Ghostbusters cover photo

I told everyone on Twitter that I would be covering the new Ghostbusters box office results no matter which way things turned out. According to Deadline Hollywood, the film had a slightly bigger than expected Friday and may finish as high as $45 million for the weekend (this is pathetic when you consider that a Ghostbusters reboot with real power behind it should easily open with $80 million+). According to Box Office Mojo, they spent $144 million on the production budget alone. I would have to figure that they shelled out at least $100 million on advertising and other related promotional activities (Deadline made the same estimate). If that’s the case, this project needs to clear around $250 million in order to be profitable.

Even if it ends up with $49 mill this weekend, I would expect at least a 50% drop for next weekend. In short, I will be very surprised if it surpasses $100 million domestic. The rest will have to be made up internationally. Does the film have a chance to pull this off? Certainly. But there’s also a very good chance that things go way south after the opening. Given the early reports that are coming in from Twitter, I wouldn’t like the odds if I was director Paul Feig


It’s not exactly playing like a blockbuster, now is it?

    1. I love idiots like you. Did you ever consider the fact that women have brains, and don’t like being pandered to? Also does this wannabee white knight bullshit ever work? Or are you still a virgin at 28? I’d bet the latter

      1. I think he was being sarcastic rather than white knighting. Not sure though.

        Yo have to admit the cloud is good though, right?

          1. I think you’re both on the same side though, so not sure it counts as trolling. Does it?

      2. Question do you think anyone who seriously whiteknights a movie would post a picture of a penis shaped cloud?

    2. Wow, a man posting dickpix on a page full of men who boast about their disdain for women… it’s like I accidentally fell onto the NAMbLA page or something.

        1. No shit it’s a cloud… shaped like a dick.

          I don’t know what’s so “humorous” about YOU not getting that. Personally, your lack of comprehension was all the laughs I needed delivered to me today, little miss triggered.

    1. it might. that isnt what they did. they attacked critics
      look what they did to avgn and now roeper
      that is backfiring

      1. And they will keep doing it because they are so deluded they will never learn from their mistakes:)

      2. I wonder if they realized they were attacking one of the internet’s biggest celebrities

        I mean, he might be pass his prime, and long since overshadowed by younger and hipper internet celebrities like Pewdiepie, but pretty much every internet reviewer and letsplayer essentially owes him their livelyhood
        He made the format popular in the first place

    2. Feminists don’t go see movies or buy comics – they’re too busy spending all their money on Cherokee Hair Tampons. And flannel shirts. And Problem Glasses. They want everyone ELSE to go support their ideological propaganda though.

      1. Hey I already tried Depression quest, I’m not supporting any more of their crap. And yes I am aware DQ is free. I’m still coping with the unholy evil of that game.

      2. I em sure once Hillary gets elected, she will pass laws to make watching and paying for crap like this mandatory under the death penalty

      3. Wow, I love to hear people talk about shit they have absolutely no basis in comprehending.

        Reading your post made me think of that video of a four year-old being asked to explain differential calculus. At least he knew there were numbers involved.

        1. Wow, I love reading fan boys/girls on the internet white knighting really hard for shit that aligns with their political beliefs despite all objective measures indicating those beliefs are cancerous. You must be new here, but clearly this isn’t the safe space you think it is.

  1. This could have been avoided if the directer did not start insulting the fans over criticism

    Is there still time for him to issue a public apology for his behavior?

    1. PLEASE, Paul Fag is gonna double down on his stance and claim its the internet nerds.

      Only good thing about this, is that because of all the publicity its gotten, it’ll send a clear message to other studios NOT to do feminist movies anymore, as they WILL bomb.

      1. Apparently us internet nerds and dude bros have a LOT more power than even I imagined lol. Good for us!

        1. The secret to this victory is we have common sense and even though femcunts and SJWs are loud, they are small and we outnumber them. And our numbers are growing rapidly while they are growing by the length of a mosquitos dick.

          1. But the biggest advantage feminists have is that they have the entire mainstream media, news media and news outlets backing and supporting them. And it goes all the way up to the political and governmental level.

            That’s made all the difference, and is why it is such a Sisyphus situation for GG, the Alt-Right and Cultural Libertarians.

          2. That’s why V For Vendetta keeps me going. The number of people that hate social justice rises by the day and we have seen victories on our side as well, Mizzou’s $32 million loss, countless debunkings, CD Project Red (They made Witcher 3) not caving in to SJWs or moral guardians, Target receiving a petition of over a million signatures saying they won’t be shopping due to that gender policy and causing Target’s finances to decline (though the CEO denies the petition did it). And in the early days of GamerGate, Gawker lost around 6 figures because of GG boycotts.
            SJWS are becoming more rabid because despite the power they wield, they are losing it as the media outlets are getting shunned (I avoid them myself), some SJTs have been stabbed, and eventually if a war is started, it won’t last long cuz they’ll be killed.

    2. He was on Opie and Jim claiming that he hated the trailers too. But he still went after the people who complained about them.

  2. A movie has the right to be made and a right to be utter shit. And people are entitled to spend their own money on whatever they want.

    But when a movie is made to clearly push a bigoted and hateful political feminist agenda which demonizes men, then it’s overstepped the line. Quite frankly it’s propaganda and indoctrination at the root.

