I don’t think I’ve talked about this here on the site yet, so let me give you a brief primer. Over the past week haters have been getting all my Twitter accounts banned. I had a backup one for TheRalphRetort, I had one for my subreddit (SJWsAtWork), and I also had one for my cat, King Tut the Manx. The first two got knocked out early, which I noted on BaconMan’s stream last Wednesday. My enemies (and they are numerous lol) are trying to kill me off the internet as best they can.

Today, a viewer asked me for a picture of King Tut to show to her little sister in order to make her smile. I went to go check his account, which was of course a spoof one that I ran personally (it probably comes as a shock to you that cats can’t Twitter very well). When I did, I noticed that it had been banned, on the first day of Black History Month, no less! #BlackCatsMatter



It’s kinda funny that people targeted my cat for suspension, but the thing is, I know they’re gunning for my main account hard. If it did somehow get suspended, that would be a blow to my operation. So, I’ve reached out to Twitter for an explanation on this matter. I’ll let you know what all they say. I don’t know of any rule against having a parody account for your animals. If there is one, then I’ve seen about 5,000 accounts that need banning. There’s a ton of ’em. To be clear, I’ve never done anything with the @KingTutTheManx account other than tweet out pics of my cat and make jokes about him running it.

I thought nothing could top me being suspended for doxing myself, but as usual when it comes to Twitter, things can always get nuttier. I’ll let you know if I hear anything back from them. I won’t be holding my breath. We’ve still not gotten back a response about Nora being suspended. It’s not a huge deal, but I’m now gearing up for the big dog account to get nuked as well. If it happens, of course I will bring you the news here on the site.