Sometimes you see a guy get banned from Twitter and all you can do is laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m for free speech, so I hate to see almost anyone get tossed off social media. But when you threaten to shoot-up a tabletop store like unskilled troll Andrew Gleason (a.k.a. Otter Jesus) did, you have to expect that your account will get terminated. That sort of thing is always going to draw heat, for good reason. It doesn’t matter whether or not it was a joke or a real threat. With the environment surrounding shootings here in the US, this is extremely incendiary material. I don’t blame Twitter for getting rid of people who do this sort of thing.


How can anyone think this kind of comedy will be allowed to fly? According to sources, Gleason has mental problems and a history of being sexually abused. Still, Twitter is right to step in and drop the hammer (they might also want to check out his new account). I mean, doesn’t this sort of guy perfectly fit the profile of a mass shooter? Look at him. He has that Adam Lanza Gaze going on. Oh, and he claims to fly under the GamerGate banner as well. Talk about bringing shame to a legit movement.



So while I usually disagree with the Twitter police, this time I have to give them some props. Taking mentally deranged people like this out of general population is a good thing. Now perhaps his local authorities will do the right thing and place him in a mental institution so that the surrounding areas will be just a little bit safer.


UPDATE: Mr. Gleason has come out and confirmed the authenticity of the headline after first trying to say it was a lie. I know a lowlife like him likely won’t apologize for the false accusation, however I thought it best to leave it here for the record.

  1. Threatening to shoot up a table-top store takes a special kind of autism. At least that’s one less faggot pretending to be an otter online. Jesus Christ.

        1. Wheaton is a useful idiot for tabletop, he has the connections to bring in people you may actually like and get them to play games on camera. Otherwise I don’t care about him.

          1. Yea that’s honestly a sad truth. Wil has been good for my business… too bad he is a massive cuck.

      1. You are literally one of the most autistic people I’ve ever come across. How you have survived in life at all is beyond me. I hope you die soon.

  2. I dunno, by banning him they’re giving his unfunny joke-threat more regard than it deserves. Personally I love it when people threaten to beat me up or kill me over the internet because it just gives me the opportunity to mock them, egg them on and then mock them some more a week later for having zero follow-through.

    1. They didn’t ban me for that. They banned me because of a feminist artist filing false DMCA reports against my account cause I was making parodies of her feminist comic.

  3. ALSO NOTE Gleason backed Alison Rapp during the whole ordeal… knowing full well she was advocating for reduction in pedo laws etc.

    1. Pretty sure he was with the clique to take Ralph down, or at minimum he was celebrating it.

      Nothing quite as disturbing as the otter voice..and the whole otter spam thing. I’ve heard his real voice, the guy isn’t so much autistic as he is a special snowflake

      1. Bullshit, retard, I dont like Bernie Sanders, for example, and I would have doubt of him being a pedophile. Not to mention, I didnt call anyone a pedophile in the OP.

  4. How stupid do you have to be to make a “joke” like that when you KNOW how hyper-sensitive Twitter is?

    1. I made it clear it was a joke but Ralph didn’t want you to know all the facts. Also after GGRevolt (Ralph’s Party pals) failed to get me legit SWATed. Very sad. It was just one cop who didn’t understand the tweet and said I didn’t do anything wrong but I should delete it anyways cause someone was retarded enough to email it to them and they didn’t wanna have to deal with retarded people anymore… so yeah I’m sure you don’t actually care what happens but that’s fine.

      1. What can get you arrested by the police is different from what can get your account suspended on Twitter, you retard. BTW, how old are you again? Is it true that you still live with your parents?

      2. why are you and yer crew so mad that anons from revolt like ralphs style? some folks dont want hugs, non consensual hugs=rape, your a predatory otter

  5. /facepalm mass shootings aren’t something to joke about, no matter how much of a troll someone wants to be. There’s plenty of other juicy stuff to make fun off!

      1. I am reminded of Wild Goose and his “I choo-choo-choose you” meme when that girl threw herself in front of a train. There’s a time and a place for the lulz.

  6. Daily reminder: Cathy Young loves this guy for his memes while laughing At Ralph being locked out on twitter or getting his ads suspended.

    1. You’re so jelly that women and men actually like me. Unlike you. Hey Rene you’re not white. You’re a dirty brown Filipino that all other filipinos hate.

      1. Said by a guy who’s so salty right now, that he’s commenting on a comment section very few people will bother to look at, like let’s be real here.
        Under ED’s “Most butthurt” list (if they had one) they’d be able to put you there, Just saying.

        Like you’re LITERALLY commenting on an independent guy’s comment section, not only once or twice, but to like… 75% of every comment. xD

        You know, except LLShannon, a woman whom doesn’t like you. Also who cares if Rene’s not white, he never said that, nice making it about race, You’re totes not racist.

  7. He was probably trying to mock RogueStar and the drive by “joke”?
    The one everyone said he was an idiot for, even if it wasn’t even as close to as bad as this.
    I still don’t understand why he *stayed* “popular”

    I understand why he GOT popular.
    Early GG was a love in. Everyone was welcome and everyone was given the benefit of the doubt.
    Some people squandered that. Most have lost their popularity and the trust of most GG (past and present)
    Gleason might be just as bad as Gel or the triangle faggots.

    I mean, I can get why people don’t like Ralph.
    Sometimes I even agree with them (I think Goose is just as big a cunt as Gleason, for instance, and some of his shit has been UTTERLY unforgivable)
    I still don’t think he’s even NEARLY as bad as some that have claimed to be the “good guys” of GG (which Ralph has never pretended to be)

    Hopefully people get a wakeup call and don’t excuse it because he’s a troubled man.
    That’s not an excuse.
    Not for SJWs, regressives, tumblrinas, alt-right idiots or edgelords.