    Then you have that photo of the all-female staff and cast with the GIRL POWER sign to really rub the salt into the wounds.

    This movie is nothing more than a “fuck you” to men.

    And for these reasons, this movie deserves to fucking flop, and go down in history as one of the biggest pieces of feminist shit to ever appear in cinemas.

    1. i dont believe it started off as an agenda driven movie. i believe that the marketing took it there, with an assist from feig and the cast

        1. the amy pascal emails had the agenda as a plan b….and that is what they went with
          but the main thing was to create a totally new tent-pole and they thought they could only do this with a total reboot and a non male cast that could not be compared to the original
          hollywood is all about the green.

          and it is also all about stupidity. which is why sony replaces pascal with rothman. and this marketing campaign has his fingerprints all over it
          he hates genre films.

          1. And to think, all they had to do for “diversity” was cast based on the rebooted animated series (goth/lesbian chick, ginger in a wheelchair, black geek and hispanic wise-cracker), instead they went for “girl power” and became progressively more and more sucked into the vileness that is 3rd wave feminism. You might be able to bully men in a lot of places to do a lot of things on the premise that they’re “male and should feel bad about it”… but you can’t guilt people into going and seeing a movie.

          2. Indeed. And the busters were well-written, too. Kylie was freaking epic.

          3. We’re talking about Extreme Ghostbusters. If you don’t know what that is, then I pity you, because you missed something great (animation wise).

          4. But, but, but, I thought that the menz said that the only acceptable Ghostbusters was the 1985 live-action film with other menz in it, and all other reboots were eebil and not sacrosanct enough to exist?

          5. Do you not own a compuetr?? Or are you just this willfully dishonest??

            That was all that Reddit, Kotaku in Action, Return of Dolts, and A Voice for Morons have been specifically bitching about for months now.
            “Women have ruuuuuuined my childhoooood”.

            “Nobody ever said that.” That’s the biggest Dindu Nuffin cop out

          6. You are quite openly lying here
            While there are people complaining about the movie “ruining their childhood” by being an unworthy entry into the franchise, nobody claims it is because of women
            There were female Ghostbusters before this movie, and nobody had a problem with it.
            Personally, I don’t think this movie can even do anything to ones childhood.

          7. “You are quite openly lying here […]
            movie “ruining their childhood” […] nobody claims it is because of women “

            Umm, you just managed to call “men” “nobodies” when you laughably claimed that “nobody claims this movie is destroying childhoods because women have been cast”. Because it has only been m-e-n all over the entire Internet doing just that — boohooing over the fact that women have been cast to play the leads in a movie about “science” (lol at that). I’ve even read bozos on YouTube claiming women couldn’t carry a proton pack, let alone devise one. The woman-bashing — yes, the BLATANT, NON-STOP woman-bashing was the only negative that this film brought to the world, so you people ought to be ashamed of your juvenile “gurlz is icky” screeds.

          8. I love how you think that all men are a hive-mind
            further shows how out of touch you are

            but please, continue humiliating yourself

          9. I never thought (and still don’t) that all men are a hive-mind. Nor did I say (or even imply) such. It’s pretty telling though that *you* read what I wrote and accidentally read into it your own guilty conscience.

            I’m not the one who gets humiliated by your guilty mind doing the assuming…

          10. Projecting much?
            You are the one who revived a dead thread for no good reason.

          11. Cartoon spin-offs are were not reboots nor were they ever at any point claimed by me or literally anyone else to be such.

            Jesus, the amount of desperate contorting you do just for others’ entertainment… it’s like you have no self-respect in the least.

          12. You directly referenced the displeasure people felt towards the reboot and compared it to the fact that no such displease was leveled at the various animated series. You are either stupid, intellectually dishonest or just the worst troll I’ve ever met. Possibly some combination of all three. Your last ditch effort false concern seals the deal.

          13. Wow, when all else fails… use projection??

            You know that other people can see your posts too, right? Unless you’re going back and desperately changing what you wrote (which I couldn’t put past you), then your attempts at pathologizing me just seem to only fit you.

            Maybe you should just head out to the movies and mellow out. There’s a great comedy out right now, Ghostbusters. Buy yourself a great big Coke and cry into it as you ponder just how your childhood was destroyed again. Come early, maybe you’ll even get to see the coming attractions for the reboot of Splash?

          14. Yeah, I would have camped outside the cinema for a film that starred the XGB cast. Kylie was the shit.

          15. “You might be able to bully men in a lot of places to do a lot of things
            on the premise that they’re “male and should feel bad about it”… but
            you can’t guilt people into going and seeing a movie”

            Hi, I am from Planet Earth, and I would love to know which planet you’re from? Because your statements and beliefs would sound absolutely batshit-fxcking-insane if you were from Earth. Absolutely no bearing whatsoever to anything anyone [who’s sane] on Earth could possibly come up with.

            Also, I didn’t see any “girl power” in this film, I just saw “power”. See, on my planet (Earth), a movie with men in it (such as the original Ghostbusters) wasn’t called a “boy power” movie, and that is precisely why we would never be so moronic as to label a movie with a non-damsel female as “girl power”.

