Well, if you thought Thanksgiving Day was going to be a quiet one on the GamerGate front, think again. The blatant attempts at censorship from our enemies continued this morning, as they somehow have manged to get our #1 tweeter taken off of Twitter. The man goes by the colorful name of FartToContinue, and although I don’t think I’ve mentioned him on the site by name, I have certainly used some of his excellent work and knowledge in putting together these reports that you read. In fact, a LOT of things either originate, or flow through this guy’s hands somehow. His research ability is off the charts, and his speed is second to none. I know that he has scooped me personally about 30 times probably, lol, or more.

So when I saw that he had gotten taken off Twitter, I gotta admit, I did get a little worried. Then I reminded myself that this looks like it might be a spam report flood, since it fits the profile of some of the others, including mine. His account was nuked without a warning or email of any kind (as he confirmed to me personally) so I’m hoping that’s what it is. As he told me Because if it isn’t, some other prominent tweeters might be next. I’m hopeful it’s just the usual shit job by Twitter, however.

We still haven’t seen Camera Lady again, so it does appear that she’s gone. We’ll have to see if the same fate awaits Fart. Sometimes they will put you in the cross-hairs and continue to nuke your identity until you are forced to either quit the service, or start a new account totally divorced from your previous one. I don’t think FartToContinue is currently in serious danger of this, but I will keep the story updated with any happenings.

(Fart’s backup account below)

The thing that still gets me, is Twitter’s slow response time. How in the fucking hell can this keep happening? I bet if prominent SJWs like Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian got taken down on a regular basis, then something would change in an instant. New staff would be hired. Whatever accommodation needed to be made, would be made. But since it’s just a bunch of die-hard gamers totally dedicated to saving the industry from veritably fraudulent people, then it can wait a day or two. “Eh, maybe we’ll have it up later.” That is not an acceptable attitude from Twitter. When these dumbasses will wake up, is anyone’s guess. But I guess being incompetent is better than being #FullMcIntosh. They haven’t jumped that particular shark…yet.


UPDATE: It’s seems that the Blocklist Blockhead Randi Harper is responsible for FartToContinue’s suspension: