This is a big one. James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, the guy who busted a Democrat close to President Obama for planning illegal campaign coordination with Hillary Clinton, as well as another leftist activist who was trying to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies, is back at it again. This time, he’s caught anti-fascist thugs plotting terrorist attacks against Donald Trump’s inauguration. And guess where they met to discuss their criminality?

The Comet Ping Pong Pizza joint. You can’t make this shit up, people.

They talk about acid attacks on the Deploraball, among other things. I kinda hope they try it, because it’s going to end with them either getting arrested, getting their skulls cracked, or both. The whole video is a must-watch, and at only 6 minutes, it won’t take you that long, either.

  1. That shit eating grin on the Kuhn psycho when he suggests the acid is inhuman. Project Veritas are literally saving lives by uncovering such conspiracies.

  2. I’m also surprised that this wasn’t on the main Project Veritas Youtube channel or at least the one I was subscribed to. It may have been a mirror channel, but it has more subs than what appears to be the official one.

  3. I love anarchists, I really do. They think they can just “choose” to not recognize authority. It’s like they think they’re not going to get their skull cracked when they act out violently against trained law enforcement, who exist SPECIFICALLY to counter this kind of barbarous madness. My favorite part is the whole “we will go to war and you will lose” – no, if it comes right down to it, especially if they start burning houses down, the police will draw out their assault rifles and gun these idiots down in the streets. And it will feel good.

    1. The security on hand will presumably be trained for things like this, even more so given the current climate. I hear that the civil unrest officers are being supplemented with marines. Should be some good videos of the carnage!

  4. Project Veritas just got caught trying to pay people to protest. They have zero credability. James Okeefe should be in jail.

    1. So only commies are allowed to pay for protestors? And psst, if any violence is involved, and it always is with you freaks, it’s a RIOT, not a protest. And if you can’t spell credibility, you have none.

    2. Got a link to that?

      Okay, I’ll bite. Let’s see what DuckDuckGo tells me with “Project Veritas pay people to protest” ….
      Nope. Can’t find that.

      Yahoo next…

      Google next…
      Ahh. They link to a TIME article accusing Keefe of editing and maybe it was ambiguous. Still nothing about Veritas hiring protestors.
      They have a Washington Post article saying maybe they Democrat didn’t mean that.

      But I can’t find a trace of what you said, Garden Ridge.

      Help us out here. Where did you get that? You aren’t a liar, are you?

  5. These useful idiots don’t realize how exposed they are, they were cultivated with a democrat one party state and Hilldabeast coronation in mind. We know from the debates that Trump watches these Veritas vids so realistically antfas is about to spend the next several years getting vigorously thumped on by the Feds in a manner not really seen since the KKK got more or less purged.

    The progtards have created an activist base that seems incapable of keeping it’s collective head down even in an environment it KNOWS is completely hostile.

  6. Let’s welcome Luke Kuhn to the internet meme hall of fame. Because his face is perfect for future internet memes. 😉

  7. Don”t need to see it or hear it. I cannot tolerate liberal bullshit for 7 minutes.Relax. Secret Service is aware of them & is watching them. National Guard, Active Duty military & Police will be prepared. It’s just the continued temper tantrum trying to sound tough. What they need to remember is Obama and Lynch won’t be in charge. Trump will. And TRUMP has already met their tactics at various rallies and does not approve so my suggestion is we get word to President Trump to write an executive order immediately stating any person who engages in criminal activity during protest will be arrested and detained and if criminal activity includes anything deemed harmful or dangerous to anyone, an automatic 5 years imprisonment. Declare Black Lives Matter, J20 RESIST Domestic terror groups.

  8. its impressive how the new communist party and anarchists rather hillary clinton as president, commies and anarchists running ops out of DNC ping pong pedopizza, what a strange time we live in, a time where the 1%(patriarchy?) has total control over these kids, other than trump theres no longer a such thing as grassroots movements, paid protesters tsk tsk…

      1. the station it was on is going to go into more details. When they mention where they got the info I will pass it on. Has to do with the group J20

      2. Does not sound like they were arrested yet. They are Under FBI investigation and a civil lawsuit is being filed against them by the organization in charge of the Deplorable Ball. Their website has also been hacked and the info sent to the FBI

  9. I remember Luke Kuhn from community college waaay back in the 80’s. There was always something way off about that dude. I’m pretty sure he suffers from mental illness.

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