I did a spur of the moment Twitch (channel link) stream last night. It was fun, although I was pretty blazed and fucked up some of the easier parts lol. I guess that made for more entertainment, at least I hope it did. I uploaded it to YouTube, where it was promptly claimed by one of the guys who made a song on the soundtrack. I took that two minute clip out, cause fuck that shit. It’s good to go. There’s nothing revolutionary, just me playing Arkham Knight and talking shit for an hour and a half.


Tonight, we’re doing one of our usual live streams. Candy Jam will be there along with some other regulars. We’ll be talking GamerGate, the latest Ian Miles Cheong interview (which I’m about to write on now), Donald Trump, plus whatever else I can think of. I think Milo’s points from last night deserve discussing as well. So, tune in at 6:30 EST if you want to watch live. It will be up on my channel immediate after broadcast. We should go for 2 hours or so, so check for it around 8:30 or 9 if you miss the original.