            Has my planet (Earth) discovered your planet yet? Is everything different there, or is it just calling all-male things “ok” but calling woman things “girl power” when it’s exactly the same thing? Just curious.

          16. You seem to care WAY too much about it this late in the game

            Tell me, what were you trying to prove to yourself when you came to this thread weeks after people stopped giving a damn, to act like a smart-ass?

            And judging by the number of comments you left here, you seem to have read the entire thing pretty obsessively.
            Not gonna give you the satisfaction of reading it all.
            I just pity you

          17. lol, oh, noooo, an idiot pities meeee, cared no one ever, least of all me.

            Thanks for your attempt at pathologizing my supposed interest in something that you in fact fabricated fully in your own mind. I came to a thread, yes, caring not one whit about its age, because it’s never too late to correct a lie. This page seems to enjoy claiming against all reality that a movie had empty seats… after those of us who actually have been IN those theaters saw a very different story.

            It’s just another pathetic hate-chapter in your pathetic hate-brigade against a fine movie, oops, I mean a movie where the women are neither damesling nor particularly fuckworthy to you. Not like even the best among you would have so much as a million-in-one show with even scoring a glance from any of the stars involved, but hey, that’s all part of why you hate this movie.

            Too bad that and men’s opinions about movies are about as valuable as a BetaMax. This movie is going the way of The Force Awakens and Furiosa Road, despite da menz’ efforts to destroy anything featuring women in a positive light.

          18. you just wrote a huge wall of text that I don’t care enough to read
            you obviously care too much

          19. Clearly, retard, you missed the PR banner of the 4 leads and a huge chunk of all female crew holding up a sign that said “Girl Power”. Now sit the fuck down.

          20. In fact, I was sitting the fuck down already, so your impotent attempt at ordering me to obey you falls quite flat.

            Can you please share with the class how a “PR banner” that did not play out whatsoever in the movie at hand showed any girl power in the movie? Oh, why bother asking you anything? You never can seem to respond coherently, instead you just go on your bombastic little diarrheatribes (a portmanteau of diarrhea + diatribe that I have literally never seen anyone so good at before).

            I mean, you could actually do something responsible and not run away from an honest question screaming and crying… let’s see if I’m right, or if you will run away again with tears down your face rather than answer to your earlier lie: Where did you hallucinate your statement of “”You might be able to bully men in a lot of places to do a lot of things on the premise that they’re “male and should feel bad about it”… but you can’t guilt people into going and seeing a movie””? Because that one was *just*so*batsh!t* that I have to hear you squirm out of it.

          21. I again have to ask what you’re even doing here, you echo chamber loving sjw white knight cuck?

          22. … When all else fails, and you realize you can’t ever answer questions put forth to you… just use meaningless buzzwords to supplement the weakest argument.


          23. It doesn’t matter what other plans you or the emails claim they had, the result is a politically agenda-driven movie. And they’ve been demonizing men who criticise it and calling them “misogynists” if they do not see it over and over again.

            The original Ghostbusters fans were insulted by them. They even said shit like “Fans/men do not have to be your audience”. They even took the GIRL POWER photo to rub salt into the wounds of men.

            Keep peddling your SJW/feminist apologia all you want though. Unfortunately for you, the majority of people see the bullshit feminist agenda this movie tries to push.

          24. Hollywood is about the green, but the problem is always over how they earn it.

            With art, including movies, there has to be creative risk. Of course, the risk must have reason and what you’re doing mustn’t be repulsive (or, at least, unreasonably so) but, nonetheless, you can’t just keep doing things that’s been done before, which is the problem with remakes. It’s become a way to earn money by banking on a known and liked property, thus avoiding making a creative risk that might not pay off.

            But, not taking risks means you’re going to be churning out stale product. Sooner or later, the audience will catch on and will question if going out to see a movie is worth the time, money, and hassle if all they’re going to see is a glorified warming over of something that’s been done before.

            Not helping is if any risk taken to produce it alienates audiences, such is the case by making the movie overly political in such a divisive fashion. One rule of entertaining is to give the people what they want. It can be hard to determine exactly what the audience wants to see (for instance: the people may like “Back to the Future” but that doesn’t mean they’re clamoring to see a reboot of it). But, it’s very easy to determine what they don’t want to see and the feminist hammering in the “Ghostbusters” remake is just that.

      1. Max Landis had a pretty great pitch for GHOSTBUSTERS 3 that the studio liked and it seemed a done deal. Suddenly he was hearing nothing until his agent told him two words: Paul Feig.

        Feig obviously went in and subscribed to Amy Pascal’s SJW agenda and probably cobbled together a script in a couple of weeks. That’s how it feels at least.

        1. Same with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and I think the Russo Brothers as well, they were in talks to direct and didn’t find out they didn’t get the job until the announcement that Feig was hired. either duo would have been perfect to direct a good Ghostbusters movie since they actually have range. Paul Feig had nothing but one successful TV show and bunch of atrocious flops before he made Bridesmaids and after that he just repeated the formula of ‘[movie in a genre usually aimed at men] but with women!’. He’s a one note director and would have faded into obscurity in a few years due to his stubborn refusal to actually try and direct movies that aren’t exactly the same as the last one but in a different genre, it’s just a shame he had to drag this potentially great franchise down with him.

