I don’t usually talk about all that much YouTube drama here on the site. Sure, we’ve covered the Angry Joe DMCA and some TotalBiscuit and Boogie topics, but overall, it’s not a huge area of focus. But, I saw some stuff yesterday that was pretty interesting. It concerns shoe0nhead and Armoured Skeptic, two well-known internet personalities.

Recently, they’ve been in a war of words with a much smaller YouTuber named Jenny McDermott. Ms. McDermott put out a video on Skeptic and Shoe the other day, and it included all kinds of personal messages that he’d sent her in confidence. She also “unmaksed” him by showing what his face actually looks like. I would resist linking the video, but Shoe has showed him on her Twitter several times since then, so whatever.

Here’s McDermott’s original video. I have to say, it seems kinda unhinged. Future scorned people, take note. You can do much better than this:


Shoe put out a response on her backup channel. It was mostly just her ridiculing the somewhat nutty McDermott. Shoe mentioned that it might get taken down in a couple days. If it does, I’ll come back and update this article with the backup:


I don’t have much to say on all this, other than shoe0nhead and Armored Skeptic definitely come off as the saner side. Plus, it’s just mean as hell to do what Jenny did. I mean, there are all sorts of personal details in that video, and this was supposed to be a former friend. Most of us have been in the position of being pissed at a former associate. But leaking personal details about them is never going to be the honorable path. McDermott made herself look like a nutter.

Anyway, let me know what you think. This was just a short drama hit. Next, I’m going to come at you with a way bigger drama hit, concerning the one and only (thank fuck) Sarah Nyberg.

      1. Jenny always came off as a two timing cunt but Vee kinda took a liking to her as a bit of a buddy but that was months ago and nothing since then.

      2. This is complete speculation but in her first video about skeptic she stated that it was around the time he was doing his first movie review and after that his movie reviews did in fact have a co-host, a male one. So I think he was legit looking for a co-host – Skeptic has often promoted people that he feels put out decent content.
        It’s also fairly clear that the chat logs are incomplete, Jennny looks to be crafting a narrative and sticking to that narrative.

    1. They were friends in the past, she reveals who he is, his face(I take it he’s wearing armor in his yt vids), without his permission. I think she did it for internet feminist points, apparantly she’s also making fun of the fact that thunderfoots dad is dying.

      I heard from Oliver Campbell that there were people at ghazi who went to high school with him, who has been refusing to give out personal details about him, so who would have known, apparantly there are people who’s morals are more apprehensible than people from ghazi

  1. Dude! Jenny is fake! She is so trying be from the getto it’s not funny. Riddle this Ralph, How does a white femininst be 90’s wanabe gangsta? Umm did she listen to Too $hort and forget! See how she corrected Ghetto and liked her comment!

  2. As usual with these shitheads her comments are disabled. That’ll be because she knows she’s an arsehole. Also, yet again their side shows it’s happy to dox while all the time saying we’re the ones doing that.

  3. I watched that “dear paesants” vid a couple of days ago involving a fat feminist (protip for the fat fuck: therapy first and then gym will give you better chances to get laid than be a feminist). What this Jenny/Armoured Skeptic drama is about?Is he June boyfriend?

  4. Jenny McDermott is just a fucking troll. I believe she just attacks popular youtubers just for the clicks. It’s just Pseudo intellectual drivel on her end. Every time she makes a video or comments on someones page it’s the equivalent of an 8 year old saying “look at me, look at me”.

  5. Getting doxed is a weird concept to me. I use my real name and, barring info that can be used to get a credit card, I’m pretty much an open book.

    I love AS and Shoe but there is a narrative point I need to disagree with. She accused McDermott of being a leach, making videos about AS and Shoe because they’re bigger YouTubers. That’s pretty much saying a person’s opinion or facts don’t have value unless they’re bigger on YouTube. I don’t think YouTube should ever be the deciding factor on someone’s credibility.

    That said, McDermott is a haggy loser for betraying someone who endeared very private information to her. She comes off as petty and jealous that AS picked the much more attractive Shoe (holy shit she’s hot). The only good thing McDermott has ever done and will ever do was getting Shoe to say “I like sucking dick.” Even if McDermott had kids who cured cancer and found cheap and lasting ways to terraform other planets, those achievements would only be possible by her kids rejecting Jenny’s parenting.

    Jenny McDermott is a twelve year old girl cursed to look forty and her behavior proves this.

    1. Because, simply knowing your real name and other seemingly innocuous information can be used to find things like you address, where you work, who your family members are, where THEY live/work/go to school and use that info for the purposes of harassment and sometimes violence. That’s what the concept of doxxing is.

  6. What Jenny did is a disgusting thing to do and it says more about her then anything else, not to mention her own messages are disgusting so she kind of threw herself under the bus too. She is no better then him. However, just because she is shitty doesn’t mean he isn’t, his line of thought about the girl who killed herself is disgusting and it doesn’t matter that it was an unhinged feminist who revealed it or that it’s somehow more ok because she had no right to reveal it. I don’t even understand how cock driven you have to be to give all this info to a person who is a crazy sjw.
    As for Shoe, I expected her to be smarter in this situation, but we don’t know all of the circumstances so I’m giving her a benefit of the doubt based on my previous respect for her. She just comes of as a teenage girl defending her boyfriend in the video.

