One of my biggest problem with rad fem rags like Jezebel, is that they always insist on listening and believing every single rape accuser that comes down the pike. This goes against my inner defense attorney spirit. I naturally give people the presumption of innocence, no matter what they’re accused of. Time and time again, I’ve seen talking heads like Amanda MarcotteJessica Valenti, and the third-rate hacks at Jezebel, refuse to doubt ANY female accuser. Take a look at Marcotte from yesterday, quite rightly described by Twitchy as “off the deep end:”

Uh, I don’t know anyone who’s saying that, Amanda. What the fuck are you talking about, exactly? It’s almost like you’re trying to setup a straw-man argument that doesn’t actually exist. Of course our foes wouldn’t do such a thing, right? I’m being sarcastic, of course. They makes their living off intellectually dishonest trash like this. I could show you more Marcotte madness, but I really came here to talk about Jezebel, and Gawker Media.

Few outlets went as far as Jezebel and Gawker did in backing this hoax. Anna Merlan, for example, wrote a column on Monday that looks laughable, in retrospect:

Actually, yes, it does now appear to be a giant hoax, Anna. To her credit, she did issue a half-assed apology yesterday. The problem is, she still doesn’t take full blame, instead shifting responsibility over to Rolling Stone. She’s right, they could have done better. But, it’s still her responsibility as a citizen to remain skeptical when allegations like these are made, especially when there’s no other backing besides one accuser’s word:

“This is really, really bad. It means, of course, that when I dismissed Richard Bradley and Robby Soave’s doubts about the story and called them “idiots” for picking apart Jackie’s account, I was dead fucking wrong, and for that I sincerely apologize. It means that my conviction that Sabrina Rubin Erdely had fact-checked her story in ways that were not visible to the public was also wrong. It’s bad, bad, bad all around. (And, frankly, it could have been avoided, had Erdely been clearer in her disclosures about what she’d done to reach Jackie’s alleged attackers and what her agreement with the girl had been. This announcement wouldn’t be producing nearly the same shockwaves if those things had been clearly outlined.)”

So, she’s still ducking blame, but at least there’s a starting point. Over on the main Gawker site, they’re not willing to go that far. Instead our old friend Sam Biddle spends his time casting doubt on the fraternity’s statement. He’s a true believer, if there ever was one. I guess he doesn’t have any good bullying targets for the holidays, so he’s taken to propping up false rape allegations, instead. Whatever the case, he’s just as odious as he’s ever been:

So, Gawker has now taken a harder SJW position that even Jezebel. A couple of months ago, I might be surprised by this, but then again, probably not. Gawker has been the shithole of the Internet for many years now. Who knows if Biddle even believes the propaganda he writes. It doesn’t even matter at this point. They just spit out any old controversial take in order to get clicks, whether they believe in it, or not.

Sam Biddle, Gawker, and Jezebel continue to look like fools. We just have to sit back, and expose their bullshit. Discredit them in the eyes of the masses every time they step out of line.  They’ll always have their audience, but we can shrink it, while we simultaneously build our own. GamerGate has brought more troops to the battle. The people who have been doing this for years were very happy to see us. Don’t worry, Based Mom. We’re not going anywhere.




      1. To prove libel, the frat would have to prove they’ve never raped anyone. It’s a negative statement so it can’t be proven. This allows Biddle to say basically whatever he chooses to without directly calling individuals rapist by name.

  1. Remember the sjw motto: just because a story is partly or wholly untrue doesn’t mean their experience should be discredited.

  2. “Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.” – Catherine Comins

    That came from a woman who was an Assistant Dean at Vassar College. I think that says plenty about situations of false rape allegations on any school grounds. It’s never about what’s right.

    1. No…no they can’t. Any time someone is accused by name of a crime like rape it follows them around even If they are proven innocent. Some people will always believe they are guilty and treat them as such.

      What a foolish thing for her to say.

  3. Minor correction… this incident didn’t technically make Jezebel look like fools, because they have never not looked like fools

    1. See this? This right here. More of this.

      Contact their advertisers and tell them you won’t buy their products.

      1. Agreed. Gawker has propagated a rape hoax and in turn made it that much worse for real rape victims. But an e-mailing campaign requires organization: who to contact, links to articles, and getting the word out that a campaign is under way so its not just a handful of individuals contacting a few advertisers.

  4. They published that Jennifer Halloway article calling us a hate group right? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  5. Facts, logic, and reason don’t matter in 2014. Emotions, narratives, and memes do. Fake but accurate. Truthiness. To them it doesn’t matter if innocent people are accused of heinous crimes, destroying their reputations, ruining them financially, and all-around wrecking their lives. They symbolize something for which those individuals have to sacrifice themselves in the name of nameless victims. This is what leads to witch trials, African civil wars, concentration camps, gulags, purges, and great leaps forward. We live in way more dangerous times than we think.

    I read on The Daily Caller that the original author of this story actually searched for a college rape tale until she found one sufficiently sensationalistic and would satisfy the confirmation biases of Rolling Stone and its readers. That should’ve been a big red flag right there.

    1. It should have been obvious from the lurid tone of the story, right down to the sinister mister big calling her “it”. Reads like something scraped off of literotica.

  6. Gakwer possesses literally no journalistic credibility. I can’t think of a single rule of basic ethics in journalism they haven’t violated.

    Anyone remember their doxxing of Michael Brutsch on Reddit? Adrian Chen hit the bottom of the barrel with that one. Or their “Gawker Stalker” app. Seriously, it blows me away.

  7. Fucking Based Mom has spoken. #KneelDownWorms Also, it’s not ‘inner defense attorney’ – it’s due fucking process – we presume innocence before guilt here in the civilized world to prevent abuses by the powerful and the insane.

  8. Jezebel is a hive of pure insanity. Anything related to Gawker and the Progressive, Uber Far Left is nothing new in the crap they spew. Their mind set has been around for over 100 years.

  9. As one who suffers from OCD, I just want to thank all the SJWs out there for putting all this talk of Misogyny and rape out there involving Videogames. Now Whenever I play a game, I got that shit playing in my head over and over –;. I need Prozac stat

  10. It didn’t make Jezebel look like fools, It just confirmed it to the poor dupes that gave them too much credit!, They’re the corporeal walking forms of stupidity and excrement.

  11. While in the military I was accused of rape by a female sailor. I had to stand in front of 10 people and defend myself all while she got to hide behind a gang of female sailors screaming for my head. After a week of this the truth came out after my story never changed….her’s did, A LOT. People started the realize how much a bitch this woman was. I got an apology from the Chain of Command for putting me through the ringer and the Investigative agent who did my case shook my hand afterwards (female) and told me to keep my head up. Anything happen to her? No. I wanted to press charges but unfortunately the military didn’t have anything on the books for this type of situation.

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