Guest Editorial by Dave the Sandman

Hello again chums. In Part 1 of this series we took a sashay through the SocJus swamps that UK universities are fast becoming. What were once halls of learning and bastions in the fight for freedom of expression and assembly are rapidly declining into hellholes where, in the holy name of ‘DIVERSITY‘, oppression and authoritarian monoculture are the dish of the day and banhammers the weapon of choice. Thanks to the dedicated folks at Spiked we have a reliable and well researched strategic picture which can be broken down University by University, with the top five most oppressive regimes fingered like the stinking rats they are. So…let’s take a look at that list of the Halls Of Shame.


Aber (pronounced Abber) has sunk in the ratings since 2015, when it was in the Amber band, and in 2016 not only shifts into the Red but also, by dint of its PC crazy administration and Students Union, has managed to come in as one of the Top 5 Worst Offenders. Whilst the University administration has imposed a draconian ‘Equality & Diversity’ policy it also, hand in hand with the SJW run Students Union (SU), banned a speaker from Poland from speaking to the unofficial Polish Students Society because they considered his nationalist views too offensive to some buttercups and snowflakes on campus….none of whom are probably from Poland or speak Polish.

Not content with the administration being a pack of ranging pussies, the SU has gone completely off the rails. It has banned all language it deems potentially offensive, even when uttered as a throwaway remark or joke. Not content it then extended an official Zero Tolerance policy on what it deems sexual harassment….including potentially offensive innuendo and gestures. Note that under the policy the following classic Monty Python sketch is banned.

In common with a majority of the loony left club of SUs Aber have banned several newspapers, some for their allegedly sexist content and others because they present a right wing viewpoint. The killjoys of the SU have also banned pub crawls and drunken binges, and banned the student Cricket Club for the capital crime of wearing ‘offensive‘ T shirts at one of their nights out.

FUN FACT: According to the 2015 Guardian University League Table, of 116 UK universities Aber comes in at 106th place. In 2014 it ranked 88th. The more generous Complete University Guide ranks it at 87th of 123 in 2015, but that is in fact a slide down from its 2014 ranking of 70th. So it seems that not only is Aberystwyth a SJW infested swamp, it’s also a crap university with laughably poor standards and rankings.


Never one to be one upped by the Taffs, those pesky Yorkshire tykes at Leeds University administration have brought in draconian and far reaching policies in respect of communications and speech, Orwellian rules on what students and staff post can online including via personal social media using university systems, and a policy on what students and speakers can and cannot say that would make Joe McCarthy blush.

The batshit crazy SU, in the name of diversity and safe spaces, has banned speakers of certain right wing political persuasions from appearing, banned working with or allowing advertisement and sponsorship from a wide swathe of business types, has imposed authoritarian controls on media use and posting, and brought in a wide ranging and vaguely defined Zero Tolerance policy on ‘sexual harassment’. These tosspot arbitrary authoritarian diktats have been used to ban saucy greetings cards from student shops, ban newspapers, ban the song
‘Blurred Lines’, and ban two different advertisers, one of whom is a major technology sector employer and is banned from student jobs fairs. I guess that is because BAE are not interested in employing rainbow haired lard-arses with Gender Studies degrees.

FUN FACT: Despite being a SJW infested free speech free hellhole Leeds continues to rank as one of the best Universities in the UK. One of its advantages is, as an inner city University, there is little or no need to ever darken the door of the pestilential Students Union as there are a hundred pubs and bars within spitting distance anyway. Bear in mind though you will be surrounded by tight fisted penny pinching, nasal accented, dour pasty faced Yorkshiremen and the weather is bloody awful.


Scotland’s shabby entry into the Top 5 Halls Of Shame has seen a constant Red rating from 2015 to 2016, with its university administration not only inflicting wide ranging ‘Dignity and Respect’ and ‘Trans Equality’ policies on its students, but also disciplining a student fraternity for cracking edgy jokes, and banning right wing gadfly Tommy Robinson from speaking on…wait for it… the topic of Free Speech. Irony, thy name is SocJus.

Meanwhile, over at the cuckoo clock SU the SocJus gestapo have imposed tightly regulated rules on safe spaces, and the content of marketing and advertising posters. They have banned what is spuriously defined as laddish culture and language as well as ‘rape apologists’…which has seen uber-left wing individuals like George Galloway and groups like the Socialist Workers Party not just banned from the SU itself but from anywhere on campus. Marching to the same drum as their trendy SocJus fellows they have also banned ‘Blurred Lines’, certain tabloid newspapers and advertisers. Then just to top it off they tell you what you can and cannot wear as fancy dress.

