Well, you can’t say we didn’t try to warn them. For months we’ve told anyone who would listen about how shit Gawker was. We couldn’t find one single media ally. In fact, a media that had been largely critical of Gawker for years, suddenly got silent when it came time to lend GamerGate a helping hand. That would have meant admitting we were right about something. We did have a mountain of recent reporting, but no one would jump in, and help us finish the job in the here, and now. Instead, outlets like VICE piled on us, and refused to listen. Now that Gawker stabbed them in the back with a bogus report, they want to go on the attack. Better late than never, I guess.

In an article titled “VICE to Gawker: Fuck You and Fuck Your Garbage Click-Bait ‘Journalism” the media outlet finally went at the corrupt Cayman Islands Crook, Nick Denton:

“Gawker, a gossip site that openly traffics in rumor, innuendo, and in many cases straight-up bullshit, and whose founder, Nick Denton, has been slapped with a class-action lawsuit by former interns for violating federal wage laws, recently published an inaccurate and irresponsible story about VICE’s workplace. The story is abysmal “journalism” even by Gawker’s standards, relying on a handful of disgruntled (and of course off-the-record) alleged ex-employees, some of whom reference VBS.tv, a website that hasn’t existed for more than four years. Gawker has been actively trolling for these sources since at least February of this year, when they published a post on their website hoping to draw people into collaborating with them.”

Long story short, Gawker is still peddling shit reporting, and VICE is fed up with it. Although, let’s face it, VICE is also shit. These are the same people who spent weeks misrepresenting GamerGate right along with the Cayman Crook. Personally, I hope they tear each other to shreds. I will kick back with the proverbial popcorn and watch the shit fly. Although I guess if I’m put on record, I want to see Denton burn first. That piece of trash has no business at the head of a major media outfit.