials all over again, which started because a bunch of stupid little cunts were bored and thought that accusing people of being witches would be “fun”.

    I’m not a fan of Green’s books, but he doesn’t deserve to be publicly accused of molesting children without proof. Dude needs to get his balls back and tell these stupid cumdumpsters to fuck off. Better yet, he should put up their posts and mock them at every opportunity – if they want attention, give them all the attention they could want…no one said it had to be POSITIVE attention!

    1. It’s sad when people who aren’t actually trying to make a living via social media actually think any of this shit matters. Pro Tip for all the Tumblrtards out there: They aren’t anything more than a cog in a machine to promote someones career and no matter how matter reposts or whatever the fuck they’re called on Tumblr they aren’t ever going to actually matter.

    2. that’s why it’s important to disregard the opinions of teenage girls
      it’s easy to dismiss teenage boys are stupid or adolescent, why not girls?

      b-b-but they sound like compassionate activists!

      exactly why they should be ignored

  5. I’m not so sure it’s the indoctrination that everyone’s special so much as the lack of opportunity to allow for self think. There’s far too little exploration of self allowed in the growing up of kids.

    Myself, I’ve done considerably more growing up in the course of the 5 years I left school than I did while in. It’s a glorious place to stagnate.

    These people have no idea how reality works, they’re not in it, and society is all too happy to tell them that that’s an ok choice to make. They don’t truly understand consequences because true consequences have never been imposed on them. They don’t understand the implications of their actions in the real world, where those actions might be reciprocated,and more severely at that.

    To them, the now matters, because up to this point, the future never has, do what you’re told, think what we tell you to, and as always, you’re special. There’s the school doctrine, sadly, the utopian sprawl of classrooms just fills a head full of garbage to be scooped out and replaced by experience and mentoring, or molded into something far more vile if it’s allowed to decompose in there.

  6. “Tim Hunt’s “statement” lost the poor man and his wife their livelihood. ”
    LOL what, first of all he lost the honorary position, the one that isn’t paid anyway, he still has his paying job and works, this is a completely untrue statement you’ve made, sorry. I wouldn’t call a man who has an Andy Warhol painting on the wall poor anyway. Second, he is a grown man who was supposed to represent the institution in the best light, he needs to man up and take responsibility for his words instead of acting the way he did. And lastly, imagine the possibility of how many women he could have fucked over because of his views regardless of their qualifications.
    This is not like the “shirt” case, this really wasn’t right and I can’t believe you would call this an unjust witchunt when all that happened (besides the media calling him out, which he deserves) is a bunch of women taking their pictures in their workplace laughing at his statement. Just because there are SJW around and about doesn’t mean that now everything should get a free pass in a professional environment , and if I made a similar statement about men at my workplace you sure could bet it would cost me my job.

  7. “he’s a creep who pander to teenage girls so that he can amass some weird cult-like following. and it’s always girls who feel misunderstood, you know, and he goes out of his way to make them feel important and desirable. which is fucking? weird?”

    He didn’t deny this. Probably because it’s absofuckinglutely true. Instead:

    “You want me to defend myself against the implication that I sexually abuse children?”

    That wasn’t the implication… so this is a red herring. The implication was that you’re a creep, John. By way of an allegory: actual child molesters will rub up against an underage girl on a subway. You just fantasize about doing it. Pedophiles are more brave than you are, John.

    By the by:

    “Throwing that kind of accusation around is sick and libelous… blah blah blah”

    No, it’s not. It’s:
    1. Not an accusation
    2. Not libelous because it’s someone describing how YOU make them feel. They are not alone in this, either.
    3. Not sick. It’s apt.

  8. Is anyone really surprised yet ANOTHER person accused of some kind of social malignancy was a self-righteous cunt cultivating an army of self-absorbed idiots to bolster their career and act as a legion of dog-pilers if needed? These people deal in hypocrisy the same way bankers deal in currency.

    I have a saying: That much self-righteous indignation can only come from years of carefully cultivated self-loathing.

    These people know what they are, deep down. This guy is, in all likelihood, a sick fuck. All the corrupt journos? Corrupt! They don’t care about reality nor what is really just, because they have their own standard they want to impose on reality and the rest of the world. The best part of it all though? We’re not going to let them.

  9. I’ve never heard of this guy before, but what little I’ve just seen of him strikes me as him being a total douche. I wonder if he will really learn anything from this or if he’ll just capitulate like Max Tempkin, Sensitive Joss Whedon, and so on.

    Also, when I was growing up, a guy who wrote a book about young children from the perspective of young children was called a children’s author or young adult’s author. In 2015, apparently they’re called “pedos”. That’s fucked.

  10. I wonder if he’ll continue to be a pathetic asskisser or if he’ll tell tumblr to fuck off (yeah right)

  11. “a landscape littered with the corpses of used up minute rice celebrities.”

    You sir earn 100,000 Internet points for this – too damn funny to ignore!!!

  12. well that’s what he deserves for engaging in left wing activism

    let him learn his lesson the hard way

  13. Wait…Markiplier? The nicest guy on YouTube? (Or…like, ever, from what I’ve seen. He did Make A Wish, for god’s sake! And all those charity livestreams.) What happened? I’m so behind.

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