I’ve been on the road all day, so I haven’t had a chance to post anything. My tablet messed up early in the day, so I stopped and upgraded my device. I then promptly fell asleep, so that didn’t help much. At least the Note 4 is nice. And no, Samsung didn’t pay me anything to say that.

Even though I’m away from my desk, I wanted to bring you an update on the ongoing Twitter War. To be clear, this isn’t anything like a real war. I’m using that as a figure of speech. But, the stakes are still sky high. If we surrender to the SJW hivemind now, they will have successfully censored one of the last free and open platforms left. Giving up is just not an option.

Twitter has a lot to answer for here as well. I don’t want people thinking that I’ve absolved them of blame. Their recent partnership with WAM is disturbing, and seems to be directly related to the recent attacks on speech. We didn’t see these sorts of suspensions before. I doubt that it’s a coincidence.

Speaking of the suspensions, last night, military veteran and outspoken GamerGate advocate, RogueStar, was suspended from Twitter. Sources have told me that this was because of his criticism of a very high profile anti-GamerGate figure. I can’t say if that’s true or not. One reason for that, is because Twitter has thus far been totally silent on the matter. If they know the reasoning, they aren’t saying. This makes the ban even more distasteful. At least give us a reason.

This is yet another blow to freedom of expression on the Internet. Twitter is within their legal rights to ban whoever they want. But, these bans have a chilling effect on the free flow of ideas. Debate is stifled by actions such as these. It’s my belief that this sort of reaction is always wrong, no matter who it is being harmed. I would say the same thing I’m saying now about Leigh Alexander, if she got the boot under dubious circumstances. Some of you might not believe that, but it’s absolutely how I feel. The ability to speak your mind without censorship is just that important to me.

No matter who it is getting silenced, it’s not right. My site is censorship free for a reason. OK two reasons. The first is, I’m too lazy to moderate. But the second, and more important reason, is because I truly believe in the free speech ideal. It’s been imprinted on my brain for as long as I can remember. So when I see people getting censored, it naturally makes my blood boil.

In the long run, this may be a good thing. I’m not the only one who gets worked up when they see blatant censorship. After all, that was one of the things that kicked GamerGate off in the first place. Most people naturally recoil from censors, and that’s helped fuel our cause. They more they continue down this road, the more people will consider joining our ranks. Everyone should make backup accounts, and fight these moves as hard as possible. But we should also sit back and smile.

Censorship has never worked against us. It’s unlikely to start now.

  1. I appreciate the free speech/expression element. I do want to know why Rouge/Slade got suspended.

    Off-topic: not a big fan of Samsung’s phones and tablets. I prefer either stock Android or HTC.

    1. Their hardware is great if you can manage to root it and throw a custom rom on it. the S3 is the best android phone I’ve ever used.

  2. Censorship? Believing that no one reviewed this idiot’s account activity and decided to take him offline for harassment shows a sincere and willful ignorance. Not only did Vilenna get banned for harassment, he got further banned for breaking Twitter TOS by continuing his abusive behavior on another account. How many times does this guy need to get outed as an abuser before folks accept it?

    1. Something tells me an idiot like you hasn’t been educated in the difference between having an unpopular opinion and abusing somebody. Education evidently isn’t a strong part of the SJW curriculum.

        1. Or just logged out and deleted the cookie a couple of times. Disqus is not a robust discussion platform. When the number of comments is tolerably low it doesn’t matter so much, but as it grows, you get the Tour de France effect where the only ones with a chance are the ones who cheat.

  3. The following info is from this thread on 8chan: https://8chan.co/gg/res/511437.html

    Likely Twitter campaign that got him suspended: https://twitter.com/Firebomb173/status/533077586487017474

    “Ok everybody RogueStar is planning on doxxing igf members.
    Report here to speed things up

    Archive of RogueStar tweet mentioned above: https://archive.today/9XnBN

    Pic of how above Tweet looks included. I’m not surprised he got suspended. His tweet is very ominous and threatening. Best case is that he’s just referring to a boycott campaign of IGF. Worst case is he’s going blackhat. Either way, he’s coming off as a creep and is hurting GamerGate. I know people don’t like tone policing, but come on.

    1. Actually, the plan was just to contact those devs via public, electronic means (email, Facebook, Twitter, or comments on their websites) to encourage them to drop out of IGF over its corruption and politicization, in return for promotion and sales by GG supporters to get their word out instead.

      1. Put yourself in the shoes of a Twitter admin or somebody anti-GamerGate. There’s a pic of “KEEP CALM and BURN IT ALL”, a pic of a man looking like he’s making sinister plans, a purported list of dox, the phrase “Expect us” (harkening back to the old Anonymous sinister slogans), the phrase “new operation, soon”, and all this occurring in a climate of harassment, doxxing, and paranoia.