          1. The thought of the Russos doing a GHOSTBUSTERS movie makes my dick hard.

            Even if they were forced to do it all female they could have brought their creativity and wit from COMMUNITY to make it work.

    2. It gets even worse, judging from the reviews I’ve been hearing. The main badguy is essentially this poorly-written poster child for MRAs, and there’s this scene at the end where the director dances and apologizes for being a male. Absolutely disgusting if true. However, the movie flopping like it is is just the kind of entertainment I’ve been waiting for. Hollywood directors and Sony Pictures, take note: repeating the exact same type of shit that got game journalists in trouble with GamerGate is NOT a good idea.

    3. I wonder if the “Ghostbusters” reboot may wind up being as much of a bomb to Sony as “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” back in 2001.

      1. It’s already out-earned it, already had more viewers, and already had people of all ages and genders say they loved it… so probably not, chief.

        1. Let’s see…

          First, a TLDR benefit for you: The film is a box office bomb.

          “Final Fantasy: Spirits Within” had a global of about $85.1 million with a production budget of about $137.

          The “Ghostbusters” remake has global earnings of about $122 million.

          While I may concede that “Ghostbusters” isn’t turning out to be as bad as “Final Fantasy” in terms of business, its current global earnings is not enough to cover its production cost, which is estimated at around $140-$150 million.

          And, let’s not forget what it costs to market it; with marketing costs estimated at around $100-$125 million (meaning that the actual cost of the movie is around $240-$260 million), Sony is barely halfway towards breaking even … and we’re on the film’s third weekend at the box office.

          In the domestic market, “Ghostbusters” is pretty much finished, earning just about $100 million. It barely met expectations on the first weekend, it wasn’t a hot seller of tickets on the second weekend, and it isn’t expected to be a hot seller on the third and fourth weekends. A blockbuster, it ain’t.

          Complicating matters is that American comedies tend not to sell as well overseas due to differences in humor in different regions. More action-oriented genres have better universal appeal, which is why films like “Jason Bourne” might wind up finishing off “Ghostbusters” worldwide.

          That, along with the fact the film is probably not going to be shown in China, a major market that’s being left untapped, means that “Ghostbusters” has a long way towards just breaking even and only through a long time in the ancillary markets.

          As for “people of all ages and genders” saying they loved it, many viewers have really said that the film is just okay; a decent diversion, but nothing particularly outstanding.

          Now, that might have been enough to help the movie sell for at least a modest profit had it not been for the way which Sony and the film’s director and producers indignantly reacted to initial criticisms to the trailers.

          How they really should have reacted was to patiently and politely tell concerned moviegoers to give the film a chance rather than go about insulting their potential customers. This wound up giving the movie bad word-of-mouth, no matter what the film’s merits actually were.

          To reiterate: it’s a bomb.

          So, I’m probably right, subordinate.

          1. Thanks for the TL;DR, it would have mattered, because as soon as you warn your reading audience that you’re not going to be truthful (like you did when you tried to claim this movie was a box office bomb), then I had no reason to read past that lie anyway.

            Have a happy Sunday — perhaps go out and see a great movie with lots of other happy theater-goers… I could suggest one such film, but you’ve already gargled the Kool-aid that it wasn’t a good film, so you’re out o’ luck, chump.

          2. How am I not being truthful?

            I don’t appreciate you accusing me of being a liar, you misandric wench.

          3. I explained how you are a liar in my first sentence to you. Now you’ve begged me to add “stupid” to your describe you as well since you couldn’t figure out words??

            As for being a misandrist wench, I recognize that as your code for “I want you to stop challenging me, so I will do the only thing my fellow misogynists have trained me to do — pull out insults from the depths of my a$$, and maybe you’ll be scared off the Internet… until we get your address, at which point we’ll have scared you off the Internet AND scared you out of your city”.

            Cool beans, lying name-caller. You should really look into calming down, perhaps go see a fun movie with lots of people who are enjoying the hell out of it, I’d suggest a certain one, but despite not reading your tripe, I am guessing no amount of facts will penetrate your dislike of something with women as non-damsels starring in it. Your loss!

          4. Calling me one outright is not an explanation.

            And, you still never bothered making any counter argument.

            Now you’re even resorting to conspiracy nonsense, such as accusing me of using “code” and thinking that I’m out to get you.

            I don’t want your address, I could care less where you live, and I don’t even want to meet you personally if your attitude here is anything to go by.

            What I am doing is asking you to elucidate why I am wrong. How you can construe that as anything else is baffling.

            How hard is it for you to see without the lens of your misandry?

            And, just in case, that’s a rhetorical question.

            And because I’m through dealing with a dishonest idiot like you, I will be blocking you …. now.

          5. Oh, dear. Calling someone a misandrist over and over does not make it true, especially considering that I love and respect men more than most men do… certainly much more than MRA men do.

            If you don’t want to be called a liar, stop leading your responses with outright lies, it could not be simpler.

            Luckily for me, your response is long enough to be hidden by the “see more” link, and as always, I am not going to choose to “see more” lies from you. Be thankful I am deigning you responses in the first place, ha ha, although I realize that is why you’re pulling the “make her stop writing me” garbage that you are pulling.

