Ghostbusters cover photo

I told everyone on Twitter that I would be covering the new Ghostbusters box office results no matter which way things turned out. According to Deadline Hollywood, the film had a slightly bigger than expected Friday and may finish as high as $45 million for the weekend (this is pathetic when you consider that a Ghostbusters reboot with real power behind it should easily open with $80 million+). According to Box Office Mojo, they spent $144 million on the production budget alone. I would have to figure that they shelled out at least $100 million on advertising and other related promotional activities (Deadline made the same estimate). If that’s the case, this project needs to clear around $250 million in order to be profitable.

Even if it ends up with $49 mill this weekend, I would expect at least a 50% drop for next weekend. In short, I will be very surprised if it surpasses $100 million domestic. The rest will have to be made up internationally. Does the film have a chance to pull this off? Certainly. But there’s also a very good chance that things go way south after the opening. Given the early reports that are coming in from Twitter, I wouldn’t like the odds if I was director Paul Feig


It’s not exactly playing like a blockbuster, now is it?