How’s it going, readers? Sorry things have been slow over the last couple days, but I’ve had to run various errands to get ready for this big week. More will be illuminated soon, kinda how more has been brought information has been brought to light when it comes to UC Berkeley staffer and rioter, Ian Dabney Miller. Normally, I would use the “allegedly” appellation, but this guy admitted to his violent attack on Twitter. In other words, he’s not the brightest bulb in the box.

The story has since moved on to many other media outlets, including The Daily Caller & PJ Media, among others. The original post here on has over 185,000 views and is now the most successful post in the history of this operation.But there are a couple important updates to give. First off, UC Berkeley is looking into the allegations. Knowing them, they might not do anything, but they have at least acknowledged that Miller is a staffer and that they know about the incident we reported.

Also, here’s an important excerpt from the Daily Caller piece, in case you don’t feel like clicking it…

In an interview with SF Weekly, Miller, who plays in the band “Kowloon Walled City,” talks about working at the university, saying, “I work at UC Berkeley in advancement communications. There’s really not much to say about it, frankly. It’s incredibly tedious.” It’s the same Ian Miller as the person behind the @teen_archer account, because an archive of the account @teen_archer has the name listed as “Ian Miller” and a bio that reads:

“clawer/chugger in @kowloonwalled, @romancities, & @puigdestroyer. 1/2 of @productiveouts. music, bikes, film, baseball, veganism, radical politics. and kitties.”

But there’s some more news on this, courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle. They don’t name Ian Dabney Miller, for some odd reason, but they do talk about his current status…

The Chronicle is not naming the worker because he has not been arrested and has not been named as a suspect in a crime. He declined to comment Monday, saying he was consulting an attorney.

Lawyering up sounds like pretty good advice for Mr. Miller, considering the other news I have to share. One of my associates has talked to UC Berkeley campus police, who oddly enough didn’t know anything about this guy until his call. Seems like the school administrators have been keeping them in the dark, hoping that the whole thing will be forgotten.

Apparently we must be the first people to put forth an effort to get in touch with them because all of the information about Ian Miller was a surprise to him. He sounded very happy and commended the fine investigating (he said they should hire us lol). Anyway, I gave him all the info about Ian…who he was, the tattoos, the social media and directed him to your article with all of it gathered together. He said it was well put together for an investigation to move forward. He thanked us profusely.

But from what I gathered from our conversation there had been no investigation planned or any info about Ian Miller which had reached them.

I have confirmed the officer’s name and this story, so hopefully, we hear more about charges being filed soon. There are several other law enforcement agencies who could also step up and file against Miller, so maybe they are on the case as well.

I know one thing, we will not be letting this issue go away easily.

  1. He should probably just go turn himself in and confess at this point. Antifa is on the FBI’s radar and a California court is likely going to be alot kinder to him than a federal court.

    1. I wish that were all true, but until I start seeing some Antifa thugs getting arrested and sent to the slammer, I’m skeptical that anything is actually being done to stop these authoritarians.

  2. This’ll be interesting. I don’t know if Berzerkley or the campus cops can play legal shenanigans to avoid court troubles, but ol’ Dabby-doo, he’s a different matter. Putting a name and a face on the bad behavior of the riotous mass certainly won’t help the left (and if the cops sweat him for more details and names, he may offer up some coconspirators to reduce any charges).

  3. Do the honorable thing Mr. Miller, turn yourself in and recommend to the others that were there to do the same thing.

  4. So this nutter is a vegan. Why am I not surprised?

    This dumbass was stupid enough to expose himself. I wonder how many more rioters the university is hiding.

  5. Thanks for the follow up. Have you been able to track down the victim – and along those lines, is the victim lawyered up to sue Ian Dabney Miller? If there’s no charges filed against him, I’d at least like to see him get sued into bankruptcy.

  6. A hundred or so rioters are also facing felony charges. It’s amusing seeing these little turds brag about their crimes on Twitter and Facebook because it will be really easy for the FEDS to track them down in a stealth manner. They forgot Trump is not Obama and them getting a slap on the wrist after rioting is over.

  7. I hope this sissy boy sings like a bird. I hope he gives up names to save his but; if the FBI gets in they could charge with terrorism = life in prison. He’ll give up his mother, look at him.

  8. “Bickin back”

    Lol! This guy’s a wigger. Some wannabe banger.

    He better not talk like that in the city jails or state prisons in Ca, the Whites will put holes in his body.

  9. I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I’d rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS FUCKING COUCH.

  10. As predicted the city is going to try to bury it. This was expected. The FBI are the key here because they certainly won’t bury it so they are the ones who need the info.

    You know…. come to think of it….

    Maybe the PD didn’t know because it’s the FBI handling this issue. For him to lawyer up and for all this information to already be out there it is clear the FBI and PD would know about him so either the city is trying their best to bury this or the FBI is keeping everyone in the dark because they are conducting a massive investigation into everything. If the FBI is keeping local PD out of the loop that can only mean they suspect local PD involvement to some level and they don’t want information leaking out.

    Great report her Ralph, really opens the eyes to this issue as I feel confident in saying I think the FBI is doing just that.

  11. So there is no one, not one person on the UCB police who looked into these events online or, in their habits, are familiar with any media that covered it. Yet I think they would be very much acquainted with the media outlets who have covered it up and given credence to the insipid slanders of Rober Reich. Yes, they would AND these are tax-supported institutions. Let that be a lesson.

  12. Good work. Let’s hope this anti-racist gets a lesson in race realism in a federal penitentiary.

  13. The mainstream media is coming after the You-Tubers and social media mavericks to try and claw back dominance in politics. They are going to be filtering social media, censoring and shadow-banning all over the place within the next couple of years. By that time, they hope to be able to contend with independent media. Operations like this site are in fact even more valuable than I previously thought if they can effect the world like the reporting on Ian Miller.

  14. Why hasn’t Sessions the AG of the USA gone after this CHUD? He’s a violent pervert and he needs to be jailed and have the shid beaten out of him.

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