Here’s an update on the Cornell story TRR broke the other day. Unfortunately, it’s not a good one…


I saw in the article that you might want me to give updates as time passes.

Aaliyah’s mother threatened my mother and succeeded in getting her to withdraw her support for my court case. I have had to withdraw my family court case because I cannot afford a lawyer, and I’m not eligible to receive a free one in this county because of my family’s income. Everyone, on the university’s end and in my family, is assuming that she is a “nice girl” and that she will stop engaging with me if I “leave her alone”.

The only problem is that it’s been seven weeks of me leaving her alone and she is still trying to prevent me from moving on. She and her friends have been trying to set up formal meetings with women that I’m dating in order to “warn them” about me. They and one of the brothers from the Zeta Psi fraternity are reaching out to people over text and in person, sometimes right in front of me.

I’m not sure whether the people who are receiving these “warning” texts will be willing to submit them, but I have seen them. They say things like “my friends want to talk to you in person and tell you the story from the other side”.

Cornell University still isn’t doing anything, even though the no-contact order which I showed you is being violated repeatedly. Also, Aaliyah is now attempting to officially blame me for the tweet, as she has now filed the tweet with Title IX.

At this point, I fear that Cornell University is trying to get rid of me, and also that they are trying to ruin my reputation which will prevent me from transferring to another comparable institution.

Thank You for Your Continued Support,
[Name Redacted]

I’ll stay on top of this as the story continues to develop. It’s sad to see this guy’s mother withdraw her support, but I guess it’s not 100% shocking. He seems to have the whole Cornell system against him and perhaps she thinks it will just go away if he submits to their will. I doubt it will, and he needs her support now more than ever, but it’s not there.

This thing keeps getting worse.