Unlike me, radical feminism never takes a day off. Well, I did get the one post up early this morning, so it wasn’t a full day off. Nevertheless, there’s still a lot to get to. Even though Father’s Day is just about over here on the East Coast, I wanted to talk about all the rad fem hate that I’ve seen spewed about it this year. I’m sure it’s happened in year’s past as well, but this is the first time I’ve been on the lookout for it.

Also, even though my father doesn’t read this site (or any others lol), here’s to you, Pops! Happy Father’s Day! 

First, let’s head to Tumblrville, where the craziest of the crazies like to hang. What jewels of wisdom do they have to drop about this day dedicated to dads (some of these courtesy of Candy Jam):9fda4c2f13421df20b0f5ca655220858b98c5c85d0b26200099c79a0b11ba3c75823fee641e481ba1d61c170bf22c600

(they definitely won’t be better off for it, you idiot)

But Twitter has had its fair share of hate for fathers as well. Some feminist opponents started the #EndFathersDay tag as a joke. It was quickly shown that a shitload of feminists actually do think this way. One even said that it was offensive to single mothers. I actually read a column on that once, but can’t seem to locate it. Of course you could always just go to your own Facebook feed and see a shitload of mothers talking about it. At least I can. “Happy Father’s Day to me..” etc, etc. I don’t see single fathers posting that shit on Mother’s Day, but I digress. 

Or you could just go watch this ad. Don’t get me wrong, I respect women who have to do it all on their own (not those who choose to block fathers, mind you). But we have Mother’s Day already. Why try to takeover the day we have set aside for dads? It just doesn’t make sense to me.


Let me know of any other examples you can find on this front. It looks like John Oliver has some shit going on, so I’m about to go write that up after I watch the segment for myself. I’ll look for a link or YouTube video to share as well.

  1. Somehow i’m not surprised, If the rad-fem’s ever manage to breed I would pity their offspring for the living nightmare they would be born into. (However if they manage to grow up healthy and well adjusted from that crucible they would assuredly have strength of character)

  2. Only related to the final part of this story, I knew that John Oliver would be scathing of GamerGate. I like his work, but I felt he wouldn’t be kind to GamerGate.

    EDIT: it appears Oliver only talked about online harassment, with some coverage for Sarkeesian and Wu. GG wasn’t mentioned, it appears. I’ll hold off further until I see the clip for itself, but it sounds like it was more focussed on revenge porn.

  3. Fucking called it. I sat here today thinking, “Hmmm a day dedicated to the hard working men that spend time with their families. Wonder how feminists are going to fuck this up?” And right on fucking cue. Of course if the spotlight isn’t on you for 24 hours you lose your damn mind and god forbid the men that deserve any credit actually get it. Today I took my dad to go see Jurassic World, got him a Lo Pan pop figure from Big Trouble in Little China, and we ate at Chili’s. I love my dad and I was glad he got a day that was dedicated to him. He deserves it.

  4. This sort of thing just goes to highlight how self-absorbed many women are. Ever. Single. Fucking. Thing. must be about them. Even a day meant to celebrate the men who kill themselves, often literally, to support their families. Men who get raped by family courts system and STILL kill themselves to support kids they likely aren’t allowed to see anymore. Yes, lets discuss WHY there are mothers “fulfilling both roles” and not as many fathers. Its called privilege, ladies.

  5. Most of the SJWs have both parents i believe. So personally I wonder how their Dads feel. And that last one at tumblr, Wonder if she would say that to their Dad’s face. same with the people who made the “joke” tag to end Father’s day. knowing these people highly doubt it was a joke. Personally I don’t mind single female parents celebrating Father’s day, provided of course it wasn’t done in divorce after all bad shit happens, as long as single Male Parents are allowed to celebrate a little on Mother’s day, hell some may already do. Maybe we should get something going for a National Single Parents Day? For both sides of the coin. eh just MO.

  6. I’ll be frank: I hate my father. That motherfucker did so many horrible things to my family, it’s actually amazing that both me and my brother haven’t killed the motherfucker yet.

    that being said, I am NOT begrudging anybody who either still has a father, or is a father. it would be idiotic and selfish of me the start bashing on this holiday because I personally cannot celebrate with my father considering his moral handicap. these people are so self absorbed and so psychotic, the sheer narcissism just makes them look like the worthless pieces of shit that they are all because somebody isn’t kissing their ass. even for a day.

    women, you have mothers day. Shut the fuck up and take it. Fathers deserve a damn holiday too, you idiotic fucktards.

  7. Oh how perfectly idiotic of feminists.

    Your mother was your father as well? Does she happen to be a hermaphrodite by any chance?

    Fucking hell, I knew that this would happen.

  8. It’s funny, the person who helped spawn Mother’s Day hates it with a passion and wants it gone, yet feminists would rail to the heavens if she got her way and it was removed.

    1. That was because it became commercialized:

      A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother—and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment.

      – Anna Jarvis

  9. Jessica Valenti et al over at The Guardian were busy putting the boot in as expected in the days running up to FD…..surprised you missed it mate.
    Still….show her a celebratory day and she will surely trash it somehow. She even had a feminazi go at trashing Christmas for fucks sake.
    The fact it was all posted as clickbait is just revealed in the comments, most of which were ripping on the articles for being utter trash.

  10. Seems all the feminists of wither sex have daddy issues. That’s the core of it. Single mother hood is a blight, that’s why we need more abortions.

  11. I think I remember /pol/ being the ones who initially started the plan to get rad fems to tweet #endfathersday last year. Of course, there was later a combined trolling effort to rally tumblr to “attack” 4chan on July 4th which led to most of tumblr getting gore/nsfw pics in their most popular tags.

    1. Of course free-bleeding was also claimed to be a /pol/ prank when it’s been around for years:


      And Time Magazine’s banned word poll was also blamed on /pol/ (rather then feminism’s losing massive amounts of popularity).

      Feminism really has no clue what it’s doing because all the competent people have been purged from any position of influence.

  12. I know a lot of children of single mothers just want to show extra appreciation, so I honestly cant fault them personally (my cousin’s kid did the same thing for her. I roll my eyes, but I don’t mind any excuse people take to appreciate their loved ones. As I maintain with my own family, I don’t need special days, so I ignore them)

    It is sick how genuine loving sentiments seem to be leveraged by gender ideologues though.
    Mothers have their own (far more commercial) day. Just let dad’s have a day ><

  13. lol, I expected nothing less from tumblrinas. Dad’s are never good, because they might just have fun playing non-feminist video games with their sons. (the horror)

  14. Is anyone surprised? They rail against the world for “what about the menz” but the moment the topic is about men, they’re obsessed with making it about women.

    These people are simply phobic of men. That’s all there is to it.

  15. . I don’t see single fathers posting that shit on Mother’s Day, but I digress.

    That’s because US courts are in favor of the mother over the father. I know there’s some articles out on the internet somewhere that touch on this (as well as statistics that back this up) but for being such a patriarchal society, we sure give the advantage to mothers.

  16. with each passing day it becomes harder for the public to believe that feminism isn’t about hate

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