I’m still taking it easy until my new wife (sadly) has to head back to the UK for awhile on Thursday, but this story got me pretty enraged. As I’ve said before, most stuff just rolls off my back, but every once in awhile you see something that’s truly appalling. Having been intimately involved with SJW injustice on campus, the story Ashe Schow put out today really hit home. Thankfully, I didn’t give a fuck about the strike they unjustly put on my disciplinary record back in the day, but it cost young Thomas Klocke his life.

The post itself is pretty long, so I’m just gonna excerpt bits and pieces. It’s well worth your time to read the whole thing, though, no matter how tough that may be…

A male student who was accused of sexual harassment committed suicide just days after the University of Texas at Arlington ignored its own policies in order to punish him. The accused student’s father, a lawyer acting as the administrator of his son’s estate, is now suing (link to full lawsuit) the school for violating his son’s Title IX rights…

Klocke vehemently denied the accusation, and administrators who investigated the incident acknowledged there was no evidence to support the accuser’s claims, yet Klocke was still punished.

This kid was completely railroaded. At least they gave me some bogus hearing, but Mr. Klocke was not even afforded one of those. Not only that, one of the administrators who helped screw him over, Dean of Students at the University of Texas Arlington, Heather Snow, helped write the complaint against him (while also being involved in the adjudication of said complaint) and used every underhanded trick in the book in order to mess up his future prospects.

But before we get to that, the accuser himself, Nicholas Matthew Watson, said this is what happened…

The accusing student, who is being sued by Klocke’s father for defamation, claims that in May 2016, Klocke made a comment during a class about “privilege,” and then proceeded to open his laptop and type “gays should die” into his web browser’s search bar. The accuser (who is not being named because Watchdog was unable to contact him for comment) claims he typed into his own browser search bar, “I’m gay.”

The accuser next claimed that Klocke feigned a yawn and said under his breath: “Well, then you’re a f****t.” The accuser says he told Klocke he should leave the class, to which Klocke allegedly responded: “You should consider killing yourself.”

The accuser claims he was made so uncomfortable by the exchange that he waited until the end of class and spoke to the professor, who allegedly told him to contact student support services. There is no documentation to suggest the professor was interviewed in the course of the investigation in order to corroborate the accuser’s claims. The attorney for Klocke’s father, Kenneth Chaiken, told Watchdog the professor never provided a witness statement, suggesting he was never asked what he saw that day.

Nicholas Matthew Watson (Degree conferred August 20th, 2016)

That is is direct opposition to what Klocke said went down…

Notes from [Daniel] Moore’s [the other official who was involved in this travesty of justice] meeting with Klocke indicate the accused student said he didn’t know the name of his accuser prior to the incident, and wondered how the accuser knew his name. Klocke also told his side of the story, claiming his accuser sat next to him that day in class and called Klocke beautiful. Klocke said he typed into his browser “Stop – I’m straight,” to which his accuser replied: “I’m gay.”

Klocke further said his accuser kept glancing at him, so he asked him to “stop.” He denied faking a yawn and said he was the one to ask his accuser to leave. His accuser began typing on his phone and laughing, which Klocke found distracting, so he moved across the room about 30 to 45 minutes into class. Klocke denied typing any slurs into his web browser.

Despite learning that Klocke may have been the victim of sexual harassment, no investigation was conducted and Klocke was not told he should file a report.

There are numerous points along the way where UT Arlington violates their own stated policies. In fact, there’s so many examples that I don’t think I could accurately portray that aspect without just reprinting Ms. Schow’s column in full. As I said, you have to read it all to get the full flavor. But this part really stands out. Even after Daniel Moore (UT Arlington “academic integrity” thug) and Heather Snow met and concluded there was no evidence to support Watson’s claim, they still found against Klocke and pretty much ruined his life.

On May 24, 2016, Moore and Snow discussed the case. Snow asked if Klocke acknowledged the behavior he was accused of, to which Moore replied: “not at all.” He told Snow the students had completely different accounts of the incident in question, but did not tell Snow what Klocke’s story was.

Moore also told Snow he didn’t have enough evidence to keep Klocke out of class. Snow agreed, saying “there isn’t enough to go off of” and said Klocke should be allowed back in the class with a mutual no-contact order with his accuser. Instead, Moore said he would look for another way to keep Klocke out of the class, and Snow told him to see if the class would be offered later in the summer. This, the lawsuit states, effectively confirmed “that Thomas not only should remain excluded from the classroom, but that he should be excluded from the Course altogether, despite the fact there was not enough to go off of, to keep Thomas out of the classroom.”

Moore reported back to Snowe that he “worked it out” to keep Klocke out of the class. Snow said it seemed like a “good resolution.”…

Chaiken, the filing attorney, told Watchdog that someone informed Klocke that this disciplinary record could keep him out of grad school, which Klocke had planned to attend after graduation in the summer.

Just days after Klocke was punished, he took his own life. Had Snow and Moore followed proper UTA policy, Klocke might never have been punished in the first place, as he would have been allowed a hearing to present evidence in his defense.

Just a despicable tale all the way around. Both the administrators should lose their jobs, their future in their fields, and a lot of money. The University of Texas system should be forced to pay millions over this unbelievable failure of protocol. But not only that, SJW ideologues should be rooted out of their constituent institutions so that this never happens again.