During the 2016 US Presidential election, many things became “hate” symbols. The OK sign, milk, red MAGA hats…but my favourite was Pepe the Frog. This beady-eyed frog twisted panties like no other. In fact, Rachel Maddow went on a ten-minute rant about Pepe during one of her nightly MSNBC whinge-fests.

Pepe, despite being “killed off” by his creator, doesn’t seem to want to rest in peace. Monroe Community College has decided to “confron[t] racism on campus” after someone stuck a Pepe the Frog sticker on a banner advertising the summer study abroad course, “Advanced Homeland Security Training In Isreal”, the Democrat & Chroncile reported.

Oy vey. Not a sticker!

“There’s two levels of inappropriateness here. It certainly is a symbol of racism, and that has no place here at MCC. And it violates our protocol … and our code of conduct,” MCC spokeswoman Cynthia Mapes said Friday. “We consider it an act of vandalism and we are investigating that.”

MCC officials are now investigating the incident, as the sticker supposedly violates their rules.

Sarah Nocar, who posted a picture of the vandalised banner in a Facebook group for Rochester-area progressive liberals, said she found the whole thing really upsetting.

“I really hope MCC looks at the tapes from that hallway (to see who put it there),” she said. “I think societally we’ve been harbouring those people and ideologies, and I hope we don’t continue to protect them by allowing them anonymity.”

If campus security identifies a student as the person who placed the stickers, he or she could be subject to a grievance procedure for violating MCC’s code of conduct, Mapes said.

I’m not a fan of graffiti or vandalism in general. I’m perhaps one of the few people that doesn’t love Banksy. I think he’s an elitist prick. But this much fuss over a sticker is a bit much. And calling it a “symbol of racism” is just ridiculous.

Well, what else would you expect from a $10,000-a-year-college that ranks #2,268 out of 2410? Bloody shameful.

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