How is it that I’m better at this whole journalism thing than Kotaku and Patrick Klepek, despite the fact that I’m not a journalist? I did get a media pass for the Trump rally the other day, but I won’t go into why I still don’t consider myself a journo right now (Being a part of the media, and being a straight reporter are two different things. I’ll write on this soon.). Still, when I reached out to The Wayne Foundation’s Jamie Walton the other day to see what she had to say about the Alison Rapp situation, I made sure to get permission to use her quote. I got the go ahead and then I posted it here on the site for you all to examine. The quote wasn’t revolutionary or anything like that. It simply said that she didn’t want to be a part of the various feuding factions on social media.

Well, when you cross SJWs and their allies in the media, they don’t care about the truth or your wishes. Ethics means nothing to them, even though they claim to be journalistic outlets bound by them. I’ve always been upfront with you guys. I’m just some dude on the internet talking shit and giving his admittedly biased opinions. But, amazingly, I still have more journalistic credibility than the clowns at Kotaku.

Read what Patrick Klepek and Kotaku published today

When I asked Walton how she heard about Rapp’s situation, she responded brusquely.

“I don’t have time for this, TBH,” she said over email. “I’ve been a counter trafficking survivor advocate since 2009. No one is interested in doing press about that for years, but suddenly Gamergate and anti Gamergate insert me into their dispute and the media wants to talk. All that does is break my heart. I want nothing to do with either side, and I find this entire encounter to be ludicrous.”

Keep in mind, this is just one part of a long diatribe that was written in order to do damage control for Alison Rapp and hopefully save her job. That was the design from the start. Go peruse it for yourself if you don’t believe me. Still, when I first read it, I assumed he had gotten permission to use that quote just as I had gotten permission to use mine. As it turns out, that wasn’t the case.

I’ll let Ms. Walton tell you about it herself…


So, Breitbart and respected Jamie, but unethical Kotaku did not. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


UPDATE: Ms. Walton has revealed more about her dealings with Kotaku and Klepek since I published this article…

It just keep getting worse for Kotaku. When their ideological allies in the gaming world are (rightfully) under attack, they will spin any lie necessary in order to help save them. We’re going on two years after GamerGate started and they’re still just as pathetic as they ever were.