Some people are just too stupid to use social media. You probably shouldn’t incite violence against the president-elect if your info is out there for people to find. Most of the time, I wouldn’t waste the energy it takes to look a clown like this up. But Daniel Salinas qualifies as a special case.



Mr. Salinas thought this was very amusing at first. But that didn’t last for long.

I can see why he might have lost his sense of humor about the situation. I don’t think his bosses at the Harry Ransom Center there on the University of Texas at Austin campus will appreciate his rhetorical flourishes.


This is just the latest example of why you should think before you tweet, especially if all your info is out there and you plan on inictiing violence. Who knows what will happen to Daniel Salinas’ academic prospects, but either way, this was an unforced error. I guess that just shows you how unhinged “progressives” are becoming these days, as if you needed more proof.

  1. Just imagine the uproar if we had said the same thing about Hillary…

    Btw, I could imagine that guy being a perfect target for internet memes inspired from a classic line from the Crash Test Dummies PSA: “You could learn a lot from a dummy…beware of using social media.” 😉

  2. More leftist and Neo Marxist threats from Twitter towards the president should be sent to the FBI. I will be doing my part.

    1. you should also notify twitter they don’t like it when people make death threats (but we all also know twitter isn’t going to do dick all because that guy aligns with the progressive madness)

  3. I’d like to believe he’s about to go down in flames for this garbage but lets be honest here. The democratic party is the party of never taking responsibility for shit and somehow never being held responsible for anything either. He’s a bisexual beaner living in the heart of Austin so he could probably just about write a detailed assassination plan on the side of a building and do so on camera and then get away with it somehow. Probably would claim it was performance art.

    1. Without getting into the deeper philosophical questions, I would note that the law breaks down broadly into two classes: malum in se, and malum prohibitum. The latter class consists of agreed upon standards, such as those for electrical wiring, etc. The former class, that which is “evil of itself”, consists of moral principles, e.g., the prohibitions against murder, theft, perjury, etc. So, at least phenomenologically, morality has a basis in the reality of law, which is something the Secret Service may well be making clear to Mr. Salinas in the near future.

      I would argue that there is also an objective basis for the moral principles our culture has adopted, but that’s a matter for a long, complex, and nuanced discussion.

      1. Yeah, but do you really think that’s where he’s arguing from? Guy strikes me about as intelligent as a bag of wet spaghetti.

        (Incidentially, I approve of the discussion about malum in se versus malum prohibitum. I loathe malum prohibitum laws, myself, as they invariably mutate like cancer, or SJWs.)

  4. These snowflakes have been raised that anything goes, because they are, after all, special. He’s about to find out differently.

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