I’ve been trying to format this long reader-submitted PDF most of the day, but here’s an update from the Twittersphere. It looks like the censorship of GamerGate might have come even earlier than we all expected. First, let me explain a couple things about how this has come about. Twitter recently implemented some new filters, and it’s worth discussing how it works.

Actually, Allum Bokhari explained it pretty well over at Breitbart, so I’ll let him explain instead:

Twitter has come under fire from its users after installing mandatory content filters that cannot be switched off. The new system censors the newsfeeds of users without their consent, causing messages from followers and strangers alike to be automatically hidden from view if they fall foul of the filters. Many users have discovered that they are unable to see messages from long-time friends and followers, and are calling on Twitter to allow them to opt out of the new system.

This filter sounded like trouble from Day One, and now it looks like we were right to be apprehensive. Keep in mind, this has only been found in this one instance so far, but it’s still a troubling sign for the future of the Twitter service.


I’m not sure if this was an accident on behalf of Twitter, but the tweet itself was totally inoffensive. There’s no cursing in it, or any type of foul language. It’s not threatening. The only thing there is an admonition and the GamerGate tag. It makes you wonder about Twitter procedures, and if they’re prepping a wide-scale effort. Also, even if they aren’t, it just proves how shitty systems like this are in the first place, especially when people have no choice but to opt-in. Hopefully the idiots in charge will get it together, assuming this is all just a mistake in the first place.


UPDATE: Longtime GamerGate member says he’s seen this happen more than once…