I woke up to a change in Twitter’s format. OK, it’s not really a radical departure. They simply replaced the “favorite” star and replaced it with a “like” heart. Since I almost always used favorites as a way to show approval, this doesn’t really bother me that much. I guess I do sort of prefer the old ways, simply because that’s what I was used to. But the corny side of me does love the new animation.

Of course, you knew that rad fems were gonna find a way to get pissed off about it. Lol, this one almost defies belief:

Thank you for that blast from Planet Insanity, Clara. Get the fuck off public social media if your delicate sensibilities can’t handle the reality of that endeavor. If you talk crazy in public, people will be there to challenge it. I really hope Twitter will wake up and realize that trying to please pussies like you are going to gut the service. I haven’t gotten banned yet, but the rules are so vague that I’m worried that it’s a matter of if and not when. I tweeted about a meme last night that I got from Motherfucking Deadpool down in the comment section. I almost took it down because I thought the pic of Nyberg pre-operation might offend the censors too much. I ended up leaving it up, because I tagged no one and left names off as well. But you never know with these clowns.

OK, let’s look at more reaction. First, one more feminist nutter before we look at non-crazy people…

He’s serious, by the way. Someone who did have some good points to make was Andy Richter, Conan O’Brien’s longtime sidekick…

Like I said, it doesn’t really upset me that much, but it is kinda weird. Someone even mentioned Twitter being more feminine now. I don’t know about all that, but I probably do know some guys who would agree with that sentiment. Anyway, let’s close this post out with some more reaction from the Twittersphere.







I haven’t seen anyone who really likes it, to be honest with you. Maybe I just missed them all. My hometown news station put up a quick poll. The results weren’t promising for Twitter execs…kGWuN6e

Anyway, let me know what you think about the new change, and I’ll be back in a sec with more. Also, check out the new category I introduced for Twitter shit like this if you are so inclined.