As you can see from the headline, censors tried to take down Milo Yiannopoulos yesterday on Twitter. I say tried, because Milo is already back up tweeting on his alternate account. But his main, media affiliated account, is still suspended as of post time. How Twitter could let this happen, is beyond my comprehension. I got caught in some bogus banning a couple weeks ago, but this is Milo, as pretty well-known journalist. How could he be ensnared by something like this?

Well, it’s easy. The idea of the feminist group Women, Action and the Media, is to simply throw everything against the wall, and hope that something sticks. Their initiative was taken apart pretty well over on Andrew Sullivan’s site, but let me also say: Twitter should end this partnership, before the do any more damage to their service.

Even if you don’t break any rules, you might still get caught up in this speech murdering craze. How has Twitter let a clearly biased group have so much influence? We haven’t been able to confirm that WAM are the ones that took down Milo, let’s be clear. There is an email going around linking them to it, but it’s not been proven accurate. But whether they had a hand in this particular incident, or not, their involvement is toxic, and it needs to end.

We have a serious fight on our hands. They have no morals, or shame. Look at disreputable cretins like Brianna Wu celebrate the attempted silencing of a journalist. They actually think it’s funny:

This is the SJW mindset. We boycott in the traditional, time-honored ways. They scam, fake reports, make sockpuppet accounts, the list goes on and on. GamerGate plays by the rules, but our opponents never do. It’s almost like they have an interest in making this conflict as nasty as possible. Either way, we’re not going to retreat from our position.


If you don’t give a shit about Twitter, then just read about the story here, and spread the news to your friends. I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. Actually this is going to be a boon for us. Censorship makes decent people sick to their stomachs. Dirty tricks turn folks off. The other side never stops giving us the ammo. We wouldn’t be here without their sheer stupidity. This looks to be another classic dumbass move.


UPDATE: Twitter has responded fairly quickly again, but the question still remains: how does this keep happening lol? Can they not do anything about people continually getting kicked off for bullshit reasons?

  1. If we actively spam WAM with reports against Anti-GGers, it should overwhelm or at least slow them down some. This isn’t a tool meant to help anyone. It’s just being used as a cudgel to bludgeon their opposition. May as well make it hard for ’em to wield it.

    1. I appreciate the desire to do that, but as the man says above.
      Dirty tricks and censorship turn peoples stomachs.

      The people you’re fighting against want this fight in the gutter.
      Stay clean, and let them show themselves up with dirty tricks and celebrating censorship.

      The more they do it, the cleaner you will look by comparison.

      1. There is only so long in any war that you can play fair and win.

        I admire your point of view but it just isn’t sustainable.

        If they’re going to claim things like misogyny the only real extant misogyny is coming from those people that claim that women are adult children and must be protected at all times because they are too weak and worthless to stand up for themselves – i.e. everyone who is an sjw and their organizations.

        1. It was sustainable for gandhi and the indian people.

          It’s much more sustainable than a fight in the gutter where you both get dirt on yourself and you keep pointing at the dirt in the other.

          Brit Bong was right. Stay clean and just show the world their dirty tricks and the things they say. We need but show the world their corrupt behaviour.

          1. And India still split into multiple nations. If it hadn’t been Ghandi it would have been someone else. There had been elements in Britain pushing for releasing India for decades prior.

            Using their tool against them by indicating what misogyny actually is opens a whole new frontier of discussion – and one which still provides us the moral high ground.

            Those who know nothing and those who are against us are already being poisoned against us. Short of someone doing an expose of and the subsequent shutting down of WAM how this tool is being used is a political point.

          2. Doing an expose and using dirty tricks is something very different.
            You do what you gotta do, but if I see that becoming a common thing, you’ll lose me and many others.
            The reason I’m in this is because I see injustice and people leveraging dirty tricks for their own benefit.
            Besides, it would be easy for wam to filter against this and use it as further proof of its necessity because “angry men attack feminism”. Don’t give them that ammo, please.

          3. You seem to be under the impression that they’re not going to say that anyway. It doesn’t matter what we do – they escalate.

            Misogyny is not defined by our opponents.

          4. Their censorship and misuse of these tools is what reveals their nature to the world. If we do the same, why would neutral people bother?

