I watched a video earlier on YouTube. It’s 30 minutes long, which is about 20 minutes longer than just about 95% of anything I watch over there. It was so enrapturing that I could not turn away, however.


A little background: The University of California Santa Barbara College Republicans wanted to have Ben Shapiro come and speak at their campus. They got their funding approved by one-half of the required bodies they needed and this was the last step, approval by the student senate there on campus. One of the senators there, Jordan Mitchell, is one of the most unhinged people you could ever meet. In fact, he gets violent and almost comes to blows with someone in this video. Not only that, he gets in someones face and tries to intimidate them at the actual hearing. It’s just one of many affronts to public discourse present in the video. To catlouge them all would be a chore. One goon even says the idea of Shapiro coming to speak triggered minority students and so for that reason he should not be allowed.

This is the current state of the left-wing in America. It’s why I abandoned that side of the aisle and now consider myself an independent.

Also, note the black women trying to block the camera with their bodies, even reaching up with their hands at one point. It’s ridiculous. Plus, for all the talk of Ben Shapiro inspiring violence, the only one who seems to be doing that is third-rate Black Lives Matter thug Jordan Mitchell. He’s a fascist, plain and simple. He should also be kicked off the student senate immediately for his behavior at this event and prior. Tonight on the #Killstream, we’ll be talking talking to the president of the UCSB College Republicans, where we will discuss this topic in greater detail.



Oh, and they won. Shapiro will be coming to UCSB. I can only imagine that Mitchell and his gang will do anything and everything to shut it down, but that will be part of the fun.

Here’s a snippet from the UCSB College Republicans’ statement, by the way:

On Monday, October 31st, UCSB College Republicans requested $5,000 in funding from Associated Students at the Finance & Business Committee (ASF&B) meeting for security, room booking fee, and a portion of Shapiro’s honorarium. ASF&B approved the funding request, with 7 voting in favor of the motion and 5 abstaining. However, requests are not official until approved by both ASF&B and the Senate.
Upon discovering that our funding request had been approved by ASF&B, the UCSB Black Student Union organized an event entitled “Senate BLACKout,” taking place at the Senate meeting on Wednesday, November 2nd, in order to protest ASF&B’s vote to fund our event as well as to demand that the Senate nullify ASF&B’s decision.

Many of our members attended the Senate meeting so that we might defend ASF&B’s decision to fund our event against those who sought to have the funding revoked on the basis that the proposed event’s anti-“black-lives-matter” message is “offensive” and “triggering”—that it “marginalizes students of color” and is “unfair to the students [the senators] claim to represent”—and other similar asinine arguments.

Contrary to what some leftists who accuse us of being “fascists” say, we—unlike them—deny the key tenet of fascism: namely, that the political minority should be silenced if they seek to express a political opinion that is contrary to the prevailing orthodoxy. Our issue with those who came to protest the funding of our event is not that they disagree with Mr. Ben Shapiro, but rather, that they feel they have the duty and moral authority to shut down an event simply because they disagree with it…

We also cannot help but notice with a combination of humor and chagrin that, since the announcement of this event, our club and its members are being portrayed on social media as “Nazis,” “KKK members” and “white supremacists.” This might come as a surprise, but Nazis presumably would not look too favorably upon the prospects of hosting a Jewish speaker like Ben Shapiro, and presumably white supremacists would not look too favorably upon our all-Latino elected executive board. Perhaps our detractors are aware that these charges are asinine and so go on to call our Hispanic executive board members “vendidos”—that is, “sellouts” to our own race.

Even more hilarious than this is that almost all of these people are self-hating white leftists who claim to support and advocate for people of color yet call us “race traitors” when we dare to disagree with certain political movements. The truth is that any person of any race can see that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is a dangerous farce, defending, as it does, for example, a black criminal who brandished a semi-automatic firearm at a black Milwaukee police officer and who was then shot in response, as well as defending and participating in the rioting, destruction lower-class minorities’ property, burning of private buildings and businesses, and attacking of persons who were white because they were white which followed. And let us never forget that these peaceful “activists” also threw stones, bricks, and other such objects at the firefighters and emergency first responders who responded to the aforementioned incidents.

We also wonder: who are these angry leftists protesting, exactly? What revolution are they fighting? How are they “oppressed” at UCSB when they are the political majority, the side that 90% of this campus supports and agrees with? How are they “rebelling” against some “oppressive” College Republican establishment when they are the establishment, and we the political minority?

Consider too that virtually every event funded by student fees has a left-leaning bias. There are, for example, countless many transgendered safe spaces, Queer Commission events, Black Student Union events, etc., and all of these are funded, presumably at least in part, by our tuition fees. Even by the most conservative estimates, some 20 leftist events are hosted with our tuition dollars for every one right-leaning event hosted with our tuition dollars. Beyond this, establishments like the MultiCultural Center, which is also presumably funded by our tuition dollars, hosts events where the radical “Black Panther Party” is praised and which largely serves as a propaganda center for the espousing of radical leftist thought.

Consider too that at the very meeting where we initially requested the funds, representatives from the Queer Commission requested some $15,000 dollars for an event. Our $5,000 request this once is much less than the tens of thousands spent each quarter funding such events. Clearly funding favors events that espouse leftist drivel on this campus.

Some words of advice for our detractors: if you don’t want to attend one of our events because they are offensive to you, then don’t attend! It really is that simple. Stop throwing your weight around and trying to pick on the “minority”, which you self-righteously claim to defend, by trying to shut down our events.

Finally, we’d like to issue a formal condemnation of the violent, unprofessional actions undertaken by elected AS senator Jordan Mitchell, who, in the video we have published containing clips from the night of the protest at the Senate meeting this week as well as an altercation between him and some YAL and CR members last quarter, is shown attempting to assault students for putting up OSL-approved posters for an official, OSL-recognized event featuring Matt Walsh that Young Americans for Liberty hosted at the end of last year. This sort of behavior is unacceptable. To be completely transparent, Jordan was responding to a member who had written “TRUMP” on a piece of blue tape when he was putting up the poster in the MCC, but that does not justify Jordan threatening members of the club who did not partake in said actions, and it doesn’t even justify him threatening the member who did partake in said actions (if he had indeed done that). Violence for supporting Trump, Hillary, or any other candidate for President is never justified. We released this tape not out of malice; we only considered releasing it this week when a BSU member at the Senate meeting made the accusation that, in said altercation, we “attacked” the group which had confronted us. Senator Mitchell actively worked to ensure that our event failed before he even heard us speak at public forum. He posted before the meeting that he was prepared to “fasho cuss people out.” He posted during the actual meeting that the BSU should “take out the memory card from the dslr if no one is near the camera.” He posted after the meeting that the BSU should book Corwin the date we intended to in order to “take the space from [College Republicans].” This sort of behavior should be at the very least condemned and prevented from happening in the future, if nothing else, but alas, determining the proper response to these allegations is at the discretion of the Senate and the school administration.

In the spirit of free expression and civil discourse—a spirit which we should all, as academics and civilized and considerate human-beings—embrace, and in the spirit of the A.S. constitution—which establishes that no student requesting funds should be discriminated against for political beliefs—we firmly believe that the case for approving the Finance & Business Committee’s decision to fully fund our request is compelling and indisputable.

We applaud the Senate for approving the funding; this decision sets a just precedent, and we commend all the admirable senators who voted in favor of the motion to fund this event.

UCSB College Republicans