If you’re like me, you got sucked into watching some of Bibi Netanyahu’s speech today. I won’t get into that here (made the mistake of doing so on Twitter lol). All I’ll say that I never put too much stock into his pronouncements, because they’re frequently wrong. But as I was getting ready to watch the address, someone sent me a link to a Vanity Fair article from yesterday. Somehow, I had missed it.

It was a feature on Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid. But they somehow turned it into an attack on GamerGate, despite the fact that I’ve rarely seen his name spoken in conjunction with our cause. As you know, however, something like that is unlikely to get in the way of the media’s “GamerGate is harassment” narrative.

“The majority of games are basically porn…” – Jonathan Blow

When that quote is at the lead of your article, I’m not expecting anything good. Also, when the headline starts off with “In the Wake of GamerGate,” it’s not very inspiring. First off, we’re still here. If the coalition is dead, I haven’t seen it. Traffic is steady, and the commenters are great, as always. So, it’s more lies.

Now, we get into the piece:

Blow is preparing to release The Witness in the wake of last year’s “Gamergate” controversy—which began as a cry for more transparency in video-game reporting and devolved into serial harassment of female video-game journalists and developers. The entire affair greatly harmed the public perception of video games and the people who play them. Even at a time when games about cancer or immigration no longer feel like oddities alongside Call of Duty or Halo, people who had previously cared little about games were suddenly flooded with evidence of the video-game community as a poisonous and unwelcoming place. For someone already predisposed to think of video games as immature or free of artistic merit, Gamergate only served to strengthen that conviction.

More egregious is the impact on the next generation of game developers trying to drive the medium forward. If the video-game industry once hoped to find mainstream acceptance as a viable art form through games like Braid, Gamergate has made the task that much harder.

Good games sell. It’s not that complicated. If I hear, see, or read enough good things about a game, I’m probably gonna buy it. Personally, I don’t have a set genre. I play quality games. That’s my only criteria. That’s why i have Monster Hunter 4, and NBA 2K15. It’s not an “either or” proposition. All games are porn? Give me a fucking break.

It looks like Vanity Fair just wanted to jump on GamerGate for clicks, like so many others. They’ve taken the SJW narrative lock, stock, and barrel, without even trying to do a modicum of research. Like their compatriots in the regular press, VF has decided that actually investigating an issue is too hard. They had a puff piece to write, and nothing was going to get in their way, especially the truth.

Blow frequently talks about “mainstream acceptance.” Why would anyone involved in the industry give two shits about that, unless they were ashamed of what they do for a living? People have been shitting on games for years, unjustifiably. Now we need to win those same scumbags over? Why?

Gaming is bigger than movies and music RIGHT NOW. Anyone who doesn’t respect gaming at this point is a fucking loser. We don’t need them, and we never did. The difference today is, the new SJW-tinged press buys into this myth, whereas the old gaming press knew the deal. Fuck the mainstream. The term itself is ludicrous. How much more mainstream can we get? We’re out-grossing music and movies! Whenever you hear this bogus argument, laugh in the detractors fucking faces.