  3. I posted some screenshots from Fandango of nearly empty theaters, especially on opening night. When the opening night does this bad, you know that you have lost all the franchise fans and are only getting the zombies who’ll see anything. The competing studios missed a huge bet by not programming some head-to-head competition for this movie.

    1. 15 on weekends in big cities
      20 or more for those places where you can get reservations and seat service

  4. Warms me heart to see a majority of people keep thier word in chosing not to see this pile of filth. Not those naive shills like MundaneScat who despise feminism, but chose to see the movie to give the benefit of the doubt and show the world what a “good” person he is even though everyone knew the movie was gonna flop based on the trailer. “Oh hey everyone look at me! See what a good shill I am spending my money to see a cult film? Even though its utter garbage and I’ll be like the only me and my gf we’ll be the only ones sitting there in the theatre.” I say that his GF had more sense then himfor seeing what the film really was and when she told him, “can we get our money back?” at some point during the movie. Would’ve been better if she hadn’t gone with him to see it in the first place. A fool and his money are soon part I’d say.

    1. MundaneMatt has turned out to be nothing more than a moral compass high-horse coward.

      For a person who is supposedly against SJWs and feminists, he sure as hell gives them a LOT of benefit of doubts.

      If that’s not bad enough, he’s also a GamerGate Moderate as well. You know the ‘muh-ethics-we’re-not-like-them’ brigade.

      He needs to get it into his head that when GG fights back aggressively, there is a difference. And that difference is:

      – GamerGate’s original core principles is to stand and advocate for ethical journalism, freedom of expression/creativity, free speech, anti-PC and anti-censorship.

      – SJWs/feminists advocate for censorship, restriction of expression/creativity, policing content and thoughts and corrupt journalism.

      If he honestly thinks that making mainstream games media write a line or two of disclosure in their articles constitutes as some sort of success, then he’d better take his head out of his ass real quick.

      Mainstream games media are still slandering and demonizing gamers, and accusing video games of being “sexist” if it contains a bit of cleavage or bikini.

      Taking the moral high-horse Moderate stance does NOT work.

      1. I think Matt tries to be more of a moderate, which should be fine. When did being a centrist become a bad thing? I mean, unless it’s the “Hallway Effect” where if you’re at a far end of said “hallway” (political spectrum), everyone who isn’t at your end appears to be on the opposing end. I like centrism and moderation… not enough of it in the world these days. 🙁

        1. Eh. I gotta disagree with you on this one. These people are encroaching on people’s hobbies. They’re encroaching on businesses and forcing them to bow before the Matriarchy that is Feminism. There IS no middle ground and we have to push back against these self described authoritarians.

          1. I think that is where Matt shines Monad. Because he is in the middle, you have a bridge for people that are never fully to either side. He gives the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time, is always on them when he needs to be. Screaming that you know what they are going to do next extends no branches, but if you reasonably say that someones past record is example A, B, and C, and you know what to possibly expect, it gives forewarning for some people to be able to have that realization that they are being played. Combat them at every move, but sometimes a decision between a hammer and a feather changes the war.

      2. Honestly I side with Silence on this one. Matt holds some middle views but he’s not on their side, treating him as such helps no one, and just makes us look like we’re eating our own, much like SJWs tend to do when people don’t fall in line with -their- doctrine.

        if more people travelled the middle ground, we’d all have a lot more of a chance to come to some form of understanding and mutually beneficial compromises. Instead… well, we got what we got. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        1. “if more people travelled the middle ground, we’d all have a lot more of a chance to come to some form of understanding”

          GG and the Alt-Right actually tried that at the beginning. It didn’t work.

          Whilst we sat back on our moral high horses being the good guys, the SJWs used every trick in the book to demonize and slander us. It worked for them for the most part and this is how it’s ended up into the situation it is today.

          All being a ‘Moderate’ did was make us an easy target.

          SJWs/feminists do not reason with you. They do not logically debate with you. They do not operate on facts. Instead, they operate on lies, deceit, shaming and slander.

          “and mutually beneficial compromises.”

          Sorry, personally I am not fond of nor do I want any of their feminist “ideas” in entertainment medium. They are nothing more than killjoys and misandrists who are dedicated to eroding anything that heterosexual men enjoy.

          If SJWs/feminists want their ideology in entertainment media then they should just fuck off and make their own material instead of infesting, shoehorning in and taking over existing material.

          An example is the fact that SJWs are against the idea of a ‘SJW Mode’ option in video games (which would mean everyone wins) tells you that they’re not about wanting their own material in games, but instead they’re about dictating what the player can and cannot enjoy. All while hiding behind that false mask of “equality” and “diversity”.

          They’re authoritarian bigots that need shooting.

          1. I know.

            Despite the kind of posts I make on Disqus, I’m actually a very reasonable person. Like many at first, I used go the way of trying to reason with the SJWs, because I knew full well that they won’t be easily gotten rid of.

            I soon found out that kind and passive reasoning, logic and facts simply do not work on SJWs and feminists.

            Therefore ever since, I now operate on aggressive reasoning, logic and facts and throw it in their faces instead. And that’s making a difference, because being aggressive puts them into a corner and makes them more wary of throwing out their misandrist bile.

