We’ve done a lot of reporting on the United Nations and their bogus report on #cyberviolence over the last week or so. Today, is no different. As it turns out, Blowey Zoe Quinn isn’t the only person trying to back away from this dumpster fire. The UN itself is now trying to obfuscate their fascist findings, after most of the media (even many SJW outlets) shit all over it. Believe me, they didn’t want to back off. They’ve had to simply because of the extremely negative reaction. The whole thing is basically a laughingstock, much like the social justice warrior movement itself.

Check out the tweets showing they took the report down (KiA thread as well). This is so funny, especially when you think about how triumphant they were about publicizing this thing immediately after it came out. Zoe was shilling the fuck out of it on Twitter. Hell, she was promoting the hashtag before she ever appeared before the panel. How does this jive with her recent statements? Well, to make a long story short: it doesn’t.


As you can see, they scrubbed the hell out of the site. The report is still around, if you want to find it. But this just shows how desperate they are to erase all evidence of their blunders. If GamerGate wasn’t around to catch them in the act, they probably would have gotten away with it, to be honest with you. This is the sort of thing that most journalists seem to have forgotten how to do. Instead of being a watchdog, modern journos have turned into lap cats, happy to regurgitate whatever press release is thrown in front of their face. Good thing we’re more than ready to expose and ridicule these pretentious ideologues:





This is just the latest chapter of cowardice from our opponents. But keep in mind, they know how bad they’ve looked recently. So expect them to come up with something new in the weeks to come. These clowns aren’t just gonna back off. The authoritarians are playing a very long game, so we must as well. I’ve said this from the start: it’s about more than video games. I also said that we’re going to be fighting these bastards for at least the next ten years. Both of those statements have now proven to be prescient, in my opinion.

I’ll be back with a write-up on Emma Watson. Sorry for the slow day yesterday, but I was had some “real life” things going on that couldn’t be avoided. Also, don’t forget to join us tongiht at PM EST for our LIVE show with the one and only Janet Bloomfield.