I’m not sure how Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey thinks he can get away with going on national television this morning and lying his ass off, but I guess he counts on the media’s ignorance and deference to corporate chieftains like himself. I’ve chronicled so many instances of Twitter silencing users on their service that I’ve literally lost count. That is not an exaggeration, people. The most recent instance would have to be the banning of Robert Stacy McCain. In case you forgot about that one, you can go read the excellent post he wrote about it. Or, feel free to check out the interview below, which I had a lot of fun conducting.


Think about cases like this when you hear the diarrhea coming out of Dorsey’s mouth. Keep in mind, I say all this as someone who still loves Twitter. I realize some of you think that’s crazy, but the service has helped me a lot both personally and professionally. Plus, I just have a lot of fun on there. But their leadership is killing them right now and lies like this just makes it even worse. I realize Jack thinks he can fool all the people who don’t follow this shit everyday, but it only makes those of us who do more angry.

Matt Lauer (The Today Show), to his credit, asked him about free speech this morning without mincing any words

“I sent a tweet out telling my followers – my measly number of followers – telling them you were going to be on, and what questions they’d like you asked. There was an enormous outpouring of questions about censorship. So let me ask you point-blank: does Twitter censor the content of its users, does it hide what it would consider inflammatory comments whether they be social or political?”

“Absolutely not,” claimed Dorsey. “Twitter has always been about controls. People can follow who they want.”

Yes, if you leave out all the anti-SJW people you censored, and the timeline shenanigans, and the alleged shadowbanning, then I guess Twitter does have a pretty decent record. The problem is, all that stuff is staring us right in the face. I only wish Lauer would have taken it one step further and crushed Dorsey with a left hook retort after he started spinning lies. Sooner or later, it will happen…and I’ll be here to talk about it.

Watch videos from his appearnce down below. He also announced the the 140-character limit on tweets was going to remain the same, which I think is a mistake. They could have at least made links and pictures not count against the limit, or count less than they currently do. But that’s a whole ‘nother column.