            It’s the only way.

            Therefore as an anti-SJW/feminist, I’m more like Ethan Ralph and Milo Yiannopoulos, rather than MundaneMatt.

          2. Dude….you KNOW that they are incapable of creating their own shit. That takes creativity. That’s why they just steal from original works, throw a femicunt/sjw spin on, shit it out, and call all who dislike it misogynists.

    2. All my friends went to see it and I got invitations but I (dis)respectfully declined. Got to have principles.

    3. I think Matt just likes movies and had a sliver of hope that the franchise reboot might have been successful. He went on to bash the movie mercilessly so he could inform his viewership to not see it. How is he different from, say, someone who reviews any kind of media? >_> He did me a service by spoiling it for me and helping me decide not to go see it out of morbid curiosity.

      1. Its true that Matt likes movies and does reviews and I would understand if he or some other movie critic went to see a new film a make a review about it afterwards tell people whether or not this particular film is any good and worth money. That I would understandand have no problem with it. However, the trailers to the the new Ghostbuster film should been a HUGE red flag to his eyes right then and there.

        I mean, I’ve never cringed so hard in my life like… ever. You could say the trailer to Paul Feig’s new film was comparble to 2 “girls, 1 cup” its just that bad. It was clear as day for me to decide not to the movie whatsoever, no reviewer needed.

        Bottom line is what I don’t understand is why would he bother to go see a film directed by an feminist idealogue that caters to feminists and SJW’s like Paul Feig who play the “woman card” absolutely hates people like Matt who oppose feminism? Honestly, at moderate as Matt claims to be I don’t think he has any principles at all IMHO.

        1. Shoe on head also changed her mind despite she disliked the trailer. What a fucking cunt. Then she had the audacity to unfollow someone for disagreeing and calls him a crybaby.

          Fuck Shoe.

    1. XD Oh my god, that’s pathetic. “The biggest live-action comedy since Pitch Perfect 2, a film which just opened last year.” These people are really reaching for straws here. Oh, and opening to 3.5 mil, with a projected weekend of 40 mil, and they think it’s gonna suddenly shoot up to the over 100 million needed to get into the top 10 highest grossing films of 2016. Delusional much? Also gotta love how she says she knows 30 people who are going to see it…. yeah, out of your personal ingroup of rabid feminazis, and with your position of writing for a feminist rag, you only know 30 people who are going. That’s not a good thing from where you’re standing.

      1. I shall give the benefit of a doubt, and wait till the end of the weekend to see the results

      2. It’s cute how they are indicating that they would spend so much as a minute of any day with normal people.

  5. according to feig, simply commenting on a website constitutes bullying…and he hates bullies

    i would like to note that both imdb and aicn have had their share of industry plants invade the sites over the past weeks.

    when i confronted two on aicn, both said…why would sony waste time with plants here, no one has read this site for 15 years.
    the above article proves that is an outright lie.
    astro-turfing did not end in 02. it continues till today

    1. Again with take back the internet. Femcunts use that all the time and we keep kicking their asses. If they get their way, expect the following:
      -No more AlphaOmegaSin
      -Since there are AVGN episodes where he says cunt, they will be offended and Cinemassacre will be gone.
      -Anita Sarkeesina will be the head of the internet and commenting in general will be gone.
      -A new technology will develop where computers see a man’s face and shut down.
      -Since great comedy requires being offensive, many original videos will go bye bye because -some feminist didn’t like it such as Yo Mama!
      -So much more stuff that this comment can’t handle it.
      -The last bastion of free speech will die.
      We must never falter in fighting these bitches.

    2. The irony is the Sony email leaked proved that Amy Pascal bullied Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd out of the franchise they created and Feig happily helped by keeping secrets from Reitman about production meetings he wasn’t invited. What a fucking slimy hypocrite.

  6. I’m just waiting for SJWs to spin the narrative that the reason why men didn’t go is because they’re sexist, and they’ll probably say the women didn’t go because the men wouldn’t let them, which would also blame men. Hell, when my siblings and I were talking about the movie, and my brother said that a lot of reviewers disliked the movie, my sister said, “Well, of course a lot of reviews were negative, most reviewers are men”. I’m not even sure if that statement is true, but it’s still unfair.

    1. Yeah but hopefully just hopefully, when this movie flops, which is already to be expected, maybe some Hollywood executives will wake up and realize feminism and social just aren’t profitable and just start ignoring them. I still wouldn’t hold my breath but remember what Pandora said

          1. More like the Last of Us style of gameplay rather than being a 3rd person hack and slash game. Also replacing the original voice actor and all the talk of Kratos being less brutal is a bit of a red flag.

          2. Oh, didn’t look into it fully but did notice the Norse mythology thing. But yeah, I’d rather hack-and-slash with Kratos than play him in a stealthy way, and I love stealth.

          3. I don’t think it’s stealth, but the camera is much closer this time around, the combat looks to be one button and you have his son following him throughout the entire game. I kind of pissed because there are not many AAA hack and slash games nowadays and we don’t really need more Last of Us clones.

          4. Remember when Sega kept trying new gameplay styles with Sonic? Kratos doesn’t deserve that.

          5. The only thing the new game has in common with the previous titles is Kratos. I think they should’ve used a new character altogether.

