Good evening, TRR readers. Just a quick update on the last story posted. Yes, it’s been slow around here, but at least that story was a good one. Dan Grilo decided to pop-off last night and attack the military widow who appeared in the balcony during President Trump’s speech. It was by far the most powerful moment of the night. In fact, it was one of the more powerful moments you’ll ever see during events of that sort. But it wasn’t kosher with Mr. Grilo, who said the woman looked like “an idiot.”

Well, that cost him two things….his Twitter account…and his job. 

Welp, them’s the breaks, kid! I guess I should feel a little bad, but I don’t. Good luck in your future endeavors, Dan! I’m happy that TRR was the first outlet on the scene with a post on this dirtbag, but to be fair, we were far from the only ones on his case. Twitter was already on fire, and even Donald Trump Jr. picked it up. Kudos to all.