Twitter just dropped their earnings report, and they actually beat projections as far earnings per share goes…

But the major disappointment concerns the “monthly active users” part of the report. While Facebook gained 40 million monthly active users in the 4th quarter of 2015, Twitter actually lost 2 million. It’s hard to stress just how bad this news is for the company. One of the main concerns Wall Street has had as of late is the problems Twitter has had with growing the user base. They have been stuck at around 300 million users seemingly forever. This report shows that’s not changing. Instagram is beating them, Snapchat is beating them, and Tumblr is beating them. That’s not even the worst part. The no growth aspect is the truly negative aspect, as I said.

Active Users (QQ, WeChat, & QZone are all Chinese companies)

The stock originally plunged 13%+ in after hours trading, but it has since rebounded. There’s no telling what it will do tomorrow, however. The company is sure to be in for a very bumpy ride for the foreseeable future. I guess these guys are pretty used to that, given the last year.


They still don’t seem to have a fucking clue, by the way…

Yea, cause dot replies and other small potato shit like that are what’s driving away users (lol). No, what’s causing people to leave is you idiots being in bed with people like Anita Sarkeesian and refusing to enforce the rules evenly. About the only thing I’ve seen them do right in the last year is introduce account locks as a level of punishment before outright banning. The problem there is they’re still enforced unevenly and the rules are all open for interpretation…if they even bother to respond to you at all. At this point I think the only thing that’s going to truly help is some company like Google coming along and buying the service. I don’t think the people who currently run the place are ever going to be able to get the job done.

      1. Yep. I have a new account @LaughWriter but I don’t think twitter is going to give me my old account back.

  1. What do twitter and herpes have in common?

    They both give people something they don’t want and drive good people away.

  2. Google buying them out? No, no, no, no. Trading hands from one Anita groupie to another doesn’t seem like it’s gonna help. Remember, Google Ideas was a thing well before Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council. Not to mention, their Year in Search 2015 video suggests that they’re actually in favor of BlackLivesMatter.

  3. *shrugs*

    I can’t be bothered to even give 0.01% of a fuck. I was enjoying life long before Twitter existed, and it’ll be fine long after it crashes and burns. I started using it after Gamergate began in order to keep abreast of things, but being subjected to the retardation of butts, izzy galvez, cranboonitz, a man in black, wu, glinner, leigh alexander, and various other anti-GG fucksticks on a daily basis made me weep for humanity. I haven’t even bothered to delete my account – I just stopped caring about it, and my well being is all the better for it.

  4. I stopped using Twitter actively when I was shadowbanned. Even after my ban was lifted I was not really active on it.

    I did the numbers and it turns out Twitter accounts for less than 1 view on average for my YT traffic. That’s not even 1% of my traffic.

    Its functionally useless. Now I just sort of mill about waiting for shit to go down.

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