    2. it is a good thing corporations only care for money
      so even if the execs believe that the audience is sexist, they will only try to pander to sexists in hopes of getting more money
      that should be hillarious if it happens

    1. Hey, they were able to hide the fact that there was a female lead in The Force Awakens until it was too late to lose money form the woman-haters. Are you really so stupid as to not comprehend how Ghostbusters COULDN’T hide the fact that there were women in it????

      The woman-haters tried to shit on Furiosa Road, tried to shit on The Force Awakens (because chick AND Black dude), they tried to shit on Ghostbusters 2016, they try to shit on everything that isn’t fully 100% all-white, all-male, all-straight, all the time. They even MADE BOYCOTT ATTEMPTS. And boasted about creating multiple YouTube accounts so as to downvote Ghostbusters more than once. They literally were SO consumed by the threat of a non-all-male movie SO MUCH, that they spread the voting brigade idea on Reddit to make it the most downvoted trailer ever, and quite dishonestly so.

      You should envy me… I am old enough to actually remember when masculinity wasn’t anywhere near this fragile.

  7. Maybe next time, Sony shouldn’t pander to SJW’s, call every potential male viewer a misogynist and to quote Paul Feig, call people ‘A**holes’.

    1. I have no doubt Amy Pascal was behind that, and encouraged Feig to go on the defensive.

      She’s responsible for this disaster and she’s well aligned with the SJW agenda. No doubt she was hoping to pick up an award from NOW for making this movie.

      I think a lot of other studio heads would have put a muzzle on Feig as to not alienate a huge part of their potential audience. But feminists are not known for considering any sort of consequences when they’re on a crusade of social justice.

  8. What a surprise. The Director and the actresses basically crapped over the original fans and called those that liked it all sorts of names under the sun. Protip: Don’t belittle the paying public.

  9. It just seems they did everything in their power to attack the male species and alienating fans. This was an agenda based project that boggles the mind because they have financially destroyed this movie. Who’s going to get fired at SONY for this one?

      1. You probably meant is to blame, but that would be too easy an escape route. One of those execs are going to be asked to take a walk.

        1. Pascal already got kicked off the board but hopefully she won’t be allowed near a big franchise ever again. I’m sure Rothman will escape relatively unscathed, it’s fucking incredible how somepone who evidently hates fans of big franchises (he is the prick who demanded Deadpool’s mouth be sown shut in Origins: Wolverine and said ‘fuck ’em’ when commenting about upset Ghostbusters fans) keeps getting to produce them. It’s a good thing he was never involved in the MCU, he probably would have sunk it well before it got as big as it did.

  10. The machine is running. Like every feminist infiltrated media and independed cuck “critic” is praising it. It got a high score on Rotten for a movie with so many anti-jokes and lack of innovation. Sony want’s to milk the feminist-bandwagon and all the idiots are supporting it.

      1. There is money, lots of money in feminism. Even a no-name like Sarkessian can make some shitty Youtube videos, fill them with non-issues and lies and make millions from it by donations and fees, be featured at universities and schools, be invited by the biggest new-technology companies and even the UN and become official “person of the year”.
        If feminist Ghostbusters will only somehow become a success, there will be more of this shit comming since the comanies learn fast what trendy cashcow waits to be milked.

        1. Yes but remember, the seats are empty, the opening weekend sucks so far, and not many feminists are seeing Ghostbusters anyway.

          1. Most posts ain’t about empty seats at all. Most applaud the movie, call it a “masterpiece”, “funniest movie ever”, “fight against patriarchy”. Most women celebrate Chris Hemsworth for playing an objectified eye candy and Kate McKinnon for being the “most funny woman on earth”. I even read feminists that bought tickets when they can’t even see it, just to support that “important” movie.

            As said, the machine is running.

            BTW meanwhile there have been post found by Paul Feig, where he called women “fuckable holes”.
            That prooves, that this movie is nothing than an attempt to milk the feminist bandwagon, as said.

        2. Yes it gave them money but there are things money can’t buy. One is public opinion and SJWs and feminists are very low in that area, and this site has shown time and again, that number rises higher and higher by the day.

  11. There are a lot of ads for that piece of crap around London. I guess they are not working. Oh, the misogyny!

  12. It’s an absolute mess but I admit it’s a fairly watchable one.

    Most of the egregiously awful stuff is in the trailers, so you can see them coming.

  13. I was over at Encyclopedia Dramatica to see if the thing about the empty seats had been added to the Fembusters article and it looks like the nasty little mangina has now got his own article there

  14. Dear Marvel, Learn about this… DON’T MAKE IRONMAN A BLACK WOMAN or even less people will buy your comics, your fiscal year is already awful, DON’T FUCK IT UP EVEN MORE.


  15. Well, anyone with a brain knew this movie would fail. The original movie was directed towards more of a Male audience. This type of movie is something Nerdy Men would be into but they removed the Heroes and replaced them with Females.

    This might come off as sexist towards both Men and Women but Men tend to be a bit Nerdier. Most Women are more into real Comedies or Romance movies. This isn’t something that would attract many of them. Plus, if the movie is getting Negative Reviews it would also keep them away.

