I don’t usually talk about all that much YouTube drama here on the site. Sure, we’ve covered the Angry Joe DMCA and some TotalBiscuit and Boogie topics, but overall, it’s not a huge area of focus. But, I saw some stuff yesterday that was pretty interesting. It concerns shoe0nhead and Armoured Skeptic, two well-known internet personalities.

Recently, they’ve been in a war of words with a much smaller YouTuber named Jenny McDermott. Ms. McDermott put out a video on Skeptic and Shoe the other day, and it included all kinds of personal messages that he’d sent her in confidence. She also “unmaksed” him by showing what his face actually looks like. I would resist linking the video, but Shoe has showed him on her Twitter several times since then, so whatever.

Here’s McDermott’s original video. I have to say, it seems kinda unhinged. Future scorned people, take note. You can do much better than this:


Shoe put out a response on her backup channel. It was mostly just her ridiculing the somewhat nutty McDermott. Shoe mentioned that it might get taken down in a couple days. If it does, I’ll come back and update this article with the backup:


I don’t have much to say on all this, other than shoe0nhead and Armored Skeptic definitely come off as the saner side. Plus, it’s just mean as hell to do what Jenny did. I mean, there are all sorts of personal details in that video, and this was supposed to be a former friend. Most of us have been in the position of being pissed at a former associate. But leaking personal details about them is never going to be the honorable path. McDermott made herself look like a nutter.

Anyway, let me know what you think. This was just a short drama hit. Next, I’m going to come at you with a way bigger drama hit, concerning the one and only (thank fuck) Sarah Nyberg.