WRITTEN BEFORE RECOVERY: Just a few minutes ago, I had my twitter follower count reset from over 4,000, down to zero. This is because of a mass spam effort on the part of our enemies. I cannot understand how Twitter has allowed this to happen. I’m more disgusted with them than I am with the perpetrators. How in the fuck is it possible for some idiot trolls to fuck shit up this badly? All I can say is, this is a disgrace for your company…if you can’t fix it. I’m holding out hope that you can reset our follower counts.


I came back to this article after 30 minutes or so. I thought about changing the opening, but I figured I would just leave it. Twitter did their job, so we must commend them. I also have to thank the wonderful GamerGate community for their outpouring of support. It really meant a lot to me in my time of need. I ended up gaining followers from the fiasco, so that was kinda cool haha.

At first I thought this might be the work of SJWs, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now. It instead looks like the work of third-party trolls. I can’t say for sure who is responsible at this point in time. Hopefully Twitter can tighten this up in the future, but again, they responded very well today, all things considering. That didn’t stop opponents like Little Hitler Ian Miles Cheong from trying to spin the suspensions, though. Look at him try to scare people into not using the tag:

These people are shameless. They actually wish we had gotten suspended. Well, too fucking bad. GamerGate runs Twitter, and this is only going to solidify that. Sorry, corrupt journos, but the trolls only caused us a momentary setback.





      1. … in slow motion with explosions in the background, co-directed by Christopher Nolan and Michael Bay.

    1. I think it could be due to having to report the troll accounts that post doxx info and offensive images and tag them all with #gamergate

    2. It’s most probably a bot that goes in an makes multiple spam reports against any account that uses the hash-tag, or something of the like. Seeing as SJW folk have been hit by it too, it seems most likely.

  1. Hey, real sorry this happened to you, man. I’m not even 100% sure it was trolls (seems like it might have just been a programming mistake with their spam filter, seeing as how the linked conversation mentions people who have nothing to do with GamerGate being banned as well), but I don’t really know enough about the situation to say for sure. In any case, glad to see it got all sorted out.

  2. What can they do about it Ralph? We need the reporting system to be responsive in order to shut down harassers, trolls, doxers, etc.

    I mean, I guess they could implement a system to prevent reporting abuse, but they probably haven’t ran into anything quite this sinister before.

    1. Not true bud, they get it all the time. It happens far more than it should, but Twitter Support is good about getting things to function again. It’s more or less in line with watering down the words “misogyny” and “rape” by using them improperly. The more it gets reported, the more work Twitter Support has to do to undo it. There’s no “good way” to do it though.

  3. Hey Ralph, I just had a suggestion for you for an article and twitter activism. I don’t have a twitter account so it’s really not something I’d be able to spread around a ton.

    Christina Hoff Summers is really going to bat for gamers, and is standing up for us with some really great points, and academic analysis. I think everyone interested in anything in Gamergate should buy all her books.

    I got 4 of them new on Amazon for a grand total of less than $20. People should be supporting people that support us.

  4. People do this all the time on twittter, but usually it’s related to politics. I’ve seen it happen to quite a few people when certain sides don’t agree with others, and frankly it has been SJWs behind them when someone, usually a political writer, doesn’t agree with them, they’ll spam report the shit out of the person. I think the hashtag used in the past was #twittergulag for when that happened.

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