People have been asking me to write a post on icze4r for a long time now. In fact, I got like 50 favorites on an post where I said it would take 10 for me to go ahead and do it. I’ve put the thing off for about a month now, but since the sick fuck picked today to act like a complete fool, I figured why not give a few thoughts on the biggest cancer we’ve ever had in GamerGate. 

As I mentioned a few minutes ago on Twitter, my Internet is out. So this is just going to be an editorial off the top of my head. I can’t go back and show you all the examples and tweets, like I would normally do. There’s also another reason I can’t show you everything. Icze4r has went back and scrubbed his/her/freak/dolphin/toastkin tweets. I make that joke because this clown has given about 5 different answers when asked about their sex, not to mention age. You would almost think they were a dishonest con, huh? No, perish the thought, readers.

Speaking of cons, icze4r claimed to have been swatted back in the fall. No proof was ever offered, but people still ran with the claim nonetheless. Randi Harper looks like the most open motherfucker in history, in comparisons to this freak. I would bet anything that the entire story was fabricated. Icze4r has never been doxed, so how the fuck is the sicko gonna get swatted? It makes no sense, and it never did. If I’m wrong, prove it. Needless to say, I won’t be holding my breath.

Icze4r also headed up the GamerGate harassment patrol. This was one of the worst things we’ve ever done, since all it did was legitimize the opposing side’s abuse talking point. Why the hell do we have to police harassment? Isn’t that up to Twitter? It was just total idiocy that ended up causing fights and giving icze4r an army of people to order around. 

But the thing that really gets me about this deviant is the hypocrisy. Time after time, icze4r would rant about e-celebs or drama, all the while being the biggest purveyor of both. Turning on close friends is something this fucker does for sport. It talks about harassment, but hangs out with baphomet scumbags. How is that ethical? There is literally no reason to treat this liar’s opinion with any respect. Today’s attacks on Milo and 8chan just proves that even further.

I mean, just listen to this unhinged garbage. Why would anyone ever take this lunatic seriously? Oh, you have thoughts on ethics and Breitbart? The homeless guy at the corner store who took too much acid has an idea about how to fix social security, but I’m not gonna listen to him. Although, I’m pretty sure it would be more coherent than the rant listed above.

I may give some more thoughts later, but I doubt it. I was originally going to make this more thorough, with screens galore. Hell, I didn’t even get to the part about icze4r running off GamerGate-supporting Japanese devs with racist comments, or get the chance to expound upon how the motherfucker has stabbed countless former allies in the back. I just don’t have time for it, because I wanna wrap this up. But I encourage you all to post your favorite memories down below. And if you don’t even know who this shitbag is, then consider yourself lucky, and await my next post. I’ll see you guys in a bit, live from my Note 4.