There’s a new development in the aftermath of the Leslie Jones meltdown. One of the first people to be banned, even before Milo, was a 17-year-old high school girl with a deep passion for politics.


She tried to appeal the suspension but it got denied almost instantly.


Who is @whitebecky1776? Some kind of internet troll? Some white supremacist? Some criminal? Some professional harasser?

Well, let’s meet Kaitlyn.


Kaitlyn is a young female high schooler currently doing online school with a huge devotion to the political game. She also has a very quirky sense of humor and her tweets are mainly comprised of troll jokes or serious political/social discussions.


She had her account since December 2013, wtih an average of 1000 tweets a year and only 785 followers.

What did this young girl do that was so terrible?

She sent a few tweets to Leslie Jones mentioning Harambe the Gorilla:







Wait, what’s that last tweet about? Who’s gonna get who?


Get her!! Get her?? What could that mean? How could that be interpreted?

Could she want a mob of her followers and readers to report that person en masse?

That would sound plausible since that girl got banned even before Milo.


That would be called targeted harassment and it is against the Twitter terms of service, Miss Jones.


If you want to find out more about her whole story and who she is, watch my interview with her recorded LIVE on Wednesday July 20th, 2016 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.


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    1. On an “organic” mattress and kept warm by some of those billions of investor dollars burning in his fireplace I’m guessing. Seriously don’t sweat it though because SocJus is going out of style and social media is a maturing industry. Pretty soon the money people will wake up and roust all the eccentric San Fran entrepreneurs and their ingrown politics with them.

  1. “Get her!!!”? Really? It’s official – Jones is an idiotic child, who can’t deal with the Internet.

  2. “Get her!” ??? Yet another great #Ghostbusters quote ruined by these unfunny lesbians-in-waiting. Jesus Christ.

  3. Kudos to Twitter for protecting this woman of color from racist, misogynist abuse. These “people” need to understand that hate speech is NOT free speech. Hello?! What about the RIGHT of People of Color not to have to put up with abuse? You people ever think of THAT right? This is so disgusting

    1. Funny joke post. Hate speech is free speech you dumb cunt. There is no right not to be offended, now cool your tits and go make me a sandwich. probably should include the /s

      1. And I hope you aren’t gonna stand up for the racists that attack and marginalize you on a daily basis. We’re fighting for you

        1. I’m not standing up for anyone. And nice job by assuming I need anyone’s help to protect me from any so-called “marginalization” or “attacks.” I’m perfectly capable of kicking ass and taking names, fuck you very much.

  4. I’ve said this once before on AlphaOmegaSin’s video where he talked about Cunteesian and Zoe Queef going to the U.N. but this article makes it worth repeating: “I’d rather have a thousand death threats sent to me everyday for life than have the internet censored.”

  5. Look, I don’t want to be that faggot, but the bitch compared a black woman to a gorilla, I mean, she might as well have tweeted “Darky” to president Obama while she was on a roll.

  6. more and more I think twitter needs a snowflake mode so people that can’t handle online trash talk can go online in a way that only little emojii or pictogram messages are possible, words are clearly far to dangerous around these small minded people, words make them irrational and prone to lashing out instead of simply BTFO from the temporary whirlwind of attention.

  7. Pffft the letter shown isn’t a permanent suspension, she was locked out. She was asked to give a phone number to unlock her account and then would have had to delete some tweets. She isn’t banned from Twitter, she just can’t read and follow instructions.

    If you want to tweet and compare someone who is Black to a gorilla that’s freedom of speech. When you post that tweet and tag that Black person into the tweet then it becomes targeted harassment if not “hateful conduct”.

    Read the Twitter Rules. If you can’t be respectful of other people then try to follow the rules. It’s not that hard.

  8. Alright I think whitebecky getting banned was stupid but idk, I find the harumbe = Leslie jokes being kinda tacky? I mean I get the joke, Harumbe got shot for going apeshit and people wish Leslie would at least get tranc’d, but… Leslie isn’t around children, so I don’t really get the similarities beyond that.?

    idk I feel like we’re feeding into some sort of reverse-troll phenomenon.

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