    1. Critics are giving it good reviews but that’s because of two things. Sony bribing most of them and feminism. This just proves that not only is that not working much anymore, but Sony also lost some money in failed bribery.

      1. I got the impression that a lot of critics just gave it middling reviews, the average seemed to me to be about 3 stars out of five, just to avoid backlash from either side if they leaned too far either way. From the descriptions of the film, even in the positive reviews, it still sounds horrible, and I’m assuming bribery would explain why so many reviews have conflicting details, like how the cast obviously don’t have any chemistry between them which somewhere reviewers pointed out while others disingenuously claimed that they had great chemistry.

  16. I guess if you ever wanted to meet your favorite e-celebs this was your greatest chance to do it, all you had to do was hang around screenings of this movie and you could have had your senpai all to yourself.

  17. “If that’s the case, this project needs to clear around $250 million in order to be profitable.”

    Gonna have to stop you there for a minute – you’re significantly lowballing that estimate.

    When ticket sales are reported, the numbers given those include the cut of the ticket sale that that go to the theater. In the United States and Canada, theaters get about 50% of a ticket sale (which is why concession stand prices are so high – it’s what allows them to profit as opposed to simply breaking even). Internationally, since American films are technically “foreign” films, that cut is (on average) 40%. The cut is even steeper in China, where it’s 25% in most cases and up to 43% if the movie is lucky enough to be treated as a Chinese co-production (and since the movie isn’t’ being released there, that’s a load of revenue they aren’t going to get).

    As a whole, for a movie like this to break even and get to profiting, it needs to make about $400M in theaters worldwide (and much of that in America/Canada) and do well in its post-theatrical lifespan (home video, streaming, VOD, and television). Paul Feig apparently told Grace Randolph that the magic number they were hoping to need to have a huge success and to launch a franchise was $500M. Neither of those things are going to happen at the current rate. And if Sony hadn’t been so insistent on calling fans of the original movie misogynists and focused instead on trying to tell audiences to give the new movie a fair shot, odds are that the movie could have done a lot better this weekend.

    The good news for Sony is that, since they’ve done a lot of product placement in their film and have made a few licensing deals, the ad costs are probably down a bit as a form of financial compensation. In short, Sony will mainly have to worry about covering production costs as opposed to those and the ad budget. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends. Because the new GB game got terrible reviews and is selling poorly, and the toys are on clearance, the merchandise itself is going to take more revenue than it will bring in. In short, it looks like Sony’s gonna take a pretty big bath on this movie.

      1. im sure sony and quite a few movie studio’s have a open line of credit directly to a number of credits

      2. Citations please? One citation per bribed movie critic would be sufficient.

        Make sure each citation is 100% vetted and verifiable too. We wouldn’t want you to look like a lying idiot without proof of your claims, now, would we?

    1. The fallout for this movie sounds worse then I thought and I wonder if Mr. Mangina.. er.. I mean Feig believes in… KARMA!!!

  18. In the last couple of days I’ve watched the Robocop and Judge Dredd reboots. Both were really enjoyable films, the Robocop one particularly so. Karl Urban was a slightly odd choice for Dredd, but he pulled it off okay.
    All the clips I’ve seen of the Ghostbusters have been utterly meh, with the hearse promo clip being just cringeworthy. I wouldn’t pay to see it.

  19. I was going to write “to be fair, a lot of those times are for matinees, which do tend to be empty”, but then I kept scrolling down and noticing that the night shows are also empty. Friday night premiere of a beloved property playing to crickets?

    Ouch. Big fucking Ouch.

  20. Some theaters were empty, some were packed. For this to actually draw $45M on its opening weekend was surprisingly high and even Sony was shocked. The largest demographic for this movie has thus far been the under 25 crowd… this is, of course, the demographic where you’ll find the SJWs in droves.

  21. They’re acting all surprised. Did these moviegoers not get the memo that this is the most reviled reboot of all times (and there have been many.) It looks like the man baby, basement dwelling, trump supporting, trolls should not have been ignored. Oh well they made their beds with this crappy movie.

  22. And the funniest part is, if you now check the reviews and listen to people who saw it.. they are saying it’s great and all this bashing of the movie was uncalled for

  23. “(this is pathetic when you consider that a Ghostbusters reboot with real power behind it should easily open with $80 million+)”

    No, what is pathetic is the himsterical hissy fits that so-called “men” had upon hearing about the new, improved Ghostbusters 2016. They boasted about creating multiple YouTube accounts *just* so they could downvote the trailer multiple times. (Really? Your masculinity is THAT fragile that you allowed yourself to sink to that level?) Reddit was afire with ways to make sure the movie bombed. Voting brigades went to IMDB to ALL give the as-of-yet-unreleased movie the lowest score, a “1”. Their masculinity was now PROVEN to be so fragile that they actually vote-bombed a supposed “woman’s” movie because it dared to have female talent.

    Ironically, the [many] people who have seen it actually liked it. They laughed throughout the film, and many of us came back second and third times with other friends we wanted to see it with.

    It seems the only, only, ONLY people who disliked this film are the ones who did not — and WILL not — see it on the basis of an imaginary sexism. In other words, when men are forced to even for one millisecond be forced to experience life the way that women are forced to experience it 24/7/365/millennia, the men implode.

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