It looks like the temperature is rising over at Crazytown headquarters. If you’ll recall, yesterday I talked about Wacky Wu’s posts on Twitter about being sold as a small child to her fundamentalist adoptive parents. She hilariously blamed GamerGate for not being able to find her birth parents and made all sorts of wild claims. Well guess what? Today, they’re gone. This is a curious turn of events. Someone on Twitter was talking to an actual Catholic friar on Brianna’s behalf. Well, father, padre, some shit like that. Maybe that’s what sparked Wu to delete her wild claims. Perhaps she had a Patreon scam or some other shit in mind, but once she saw actual officials getting involved, decided to change her tune. Who knows, to be honest.

Take a look at the evidence and make a judgement for yourself:

No, it absolutely wouldn’t be. In fact, that’s what I’ve repeatedly said. She’s full of shit and is probably working some kind of scam. Also, some people get mad because I use she instead of he. Get over it. I realize that by my own standards (if you talk shit on me everything is fair game), I could be calling Wu whatever I wanted. But I choose not to in this instance. They already go at me because I published her firsthand transition account. Everyone knows what I think of Wu’s character, and I’ve showed you all her misdeeds and craziness right here on this site. I don’t have to go further.

Here’s the next tidbit:

Yes, it very well could be. I’m going to offer some more thoughts on this live in about 15 minutes or so. Check that out and let me know what you think down below in the #BasedCommentSection.