As you can see from the headline, censors tried to take down Milo Yiannopoulos yesterday on Twitter. I say tried, because Milo is already back up tweeting on his alternate account. But his main, media affiliated account, is still suspended as of post time. How Twitter could let this happen, is beyond my comprehension. I got caught in some bogus banning a couple weeks ago, but this is Milo, as pretty well-known journalist. How could he be ensnared by something like this?

Well, it’s easy. The idea of the feminist group Women, Action and the Media, is to simply throw everything against the wall, and hope that something sticks. Their initiative was taken apart pretty well over on Andrew Sullivan’s site, but let me also say: Twitter should end this partnership, before the do any more damage to their service.

Even if you don’t break any rules, you might still get caught up in this speech murdering craze. How has Twitter let a clearly biased group have so much influence? We haven’t been able to confirm that WAM are the ones that took down Milo, let’s be clear. There is an email going around linking them to it, but it’s not been proven accurate. But whether they had a hand in this particular incident, or not, their involvement is toxic, and it needs to end.

We have a serious fight on our hands. They have no morals, or shame. Look at disreputable cretins like Brianna Wu celebrate the attempted silencing of a journalist. They actually think it’s funny:

This is the SJW mindset. We boycott in the traditional, time-honored ways. They scam, fake reports, make sockpuppet accounts, the list goes on and on. GamerGate plays by the rules, but our opponents never do. It’s almost like they have an interest in making this conflict as nasty as possible. Either way, we’re not going to retreat from our position.


If you don’t give a shit about Twitter, then just read about the story here, and spread the news to your friends. I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. Actually this is going to be a boon for us. Censorship makes decent people sick to their stomachs. Dirty tricks turn folks off. The other side never stops giving us the ammo. We wouldn’t be here without their sheer stupidity. This looks to be another classic dumbass move.


UPDATE: Twitter has responded fairly quickly again, but the question still remains: how does this keep happening lol? Can they not do anything about people continually getting kicked off for bullshit reasons?