I wasn’t oringally going to write this up immediately, since Ricky Vaughn (the alt-right one, not Charlie Sheen) getting suspended from Twitter isn’t exactly breaking news given their grudge against him. But, when I saw that Jack Dorsey personally intervened in order to give him another ban, I figured it was worth chronicling ASAP. Also, the reason he got suspended was hilarious in it’s own right. It’s now apparently against Twitter rules to post joke posts about being able to vote via text message. What kind of shit is that? Dorsey is turning Twitter into a safe space at a rapid rate.

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Ricky has a damn Make America Great hat on is his Twitter avatar. This is a clear joke among people on the alt-right and Trump sympathizers in general. How can you justify suspended someone over this? Ah yea, I forgot. Vaughn is on the right so he must be purged using whatever flimsy justification that can be found. All this while people on the left threaten to kill people and dox with impunity. There’s clearly two different sets of rules at play.

This was in response to a BuzzFeed hack, who wrote an entire column about it. Mr. Dorsey also personally responded to several other people who were crying about this obvious act of satire. I try to stay somewhat positive about Twitter, since I do love the service. However, when things like this occur it’s hard not to see why so many people want it to wither and die.

It’s ridiculous.

  1. The fact that Jack is personally getting involved in these spats shows that he isn’t trying to improve Twitter as a whole because he’s too busy being the bodyguard of snowflakes.

    1. The only way to improve twitter at this point is a bucket of oily rags stored in the boiler room of their corporate HQ.

    2. He’s unhinged like Hillary. His stock and net worth is tanking and his company will eventually go the way of vine. All Trump supporters should cease twitter using after Nov 8th (Maybe a few days later to allow yourselves to troll the hell out of the left after Trump wins)

  2. They are afraid people will believe it and vote that way.

    And if people are stupid enough to vote that way, they shouldn’t be voting.

  3. If you’re dumb enough to think you can legally cast a vote via texting, should you really even be voting in the first place?

  4. In all honesty, after having entered into this with a bit of cynicism regarding whether or not Twitter would live up to it’s electronic free speech roots, I must claim as an ardent Trump supporter that although no medium is perfect, and yes steps are taken sometimes to influence trends and so on.

    Twitter has not in any way infringed upon my Free Speech and as has been seen in multiple cases throughout the world, has served in this election cycle as an Invaluable tool and asset for discussion, dissent and discourse.

    1. From my point of view, it’s not so much Twitter is really a committed free speech platform as it is a volume problem. Twitter is losing money and you really can’t automate censorship. Automatic bans on words result only in work arounds. The kind of mass censorship that would affect you requires armies of paid people looking through Tweets all day. Twitter has the resources to ban Ricky Vaughn incarnations, but only because he’s popular enough for someone else to do their work for them. After that they’re stuck with playing with trends and what a few people (less each day) are capable of censoring.

      1. Yeah a couple of years back I made a big stink about “News” organizations deleting the comments section which I still defend. Their myriad of justifications came down to nobody’s paying for our content, all anybody’s interested in is the comments. So what they did was take the internet “news” medium and turn it into propaganda central .

        Everything you’re seeing here. This was all discussed. The heads of these organizations most of which are funded by underwriters such as GS fame, have adopted a policy that their webpage is THEIR Property. Twitter at least allows common people if they so choose to say something. But just like Facebook which I refuse to use, it becomes an endless stream much like a Ticker Tape flowing by the throngs at 42nd Street.

        CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! ( Now Tuesday let’s follow suit)

  5. The Echo Chamber effect is exactly what you’re seeing when you read through the Podesta Emails and you, as a reader and outsider, look in upon a group of people who have developed a pattern as to how they justify their behavior and treatment of others.

    Don’t allow this Echo Chamber effect to spread to the very movement you have started and maintained to rid yourself of it. People are allowed to think differently than you. Allow them to dissent and as this article states clearly and unequivocally let your voice be heard wherever Censorship attempts to rear it’s ugly head. In any form.

  6. What a badge of honor to receive, it is like a twatter purple heart. So long twatter; hello Gab.

  7. All Trump supporters should stop using these services after the 8th. Decisions like these are why people are leaving in droves and no company wanted to buy them. Their stock is sinking and if all Trump supporters stopped using twitter for good, it would drop below $10/share before long.

  8. Same thing (sort of) happened to me yesterday, at least I’m guessing that it was for the same reason (“vote via text”). I wasn’t banned though, just “locked out” for 12 hours, and then when I tried to unlock my account I had to submit a phone number and confirm it via text (or something).

    Fuck that, I’m just gonna lurk Twitter without an account until my gab.ai application is accepted. I hear gab.ai is better anyways.

  9. Satire? Under two federal statutes, “Ricky Vaughn” committed election fraud. And it looks like DOJ now knows “Ricky’s” real name and identity. This is the perfect case for Sessions to argue that they are casting a broad net for election fraud, not just policies that some argue will disenfranchise lower-income, senior-age, and minority constituencies.

    And I do hope “Ricky” enjoys “pound-u-in-the-ass” prison.

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