There’s a lot of new info coming out on the UN front. As you know, I’ve been at the forefront of that push. First off, let’s talk about an article that was recently written by a UN lackey. In it, I’m referred to as a conservative conspiracy theorist, and Breitbart is cited as well:

The next generation of conservative conspiracy theorists is raising the specter of a UN plot to control the Internet. This time, conservative media are cheerleading trolling by agitators associated with the online harassment campaign against women in technology and feminist critics of gaming culture, known by the hashtag #gamergate. Their latest targets concern a report on cyber-violence against women and girls by the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development, which has spread to an attack on the Internet Governance Forum and the work of vital civil society organization the Association for Progressive Communications.


Yes, who could see any problems with a trashy report that was soon retracted by the same losers who pushed it out? As it turns out, we’re the problem here, not shoddily researched reports co-signed by the United Nations. The fact of the matter is, without people like us fighting, that report would have continued to be held up. Zoe Quinn didn’t back away from this garbage fire willingly. She knew that she had to get the fuck away from it before she was consumed. Oh, and guess who the guy who wrote this article is tied up with?

Most recently I was the first head of policy and communications for the Global Network Initiative, a unique coalition of technology companies (such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn), human rights groups, socially responsible investors, and academics, defending privacy and freedom of expression online. GNI combines corporate accountability—companies who join undergo independent assessments of their human rights policies—with collaborative policy advocacy to change laws and regulations that infringe on the rights of Internet users.

I don’t have to weave a conspiracy for you to see the issues with this man writing a defense of the UN’s bullshit. He’s in it up to his ears. Another person who is in deep is Jac sm Kee, manager of the Women’s Right’s Program at the Association for Progressive Communications. Here’s what that fraud had to say in an email blast to her fascist colleagues:

As you are probably aware, in the past few days a concerted attempt was made to hijack a Twitter conversation this BPF had organized as an attempt to engage more stakeholders on the issue of how online violence affects both individuals and communities.

The ongoing attack consists of, among other things, several threatening emails sent to some of our volunteer participants, thousands of tweets in the past three days targeting the conversation’s hashtag (including tweets with racist, abusive and sexually explicit content), and a video that contains selected extracts from some of our audio recordings and meeting summaries. We now know that this is part of a planned effort probably organized by a community associated with the Gamergate controversy. And we also know that at least one of the instigators of the attack has participated in the last BPF meeting and is probably subscribed to this mailing list.

They seriously think we had some big conspiracy going, when it was anything but I and @SportzPunz coordinated the roll-out, but that’s about it. The rest was on the rank and file members of GamerGate taking the ball and running with it. Of course that’s exactly what happened. Still, it was by no means guaranteed. Anyway, what else do we have? Oh yea, there’s another meeting coming up in Italy very soon (tomorrow, in fact).