FUN FACT: Notorious body snatching ‘Resurrection Men’ Burke and Hare used to rob graves to supply the cadavers to the anatomists at Edinburgh Medical School, part of the university. The university which once stank with the reek of rotting flesh now just stinks of rank hypocrisy and oppression instead. The One O’Clock Gun, fired from Edinburgh Castle, would be best redirected down, loaded with real ammunition, and used to blast the carbuncular SU off the face of Bonny Scotland once and for all.


Wales’ second entry in the Halls Of Shame list comes in the form of Swansea University, which in Welsh is Prifysgol Abertawe but in any other language just a Fecking Disgrace. Sliding down the shitpole from Amber in 2015 to Red in 2016, its quackadoodle administration has imposed a frankly McCarthyite ‘dont upset the psycho-trannies’ ‘Sexual Orientation’ policy, banned student initiations (which incidentally are already criminal assault under UK law) and student booze ups (that are not), and banned a religious group from campus.

The loony tunes down at the SU have banned racy ‘lads mags’, backed the pro-Palestine anti-Israel BDS Movement in the process dumping their contract with a waste disposal company, and then best of all banned a fitness focused Swansea Student Pole Fitness Society for “upholding sexist values” despite the fact it was entirely above board and run by women for women.

FUN FACTS: What the hell is it with Welsh univesities? Still, getting yourself banned from the SU would mean having to socialise around the city, surrounded most every night by hoards of terminally drunken tarts and gangs of beefy rugby crazed men all singing in close harmony and bursting into tears between bouts of kicking the shit out of each other and puking their arse rings out. Oh, and its Wales so it fecking rains 300+ days a year. 3 years at Swansea Uni? You get less for murder. There are 116 universities in the UK…why the fuck would you want to go to Swansea?

And finally, I have left the Biggest SocJus Shitheap of 2016 till last:


If Jane Foster, Female Thor and wielder of the mighty Banhammer, were to choose a UK university to attend she would choose LSE. Not because it is the best UK Uni, not because it taught the course she was interested in. No…. because it is wall to wall chock full of pointless, ridiculous, perpetually pissed off professional c**ts just like her. But as the Spiked rundown shows, it isn’t the university adminstration that is behind the fact that LSE is now known as the worst of the worst in the Halls Of Shame free speech free zones. They have merely imposed a ‘Free Speech‘ policy which ironically denies a platform to some types of speaker. Compared to the SocJus Gestapo over at the SU, that aint nothing.

The SU Socjus Gauleiters have not only done the usual and banned certain tabloid newspapers and the song ‘Blurred Lines’, they also banned and disbanded the LSE Mens Rugby Club for sexism, preventing them taking part in official inter university rugby leagues and events. Not content with banning mainstream newspapers, the SU then sent the Thought Police in and pulled publication of the student run university newspaper. Maybe calling it ‘The Beaver’ was too triggering for some rainbow mopped womyn. Then, based on trumped up ‘offence’ complaints, they bullied and ejected the Atheist Society from the Fresher Fair event using mob muscle, just because they were wearing “Jesus & Mo” T shirts. Still, at least it gave Professor Dawkins a chance to call the SU bully boys ‘Sanctamonious Little Prigs”. Here is a video of the president of the group talking about the mob justice they were handed out.

And not content with making their university and SU a laughing stock, the latest madness coming out of LSE is….wait for it….. a SU SJW led motion to ban the free speech focused LSE SpeakEasy Society for…. wait for it…. claims it is ‘self-important’ and ‘seeking to play the victim’. Oh LSE…please…stop. My fecking brain can’t take it anymore, and my Irony Meter 3000™ is a smoking ruin.

FUN FACTS: There aren’t any. It’s LSE, a cancerous tumour on the educational map of the UK. Fun, free thinking and free expression are all capital crimes. Its students are all either SJW Gestapo goons, or such cowardly craven beta cucks they should permanently walk round bent over with their arses in the air ready to be taken advantage of by the next passing rainbow haired problem glasses bedecked feminazi freak. Even heavy doses of 80s action films, cock-rock metal and intravenous beef jerky can’t save these chucklefucks now. They are all beyond redemption. The purifying flame is the only cure.


Well my Pedigree Chums, I’m putting off the dissection of my old alma mater Keele, and a couple of other arch offenders to freedom like Goldsmiths and Oxford, till Part 3. I feel so violated I need a long hot shower with a scrubbing brush and a night of Arnie action flicks to wash off the stink of cuck. Back next time for the final part where I give a few more universities a well-deserved shoeing, and try to work out how the hell things got so fecking bad.

Cheerio chums!