Our biggest story last week concerned alt-right icon Ricky Vaughn and his suspension from Twitter. Many of you asked me why he got suspended in the first place. I would have answered you, the only problem was I didn’t know what Twitter’s reasoning was. Now, we have the answer courtesy of the man himself.

This was recently posted over on Gab…


Out of all the dumb reasons Twitter gives for banning people, “targeted harassment” is defintely the worst. What does that even mean? You could call almost any argument or dispute on the service “targeted harassment.” It’s also funny how it’s never progressives who get banned for this bullshit reason. They’re free to hurl death threats, dox people, and do basically anything else they want to do. People like me and Mr. Vaughn have to walk a tightrope in order to keep our presense alive on the service.

It’s a sad state of affairs when even Facebook (where Vaughn is thriving) is less cucked than Twitter. That’s how bad it is right now.