          5. If it is a tool against misogyny we would be using it correctly.

            Paternalism is not an act of love or generosity.

          6. No dirty tricks here, they’re too dense to stop putting their whole leg down their gullet. Use the tool as intended, report anti-gg harassers.
            Nearly everything is still up, the only things anti-gg are deleting are tweets to each other that might appear to be collusive. Everything abusive remains up, aside from Leigh Alexander’s. And the only reason SHE deleted everything was because people started reporting her for those a bit too early. Otherwise I bet her racist rants would still be up.

  2. Focus your efforts on e-mailing IMO. Inform people about these accidents of censorship but don’t get into fights with WAM. As usual, third parties probably involved, don’t get distracted guys.

    1. Not sure how WAM could be accidentally censoring people when the tool they developed is precisely for censoring people. The tool is a weapon. They made the weapon then intentionally shopped it to people who wished to use it (anti-GG’rs). Accidental censorship doesn’t seem likely.

  3. This banning of twitter accounts is very good news indeed because it’s clearly unsustainable and will only bring more attention to how crazy these SJW’s are. In time, they will destroy themselves.

    1. If all the nonsense they’ve been pulling up until now isn’t enough to convince more people of their insanity, you think this suddenly will?

      1. I absolutely think the path they’re on is completely self destructive. It’s not just video games anymore. Many who had no real contextual understanding of GG suddenly get it. In time, they’ll expose themselves as the real extremists.

      2. Its the long grind, neutrals can be convinced over time, the die hards are lost. But the truth is we have truth on our side, so the more they lie, the more they cover up, the more they resort to tactics of suppressing dissent, the stronger our case is to any neutral that looks. These people stand on a bed of lies, the more they tell the more tenuous their position gets.

  4. Who can we go to about this nonsense if Twitter is itself compromised?

    We don’t know who works there, and the amount of crap their side seems to get away with really makes me wonder if they’ve got people working for Twitter who share their agenda and are either members or unwilling to look into the matter objectively.

    Once again I have to reference Scientology. There have been many times when members have tried to escape from various bases. They get to an airport and higher members of the church already know they’re there…because they have people working at the airport who can check flights.

    The opposition continues to fight dirty and is leaving us more than enough evidence to prove it. We need to start going above the heads of certain companies if they’re not willing or able to help us.

    I’ve seen many people say it this and they’re right:

    If we can’t clean up gaming journalism, what hope do we have for other issues?

    1. What you are seeing is bigger than videogames and will soon encompass most forms of media. None of this will stop until well into the next Presidential term, regardless of who wins.

      1. srhbutts is an anti-GG troll that spends every waking hour getting into arguments with GGers. It would put it past them if they were the ones who told WAM to spam Twitter with reports on Nero.

    1. Yea, I’m aware he’s a troll. I tried to tell people that last night. But, the email was being passed around, so I had to mention it. It does look like WAM was involved, just not through him.

  5. Wasn’t his account suspended twice too? Or at least it seemed that way, because I saw a tweet saying he was back and then came back after watching a short movie and he was suspended again.

  6. And to think … now we can all LITERALLY say that feminists are censoring twitter. And it’s 100% true, and already being written about by journalist/bloggers as prominent as Andrew Sullivan.

    Only 38% of people in the US consider themselves feminists now, and that number is about to drop even lower. They never seem to learn anything about PR.

    Censoring Twitter is the kind of thing the average person will care about. My advice is to not tie this to GG in every instance, and to also just document the abuses and the word out to average people and mainstream media. Raise the questions in their mind about why one politically agenda driven group gets to censor one of the most important forms of mass-communication in existence.

    This at least has potential to be a gigantic PR loss for all of feminism.

  7. I think we should weaponise NotYourShield on this. Get HarassmentPatrol and NYS to begin WAMming people like Sam Biddle, Geordie Tait, Arthur Chu, and Robert Caruso.
    If nothing actionable results, we’ll know why they’re there in the first place.
    Hopefully the fact these women are from Boston and not hive-mind central though means they will be just a bit slightly fairer than most. Jaclyn is the only one who’s been outspoken anti-GG so hopefully the rest of her flock will corral her once they see reports start flooding in.

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