Vice Contributor, Sam Kriss, Apologises To Sexual Assault Victim

Vice Contributor, Sam Kriss, Apologises To Sexual Assault Victim

In a Facebook post today, Sam Kriss was accused of sexually assaulting a girl he briefly dated. The girl, who posted the statement anonymously, claimed the Vice writer ignored all her attempts at stopping him.

I had hoped I would never have to write this account. But watching a man who repeatedly groped me, twisted my neck to forcibly kiss me, ignored any attempt I made to stop him, and refused to ‘let me’ drink non-alcohol, unashamedly attack feminists online, use misogynist language, singling out women for ridicule time and time again, means I’ve not really been able to forget.

Kriss, who has previously called all gamers ‘misogynist’, seemed to not get the message several times during their date.

Turns out he wasn’t putting his arm round me, but behind me, to place his hand on the back of my neck, so as to twist my head to face his, wherein, he again forcibly kissed me. This physically hurt. “Honestly, I don’t like PDAs. People can see”. Sam, considerately, then ceased until the next few moments when the lights went dark – ensuring no one could see – where he again somehow found my mouth with his during those few seconds of darkness before the play began.

It turns out Kriss was pretty pushy with this chick. He repeatedly groped her in public, and didn’t seem to get the hint when she pushed his hands away every time. He also insisted she drink alcohol even though she had declined several times.

Back in our seats I didn’t touch the wine. Sam began flicking his finger against the glass, commanding, “drink” (flick), “drink (flick), “I bought you this drink. Drink it” (flick).

Usually, when an accusation of this magnitude is made, I like to use words such as ‘allegedly’ and ‘reportedly.’ However, Sam Kriss released a statement on Medium confirming her story. Kriss claimed he has apologised to the victim and wanted to add some perspective.

By the time of the night described in the accusation, she and I had, as she mentions, previously met twice and we had an existing sexual relationship. The behaviour she describes was informed by that fact. I wasn’t fully aware of how unwelcome my advances were at that point: we had been messaging intimately and frequently up until then, and I went into the evening thinking it would be a continuation of the relationship we had already established. Had I known the extent to which I was making her uncomfortable at this point I would not have pursued it further. Again, this is entirely my fault, for not being properly attentive and not picking up on her signals. I crossed a line from persistence to aggression; I’m fully responsible, and I’m sorry.

Now there is something suspicious about what he says next. In the Facebook post, she claimed she stayed friends with Kriss on social media so she could know his whereabouts in order to avoid him. However, it seems Kriss has a different story to tell.

After the incident, she continued to message me amicably for months, including suggesting that we might meet again, until other divisions became apparent. Because of this I had no idea that I might have hurt or upset her.

Sam has been catching a lot of flack on Twitter.


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  • GuitarAnthony

    Another male feminist ally to the wimmens was being naughty? Not surprised.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Every week this happens, and now Jonathan McIntosh is sweating as his time nears.

  • ThatGuy

    How many of these assholes does this bring us up to? At least a dozen yeah?

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Apparently Sargon of Akkad has been trying to build a video making fun of this trend for a year but every time he almost finishes it another male feminist or two gets outed as a creeper and he has to circle back and try to update it.

    • Toastrider

      He should probably just go for individual episodes.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        His stated plan is to do it in in two sections but one part, the first being on the ones that are self admitted and/or provable with evidence and the second being on the ones who are merely accused because obviously we should #ListenAndBelieve women when they make rape allegations.

        • Toastrider

          Of course, now with the accusations made against Harvey Weinstein and how it appears half of Hollywood was complicit in silence about them… man. Guess ‘listen and believe’ only counts when the accused is a proper target.

          • Maintenance Renegade

            Live and learn, in 2014 I totally denied the existence of rape culture in the West but today I understand that rape culture is absolutely real and a constant source of misery within “progressive” communities and enclaves.

            However as yet another result of their unwarranted sense of superiority the progs immediately and mistakenly assume that all other cultures and communities must be afflicted by as much or more of this rape culture as their own.

  • I’m Tim Cook, gay sex anyone?

    Let’s be fair though, in the gay community, which I implore Sam Kriss to join, such aggressive behavior is more than welcome. Do you really need consent when someone is high on meth?

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      Everyone can Google that your buddy Andrew Anglin is 5’4″ learners permit having pedophile, Brian.

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      When that book coming out stud

    • Ash Hutsell

      LOL your book coming out is going to rule so hard. It’s going to rule seeing hundreds of people dig up shit about you I didn’t even know about and your wife crying about her impotent shit husband like she was married to Mike Enoch

    • Ash Hutsell love that this guy thinks of sexual assault as political leverage. we of course have no idea what his musty grease wife who bathes 2 times a year thinks

    • Ash Hutsell

      I never noticed your racist wife looks a lot like you. She looks slightly more masculine actually

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        Let’s see, new account, only posts are the ones here… so whose sockpuppet are you?

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    Another anti-gamer “verified twitter journo” turns out to be a piece of slime. HOW SURPRISING!