  7. Jenny McDERPmott, also seems to also have a HUGE hard-on for Sargon as well. I suppose its the price for being e-celeb famous I guess.

    1. She wants some e-fame but cant get any since she acts so horribly to others, isn’t that good with sophistry so she cannot attract that many useful idiots, and isn’t that creative. But she’s try’s any method her mind comes up with.

  8. Y’know, I actually started to respect Jenny over the months in GamerGate, but this!? Jesus, she didn’t even do that to the Amazing Atheist.

    1. Oh, yeah, she also defends Anita Sarkeesian tooth and nail, and told me to prove it that Anita ran from the Utah speech on her own, and that the threat was not credible.

  9. sh0e’s videos are fucking hilarious. I wish I didn’t have to wait like two months for them.

    I’ve seen one or two of AS’ videos on YouTube, but they’re kind of boring, IMO. I much prefer listening to the rants of Amazing Atheist, Sargon, Thunderfoot, Harmful Opinions, Mundane Matt, Chris Ray Gun, Vernaculis, Louis Le Vau, The Investigamer, GirlDoesRant, GirlWritesWhat, Razorfist, and Mathmachine.

    1. I much rather prefer Skeptic’s videos. Amazing Atheist, Sargon, and Thunderfoot always come across as very reactionary to me.

  10. @@TheRalphRetort:disqus, Jenny McDermott is trolling the shoe0nhead tag on IG. I posted June as my #wcw this past Wednesday and she posted this shit on my IG. She has a habit of posting screenshots of angry/offensive responses as some sort of “proof” she’s being harassed so I took the high road.

      1. Replying directly from Disqus so if someone else answered, please forgive the repeat.

        IG is Instagram where you can post pictures and comnunicate with people who post similar things as you.

        Wcw is woman crush wednesday where you post an image of a woman you think is hot or amazing. Because people had a hard time deciding what to lost on social media, things like man crush monday (post your favorite men) and throwback thursday (a picture of you from the past) were created to make things like snapchat and IG more accessible.

  11. I don’t see why people are supposed to feel shame for digging much younger chicks. Guess what? We’re biologically programmed to be more interested in women who don’t look dried and withered.

    If they’re smart as fuck and charming (like Shoe is and like my fiance who is a decade younger than myself is), then you’ve got someone that’s not only worth having fun with, but getting serious about.

    But I guess age differences are only allowed when you’re a transgender retard wanting to fuck a toddler and shitting in their mouth.

    1. I, honestly, have no idea which side to take in the whole, “Age is just a number,” thing. Age does matter, to a certain extent, but I don’t know where we would draw the line for someone being too old, or too young. Do we decide it’s fine when the brain stops developing, which happens somewhere around 25 – 30 years of age, do we set a specific age for when it should be legal/acceptable, or, perhaps, do we base it on intelligence and personality, as is so avidly advocated for today?
      Call me Hitler, but there are some people, in my view, that just shouldn’t have kids, but this is based on maturity, intelligence, and how they act towards other people, and it’s not likely they would raise anyone better than themselves, if anything they could just make someone worse. I also don’t think Armoured, who looks like he’s nearing 30, should be dating Shoe, who looks like she’s around 16, because of her playful, immature attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s adorable as fuck, but inappropriate for them to be together.
      There needs to be some standard set for partnership, both in law and in societal view, but I’m not sure what that standard should be. Because they’re in Canada, it’s fine for them to do whatever the fuck they want, as the age of majority is 16, there, but I don’t support it.
      Take the example of Ericka Camacho: It came out that this 13 year old girl was having sex with men twice her age. Too many liberal-minded people, today, don’t seem to be advocating for that kinda thing, but that we turn a blind eye to it, as they should have the right to do as they please in private. Couldn’t disagree more.

      1. So if a woman looks like she’s 35 but is still immature and playful does that mean it’s innapropriate for somebody a male who is 33 but is very mature and serious to date that woman?

      2. lol you literally want to imprison two people who are consenting to be together (Skeptic and Sh0e) based on your on narrow view of what YOU think a relationship should be like. You realize they are happy together, no one is being hurt and you want to (what sounds to me like) set a law against this.

        you must literally be insane. or am I missing something

  12. I think the part of her (Jenny’s) video where admits that she was being “…opportunistic” pretty much says it all. She is looking to promote her channel and she knows Shoe and Armored Skeptic are popular so… Just look at the title of her video, it doesn’t get more salacious. Laughing Witch did something like this with Sargon. Channel ratings lagging? Make a video about a more popular youtuber using their names as a hook and assassinate their character. Instant views.

  13. Hasn’t Jenny McDermott dug her own grave deep enough already? I mean, shit. She already attacked Thunderfoot for supposedly faking his father’s cancer, which is a fucking dick move Jenny. Honestly, I think she’s just jealous ’cause Skeptic isn’t fucking her.

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