TURKEY: Schools To Teach Concept Of Jihad

TURKEY: Schools To Teach Concept Of Jihad

Turkey is like the Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Every time you blink, the situation gets worse. Turkish school will now teach children the concept of jihad under President Edrogan’s new curriculum. The new curriculum excludes Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution because we don’t want kids thinking Islam may not explain everything in this world. Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz said the theory of evolution will not be brought up until university. According to him

‘it is above the students’ level and not directly related, the theory of evolution is not part’ of the school curriculum’.

Yilmaz said that he wants to teach the concept of jihad as patriotic in spirit.

‘It is also our duty to fix what has been perceived as wrong. This is why the Islamic law class and basic fundamental religion lectures will include (lessons on) jihad,’ Yilmaz told reporters. ‘The real meaning of jihad is loving your nation.’

Now, these new changes are only applying to religious schools and that usually wouldn’t be a worry. However, secular schools are being turned into religious institutions under education reforms. And one would think parents would be able to pull their child from these religious schools, however the education reforms make it very difficult. Parents are essentially forced to send their children to these Islamic schools unless they can afford the fees for private schools. In Istanbul alone, 67 secular schools have been converted to Imam Hatip schools and it seems the trend will continue. For those who are not familiar with Turkey’s education system, Imam Hatip are religious schools to train imams and preachers. Most of them were shut down following the coup in 1997. However, they’ve made a comeback under the AKP. When parents were asked about how they felt about secular schools being turned into Imam Hatip schools, one mother answered

‘I want my child to learn about his religion […] because we are a Muslim country so religion must be part of our education,’

I think she’s forgotten that Turkey is meant to be a secular country.


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  • Mr0303

    That’s terrifying. Erdogan is planning to raise a generation of guidable religious zealots not dissimilar to the janissaries.