We talked about attention whores early this morning. I said that Zoe Quinn was the biggest one I’d ever seen. Although that wouldn’t be literal. I think Big Randi Harper would take the size crown. But metaphorically speaking, I said that Zoe was tops. I guess Brianna Wu saw this and decided to up the ante today. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, though. It’s just another tired “I’m quitting Twitter” stunt. 

How do we know it’s a stunt? Well, I’ve yet to see anyone actually stay gone, at least out of the shitbag SJWs who publicize their departures. Joss Whedon is the only one I can think of who actually stayed gone. Of course, he has an actual career and accomplishments, so he’s not bound by the same bullshit these leeches are. Speaking of leeches, let’s go ahead and reveal the Wu insanity. I talked about this on Twitter hours ago, but I figured I might as well write it up before I start this stream at the top of the hour:


She makes sure all the trolls can see her email address, although they likely know it already, to be fair. A person like Wu, who will highlight even the worst trolling attempts and frame it as a real murder threat, warms the hearts of trolls everywhere. They want attention, and she’s more than willing to give it to them. Hell, at this point, she’s not much more than a troll herself. Her and Zoe don’t really make anything. They’re too busy trying to transition into full-time activism. So is Randi. Follow the money, always.

No one talked about Wu all weekend. AirPlay was a major success. So, of course these professional victims have to try to change the narrative. It’s not like they can refute us with actual arguments. The only thing they know how to do is pull media stunts designed to frame themselves as victims, while simultaneously shutting down all debate. It’s disgusting.

Speaking of that LIVE show I mentioned at the top, it’s going to start in a matter of minutes over on YouTube. We have the old crew back together for this episode, so I think you will enjoy. Also, we’ll certainly be talking about this story, as well as several others. So check it out if you are so inclined.