        Now if you’re particularly savvy to the situation you might assume he’s talking about contacting the IGF participants to get them to pull out, but anybody not on the inside is going to look at this and err on the side of caution. It’s RogueStar’s fault for acting like a creep, and I don’t fault Twitter at all for suspending his account.

        1. Well, there’s no “assume.” That’s explicitly what the campaign was about all along, by Rogue’s own explanation. But I do think you’re right that the surface appearance of those particular tweets, without the context, is what anti-GG exploited to get him banned for supposed “doxxing.”

          1. Is Rogue’s plan documented somewhere, before he sent his Tweet? It would at least help clear his name. And I wouldn’t say what anti-GG did is an exploitation. The bottom line is that sending cryptic threats is not a good idea. He’s intentionally adopting a menacing appearance, which is at odds with GamerGate’s anti-harassment, anti-violence stance.

    2. So the definition of “doxxing” has been widened to just finding an e-mail now. No need for address or phone number. Are we even allowed to look at someone’s tweet anymore without it being considered “harassment”?

  4. Does anyone have any screencap of total number of tweets from topsy from a couple days ago ? I might be mistaken, but current total shows 1.7M and I was pretty sure it was at 1.8M a few days ago.

  5. Meh, I never liked his attitude anyway. And I don’t see it as censorship, if someone comes to my house, act’s like a dick and implies harm to other people I would kick him out too. They didn’t ban him because he is pro-GG, they banned him because he is an asshole.

    1. I understand why people find Rogue to be abrasive sometimes (I’ve seen posts where he’s acted like a complete jerk) but at the end of the day he’s done a lot of good for GamerGate too. But eh,everyone is entitled to their opinion! I’m just very staunchly against infighting & prefer peaceful resolutions between individuals whenever possible.

      1. I would argue that just because someone has helped a cause, doesn’t excuse past behavior. It’s a hard analogy, given the subject, but I present to you the following: Adolf Hitler, during his time as Chancellor in Germany (prior to and into WW2) set forth a number of laws (some which are still laws in Germany) in regards to animal welfare and well being. These laws were far reaching, going so far as to place severe sentences on people found to be mistreating animals, including but not limited to, hunting practices which by today’s standards would be considered particularly barbaric. (For example, using packs of dogs to herd deer for killing, and various caged fights to the death between animals.) However, though he did great things in the field of animal welfare, it does not mean we can then look past his later violations of human rights and the killing of countless civilians.

        Now while that’s an extreme analogy, and no one is accusing Rogue of similar, the fact remains that the situation is similar. Rogue has said, and to some degree, done, things in the past which are questionable at best, and at worst led to a good deal of the hate directed at GamerGate. While yes, he has helped push the movement further than some, the fact remains that anything he does will always be weighed against his past actions, and like it or not we simply can not look past those past infractions and say “Well it didn’t matter, look what good he has done.”

        In the end, GamerGate really only has two options here, one of which isn’t even really an option. We could opt to stand behind Rogue unquestionably, and look past his actions, blindly suggesting that whatever he has said or done in the past matters not; and in doing so further give the SJW’s ammunition against us, or we can cut our losses, admit that the guy was trouble in several ways, and though acknowledging what good he has done; accept the decision and move forward.

      2. I’m not denying he also did good, but one does not cancel out the other. I don’t need to like someone as a person to still support the cause with them. GG isn’t about e-celebrities anyway. Just because we agree at some points doesn’t mean I have to fully support any kind of method they do. Everyone has people they dislike in real life, there is no difference here.

    2. I’ve been watching RogueStar for a while and the guy is harmless, and always has interesting ideas. It annoys me when people get hung up on first impressions.

  6. Dear Ralph,
    Last year, Occidental college, California, introduced an anonymous reporting “tool” to its students so that anybody can accuse anybody anonymously. Then the men’s rights activists took to task and spammed the “tool” so that it was practically un-usable.
    Maybe it’s not ethical but, since anti-#gamergate brigade uses filthy tactics to silence us, and most revolutions are won by not-so-ethical means, why don’t we put that technique in practice?
    If we can distribute a hit list of most annoying and un-ethical anti GGs, and if gamagaters lodge 1000 reports a day by randomly picking up twitter handles from that list, WAM won’t be practically able to handle the traffic and screen all of them. (this will be like a DOD attack)
    According to WAM site, it is a no-profit organization so I believe it won’t have enough human resources to handle each and every complain.

  7. Kinda hoping I’ll log into twitter today and see Rogue-star has been tweeting. Don’t agree with him on everything but no one can deny he’s helped GamerGate a whole heaping hell of a lot! (More than I have,heh.)

  8. I hate to say this, but Rogue is…well, he’s not one of the better voices of GamerGate. Many of the things he has said in the past have bordered on violent, while other things can be described as “bat shit crazy.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I do support GamerGate, and I do agree with some of the things Rogue has said in the past. However, in all honesty, I can’t help but thing GG is better off without him.

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