    1. Hey retard. I was making fun of the SJWs who started that Tag acting like tabletop gamers were awful awful people. Also how is what I did worse then what Rogue Star did? It wasn’t and you know it.

      Also I’m a guy who posts pictures of otters and makes otter puppet videos that make Ralph scared. How am I the worse people in GG? What did I actually do? I barely did anything besides try to encourage people to not be assholes. I never understood why Ralph kept trying to bully me. It was embarassing and made me sad that he cared so much about me. Oh well…

      also I like how offensive jokes are literally the worse thing ever to you. LOL

      1. “It was embarrassing and made me sad that he cared so much about me.”
        Says the guy who’s posted to literally over 10 different people.

        You two should just fuck already if Ralph apparently is as obsessed about you, as you say he is.

      2. You’re a cunt to anyone that isn’t in your fanclub.
        You behave like every one of the SJW fuckwits I oppose. The fact they kicked you out of their cult does not change that.

        My opinion of you comes from your interactions with me (and with, as I said before, anyone that isn’t directly kissing your ass)

        Fuck your edgelord excuse.
        Offensive jokes don’t bother me, shitty people excusing their shitty behaviour with “j/k” do.
        When I call out Rogue or Ralph for being twats you know what happens? THey acknowledge their shitty behaviour. They own it.
        Not so with you. You’re just perpetually “misunderstood” and it is everyone else’s fault.
        I can respect them and get over any annoyance or offence I feel.
        You? I just pity you and want nothing to do with you.

  8. With all the crazy shit going on the last few years, I don’t know why anyone could think saying such a thing would be a funny or good idea.

    Great way to get flagged and make your life difficult going forward for something 99.9% of people wouldn’t find funny at all.

  9. “Mental problems” you mean autism? Just leaving a vague “mental problem” in there makes it look much worse than it is. A little bit dishonest there in my opinion.
    As for “sexual abuse”, never heard anything about that. Any source on that?

    1. He has no source cause this whole article is a very stupid lie. He’s protecting @Gynostar, a feminist artist, who filed false DMCA reports against my twitter account cause I made parodies of her comic which are legally allowed under fair use. That’d be a good story for Ralph to writer about though don’t you think? Not sure why Ralph is white knighting for a feminist though. :^)

      The sexual abuse claims are clearly Ralph projecting again.

      1. If that was true, I’m POSITIVE, Ralph would’ve written a different story, and you wouldn’t have replied to more like 95% of everyone.

  10. Wow this and Mark Kern got verification on Twitter. WTF Twitter is actually doing a decent job for once. Just going outside to see if there’s some flying pigs around and a blue moon.

  11. This is the same autist behind the Twitter Anti-Harrassment Patrol, which quickly got changed to Twitter Hug Patrol when it got co-opted by Icze4r & their goons.

    And nothing of value was lost.

    1. How are you this stupid? LOL did you just start following GG yesterday? LOL I’m so glad people like you exist. It makes me feel better about myself.

  12. This cunt was the one calling for people to demand refunds out of me for my stairlift. Since i see he’s reading everything; suck it Andrew. How the high and mighty fall…

  13. Also, at least i don’t have a Amazon wishlist full of buttplugs and dildos begging people to by them for me. Maybe that’s why he was butthurt (HA!) Over my fundraiser. People cared about me and my family and gave. No one cared about his anal pleasure enough to buy him things to put in his ass while he jacks off with an otter puppet. Because no one cares about him as a person. He’s the EthCuck’s pet. They pity him because he acts like a simple-minded child in his 30’s. None are actually his friends. Otherwise they’d buy his buttplugs! #ButtPlugs4OtterFag

    1. The funny thing is someone bought me a dragon butthole, a dildo, and buttplugs… and also multiple video games, a world’s largest micropenis mug, another cute otter mug, a Arby’s themed t shirt, gift cards and comics. I bought people stuff too. Shannon… remember when you called me on Skype and gave me your sob story about how you’re crippled? LOL I’m glad you’re crippled.

      This is bait. Pls screencap it and post it on twitter. Also Ralph write another article about how I ended Gamergate. Hehehe
      Love you guys.

  14. lol wow it’s amazing how salty these fuckers get when they’re tossed into the spotlight. Retarded shit needs to be locked up before he becomes the next Orlando shooter.

  15. No amount of professional help would be able to help this faggot, the best anyone could hope for is him taking a bath with a toaster, but in all honesty I believe if he doesn’t kill himself, he’ll likely die from a ruptured anus, both from getting assdamaged online and from shoving shit up his ass.

    His follower count on this new twitter is also very telling, the only reason he gained popularity on twitter in the first place was because he inserted himself into the eceleb crowd for attention and made himself unique from the rest with his furfag gimmick, got pity follows and none of those really cared once he got banned and burned all his bridges like the fucking autistic sperg he is. He never had anything interesting or intelligent or thought provoking to say, it was all furfag gimmick. And now that he’s had to start over, he can finally see how popular he really isn’t, it was all an illusion from pity follows all along.

  16. My favorite part of this article is you admitting you wrote it without actually knowing why I was suspended. You admitted you made it all up. Also you failed to note that I was suspended for joking about raping a rock paper shotgun writer who was triggered by the rape culture in Dilbert. Twitter finally confirmed that after Allum’s article.

    Btw When did you move out of your mom’s house?

    INB4 “otter fag is such a sperg for invading our safe space and replying to most of the comments again! He actually responded to the comments on an article full of lies about him! Can’t believe this! I’m so Triggered!”

    P.S. if you wanna know about Nicole’s Anti-Ralph DM group let me know. I Can’t stand her and wouldn’t mind seeing you roast her again. I got screencaps.

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